If you want to eat a healthy diet, you should pay particular attention to the quality of the fats for the preparation of each meal. The cook does not always need high-fat oil or butter for his dishes, which contains extra high-fat fats and many calories. There are now high-quality alternatives for the preparation of your food, which are not only unknown, but also taste the meal refine and improve. Below we have put together the six foods for your kitchen that you should definitely try. They offer you less fat, fewer calories and in addition a good taste. The creativity in the preparation are no limits. There may be one or more alternatives that you can always use to prepare meals, side dishes or desserts in the future.

1. Unsweetened applesauce

Fruit or fat? This question arises especially in the preparation of desserts. Especially in the preparation of chocolate cake or muffins apple sauce is ideal as a substitute for the greasy butter. Applesauce has the same consistency as butter or oil, but offers zero percent fat, fewer calories and a natural sweet taste. Many Americans use applesauce to prepare their beloved muffins.

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2. Avocadomus

If you hear avocado, you may associate this fruit with a greasy mass. Which in no case is suitable as a fat substitute for the preparation of food. That's what we thought until we ate the first avocado chocolate cookies. Avocado as a mush or puree has a similar structure to butter, but with much healthier fats and an excellent taste, which is particularly suitable for chocolate. Try adding avocados to a dessert yourself and you'll get a taste for it very quickly.

3. Banana porridge

Banana porridge or banana sauce is very similar to the avocado, but is much sweeter and tastes more intense. Banana porridge has always been used in various meals as a side dish or ingredient. Especially at breakfast together with oatmeal banana porridge is very popular with athletes. In America you love the banana bread, which is baked without fat and oil and provides an excellent taste.

4. plum jam

Plums do not enjoy the best reputation among the flavored variants for preparing food, but these fruits are also ideal as a substitute for butter in the various desserts. Try to add about a third of a cup of plum jam to the dough instead of butter when making a cake. You will be surprised afterwards how easy and fruity the cake will be. In addition, you have saved on fat.

5. Ricotta cream cheese

Ricotta cream cheese is made from sheep or cow's milk and is a light and low-fat alternative to cream and cream. This fat variant not only offers less calories, but can make a cheesecake very fluffy and also very aromatic.

6. Linseed

Linseed has always been considered as a high-fiber side dish in salads and meals. Flaxseed is rich in essential and healthy omega-3 fatty acids, tastes great and surprisingly can be used as a fat substitute in the preparation of various meals. Mix three tablespoons of flaxseed with a tablespoon of water to form a paste that can be used at any time to replace oil or butter in the pan. Especially if you want to achieve a strong nutty taste in your meal, flaxseed can be the ideal flavor carrier.

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