The purpose of the use of classical planks is to strengthen your abdominal muscles so that the lumbar spine is supported in every situation and is able to meet the demands placed on it. In practice, however, it emerges that this basic concept tends to be more theoretical in nature, since stress in sport and everyday life is rarely static. Rather, our everyday life as well as our leisure behavior is characterized by dynamic patterns of movement, in which the spine should nevertheless always be in a stable position. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary that you adjust your training. In this context, we would like to show you 5 ways to prepare your midsection for all challenges with the help of dynamic stabilization.

1 ·Hebe deine Beine ein wenig an

The easiest way to increase the intensity of the classic plank in favor of dynamic stabilization training is to lift one leg at a time of about 20 to 30 centimeters during the performance. Admittedly, this may sound rather simple, but given the fact that you should be aware of the stable posture of the spine, implementation is not that easy anymore. Another great advantage of this variant is, among other things, that the butt muscles are much more involved than is the case in the classical variant. In practice, you hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then change the leg.

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2 ·Arme und Beine im Wechsel anheben

Basically, this method implies the same procedure as the first one. The only, albeit crucial difference is that now not only the legs are raised alternately, but also the arms. Since the exercise modified in this way significantly more difficult, you should place your legs in the starting position in about shoulder width side by side, so as to prevent unwanted rotation in the hip. As soon as you have completed a passage, you take a little break of about 3 seconds, during which you stay in the starting position and then proceed to the subsequent repetition. As soon as you notice that the strength of your abdominal muscles is increasing, you can continue to increase the intensity by reducing the foot distance in the starting position.

3 ·Dynamische Side Plank Rows

Although the lateral forearm support, as it is used by many exercisers to strengthen the lateral areas of the abdominal muscles, is quite a useful exercise, in terms of training the dynamic functioning of the lateral abdominal muscles but not really effective. Much more effective are the so-called side plank rows, which are based on the starting position of the lateral forearm support. Once you are in the starting position, where your body should form an exact line, you begin slowly lowering and lifting the hips. This dynamic load has the advantage that the lateral abdominal muscles are naturally loaded. Furthermore, it is thus guaranteed that as many muscle fibers as possible are included in the process, whereby a stronger training stimulus can be set. After completing 8-12 repetitions, you switch sides.

4 ·Dynamischer Unterarmstütz auf dem Gymnastikball

As you may already suspect, to complete the exercise, you will need an exercise ball to serve as a base for your forearm support. Once you have placed your forearms on the ball and you are in the starting position, you begin by moving your arms back and forth on the ball. It is especially important to ensure that only your arms move and the spine remains stable during the movement. Since the exercise is coordinating not necessarily without pitfalls, it is advisable to keep the range of motion of the arms initially low. As soon as you feel safer, you can increase both the range of motion and the frequency. Sports science studies prove that the dynamic forearm support on the exercise ball is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to activating the lower abdominal muscles.

5 ·Walking Side Plank

As part of the so-called Walking Side Plank you grab a dumbbell and take the starting position in the classic forearm support. Now you move forward a few meters in this position. As soon as you arrive at the end of the track, you take the dumbbell in the other hand and repeat the exercise. However, to get the most out of Walking Side Planks, make sure you have enough space. A distance of 10 meters should therefore be the absolute minimum. The big advantage of this exercise is that using the counterweight forces your abdominal muscles to more strongly stabilize the opposite side, making the Walking Side Planks by far the most effective abdominal muscles exercises.

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