Let's face it - not only are we more than average comfortable, we are also true masters at making excuses as to why today is the wrong day for training. Having eaten too little or too much stress at work and last but not least, the favorite series that is currently on TV, are just a few excuses that we are only too happy to put forward to neglect the training with a clear conscience. In order for you to regain your motivation and faster than the police will allow you to lace up your sports shoes, you will be given fifty reasons why you should definitely go to training.

1. No matter how stressful or exhausting your work day was, you will definitely feel better after training than before.

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2. You are not only "what you eat", but "what you do" - and that's why you should go to training or do you want to be considered a quitter?

3. If you can only put on the jeans from last summer with great difficulty, it's high time to get started.

4. Remember - the six-pack should be tucked under the T-shirt until summer and not in the fridge.

5. You have no choice. You have to train.

6. Your conscience will thank you.

7. Throw the "next monday I'll start" mentality over the pile. Today it starts!

8. Train for all your training colleagues who can not be active because of an injury or illness, even if they want to, and thus honor them.

9. Honestly - being lazy is annoying.

10. Chuck Norris says squats are cool. Who would contradict it?

11. If you are still dissatisfied with your arms and the chicken breast, you should change that urgently.

12. Do you really want to risk getting male boobs? Cup size-C does not do well on the beach.

13. Is it really so desirable that the triceps beckons back in the mirror?

14. Training is one of the few ways you can take your destiny into your own hands.

15. Be a source of inspiration to others who are spurred on by your discipline.

16. Through training, you not only shape your body, but also appear more confident, which also benefits you in daily life.

17. Training helps you to be able to use your full capacity even in bed. Especially endurance is required, because sprinters are less popular, especially among the ladies of creation.

18. If you want to look young for your age, you can not help getting into training.

19. At the latest in the gym, where the smell of iron and sweat sticks up in your nose, you're surrounded by people with similar goals to you. That should be motivation enough.

20. A good workout will significantly improve your sleep quality.

21. After training, you're just bursting with energy - and that's also noticeable in your environment.

22. Giving everything to the sport reduces the bad conscience that you still drag around with you the night before because of the extra portion of ice cream.

23. Even if you think that your energy is only enough for a narrow-gauge workout, you should go to training, because once you're in motion, it can turn into a real killer workout. And remember: A short workout is better than no workout!

24. In medicine, iron has not been in vain for decades as a successful therapy method used.

25. The training gives you the opportunity to unleash the beast that is in you.

26. Whoever rested, rusts.

27. Movement is life.

28. It's much easier to work out than to spend hours mauling your skull about whether to go to training or not.

29. The endorphins released during training are an unbeatable natural antidepressant.

30. Your Playstation will not run away while you're exercising under warranty. After that, it can be played more relaxed anyway.

31. If you ever met Arnold Schwarzenegger, at least nobody can claim that you did not give everything to avoid comparison with him.

32. You can transfer the success of training to many other areas of your life.

33. Regular exercise lowers blood pressure and is also significantly cheaper than related medicines.

34. Training has been proven to lower your individual risk of Type 2 diabetes.

35. Balanced and regular exercise optimizes your hormonal balance so you can prevent many ailments and maximize your performance.

36. Strength training strengthens your bone structure sustainably.

37. Each gram of muscle you build through training raises your metabolic activity.

38. The training can help you to escape from stressful everyday life for a few hours or hide any existing problems, so that you can start with new mental strength.

39. If you do not want to cover yourself in the T-shirt on the beach but want to showcase your astral body, you should not miss a training session.

40. Regular exercise slows down the age-related wear on the articular cartilage so you can actively walk through life as long as possible.

41. If you do not train, you do not respect yourself or your body.

42. Admit it - you're tired of wearing black clothes just to make you look slimmer.

43. Shall your mother think of you raising a leek?

44. No matter what you look like, training makes you mentally an Incredible Hulk.

45. The dedication you put into your training increases your self-confidence enormously.

46. ​​Regular fitness training prevents the appearance of back pain.

47. Training reduces the amount of visceral fat so that you not only look better, but statistically live much longer than people with a high percentage of visceral body fat.

48. Do you really want to wheeze like a hippopotamus after every step of the stairs?

49. Remember the heroes of your childhood and why you started lifting weights. Be Actionman, Wolverine, Hellboy or whoever.

50. Training helps you to significantly improve your personal attitude to yourself and your environment.

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