6 sleeping tips for strength athletes

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A study published in 2001 shows that the majority of adults in this country suffer from sleep problems, which has a significant impact on their performance. However, since sleep is essential for strength athletes in particular, since the body can only regenerate optimally, a lack of sleep quality is a major obstacle to physical development. Therefore, we would like to give you 6 tips in this article, which help you to significantly improve your sleep quality.

Tip 1 - Do not train right before you go to bed

Of course, physical exertion can be helpful in producing fatigue, which in turn leads to more leisurely sleep. In return, however, you should refrain from exercising too late, so you would go to bed immediately after completing the workout. The reason for this advice is simply the fact that both the training temperature and the psychological irritability of your nervous system cause your body to be unable to retire in a timely manner. If you have personally experienced sleep problems, be sure to complete your workout no later than three hours before falling asleep. This time gives your body enough time to relax, which is the basic requirement for a good night's sleep.   

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Tip 2 - Do not drink too much alcohol

Of course, since you pay attention to your health, your alcohol intake should be limited anyway, as the neurotoxin, especially in high concentrations, has numerous negative effects on your organism. These effects include reducing sleep quality, as your body is programmed to poisons to get what they want to metabolize as quickly as possible. If you drink too much alcohol now, your body will spend a lot of the night working on it, so that the restfulness of sleep is generally minimal, despite the often above-average duration. The alcohol-induced dehydration, in combination with the measurable drop in testosterone levels, makes you feel anything but an energy store the next day, which, of course, has a direct impact on your performance in training and muscle building. In order to optimize your sleep quality, you should also make sure on the weekend, that you do not take too much alcohol and ideal stop it already two hours before bedtime with it.

Tip 3 - Avoid using electrical appliances before bed

You'd be lying if you did not love watching a movie on your tablet before sleeping, reading a book on the eReader, or lulling yourself off the TV to sleep. However, a scientific study by Ohio State University recently revealed that people who were exposed to artificial light sources immediately before falling asleep, sleep significantly worse than those who did not. The reason is that the artificial light inhibits, among other things, the formation of the sleep hormone melatonin, which means that many people only very late fall into the particularly important for the recovery of the organism deep sleep phase. To avoid this, the US researchers recommend around 30 minutes before falling asleep to use any electrical devices such as smartphones, tablets or TVs more.

Tip 4 - Regulate your caffeine intake

Especially in the field of weight training caffeine consumption has numerous advantages, because the substance ensures that you feel more alert and can concentrate on the training. In particular, people who are sensitive to the stimulant, but often have to struggle with sleep difficulties, which is why the caffeine consumption in such a case should also be reconsidered. If you also have such problems, we advise you to stop taking caffeine six hours before bedtime. With regard to caffeine, however, there are also studies in science which suggest that the substance may even help to fall asleep, since as a result of the caffeine consumption, the sleep center in the brain is also increasingly supplied with blood. If you believe the scientists, the caffeine intake must be done immediately before going to bed, otherwise the stimulating effect begins and the falling asleep is prevented. However, according to the findings of the researchers, this effect was only found in test persons who had a comparatively low sensitivity to caffeine.

Tip 5 - Get up from bed

Those who have sleep problems are often not only awake, they usually roll back and forth without this leading to an improvement in the situation. Even though this might sound counterproductive, leading sleep doctors in such a situation advise you to leave the bed for a while and walk around the apartment for a few minutes. By doing so, you are freeing yourself from the psychological pressure of falling asleep, so that, paradoxically, it will make it easier for you to get into the realm of dreams.

Tip 6 - Access aids

If, despite all your efforts, you suffer from persistent sleep disorders that naturally affect your ability to work and play, you should consult a doctor who will prescribe you a suitable preparation if necessary. It should be noted, however, that the use of medication should be the absolute last resort out of misery, which should not be trodden without the intervention of a responsible physician. Apart from classic sleep aids, however, there are also numerous over-the-counter preparations that help you to sleep better. An example is the amino acid L-theanine, which is available in many relevant fitness stores.