Standard units, which comprise three sets of twelve repetitions each with 60-second pauses, are de facto the predominant form of training for the Muscle building and the Fat burning. This conventional approach forms the foundation for all types of strength training. But this same paradigm ultimately prevents 95% of people from tackling higher challenges without the trainer's famous "ass kick" Muscle building as well To optimize fat burning. If you take a closer look, the big problem of the standard units becomes clear to you. Those who rely exclusively on traditional standard units, leaves an enormous potential regarding. Muscle building and Fat burning unused. Surely you can do it with yours Build muscle over a period of time, but your body will adapt over time. The result is stagnation. In addition, the traditional phrases are not so intense when you omit the full-body exercises such as squats, deadlifts or dumbbells. An elitist physique is achieved through a high-performance intensity and performance, which both during Muscle building as well as regarding the Fat burning the best possible effects are achieved. With standard phrases, you usually can not reach such a level. Climb new shores in things Muscle building and Fat burning. Optimize the nature of your workout. Here are 5 powerful sentence variations that can wake you up and change your workout routine to give you unprecedented results. You become your frustrating plateau-phases Break through muscle building and the Boost the fat burning to full combustion mode. A special plus here is the side effect that you will be more committed. New, fast stimuli eliminate the monotony of a repetitive training plan. Sit on your seat and get to work.

1. Supersets

supersets are the basic requirement for every person with optimal Muscle building and more efficient Fat burning wants to have a killer body. They are based on the basic techniques and form the starting point for advanced techniques. Do one set of exercises and hang a second set of another exercise without pause. Prepare yourself so that you do not have to find dumbbells, pull handles, etc. between the two sets. Everything should be close at hand.

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Example: - Dumbbell bench press with 12 reps - Dumbbell fly with 12 repetitions

2nd circle sets

The AKA circuit training consists of supersets with at least three different exercises, which must be carried out consecutively without a break. They are real heavyweights in things Muscle building and Fat burning. Your sets of circlets can either address only one muscle group, or you can choose to combine multiple muscle areas.

Example: - Dumbbell bench press (25 kg) with 12 repetitions - Dumbbell fly (12.5 kg) with 12 repetitions - Push-up, 20 repetitions

3. Drop sets

Drop Sets are very "nice Aua exercises" for the Muscle building. Complete at least two sets of the same exercise without a break. With each set you reduce the weight compared to the predecessor. For drop sets, the weight reduction can be between 25 and 50%. That depends on the number of passes you want to make.

Example: - 12-rep dumbbell bench press (50 kg) - 12 rep repetition dumbbell bench press (35 kg) - 12 rep repetition dumbbell bench press (25 kg) - 12 repetition dumbbell bench press (12.5 kg)

4. Strip phrases

An optimal one Muscle building as well as efficient Fat burning does not come by itself. Strip sets bring you closer to your goal. Perform three or more sets of the same exercise. There are no breaks here either. For each set, the weight is increased. This works best on conventional machines where you only have to change the pen. Dumbbells are more expensive, but they can work. Just keep in mind that it can be a little weird if you reserve five (or whatever) pairs of dumbbells.

Example: 1. Calf raises (50 kg) with 15 repetitions 2. Calf raises (62.5 kg) with 15 repetitions 3. Calf raises (75 kg) with 15 repetitions 4. Calf raises (87.5 kg) with 15 repetitions ... 8. Calf raises (125 kg) with 10 repetitions (until exhaustion)

5. Burnout rates

For the burnout sets, do a light weight exercise that is less than half of your normal performance. You complete so many repetitions until you can no longer. Burnout phrases should be done either alone or as the last run of a Super or Circle set. Most effective for the Muscle building and the Fat burning they are at the end of a workout.

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Example: - Dumbbell bench press (25 kg) with 12 repetitions - Dumbbell bench press (10 kg) with 38 repetitions (until exhaustion)

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