Of the triceps or Muscle triceps brachii is a muscle located on the back of the upper jam. The function of the triceps is that the bent forearm can be pulled backwards. He is about 4 inches thick and about 600 grams. The triceps brachii muscle consists of three different heads. The so-called Caput longum is the long head and rises on the scapula below the socket, while the other two short heads spring from the upper arm. The triceps is an important upper arm muscle for performing many exercises in weight training and is trained with special exercise routines. Here are five of the best and best-known exercises for the triceps that can help your triceps gain volume and strength quickly. In all exercises, you should make sure that the arms are slightly bent and never completely traversed. This position protects the elbows and prevents injuries.

1. dips

The so-called dips are a classic exercise for triceps. They can be run anywhere and do not need special equipment. Only two chairs or a bench can be used for the exercise of the dips. Here's an example of dips on a chair. You start the exercise by grabbing the corners of the chair with both palms while stretching your arms. The feet also stay stretched. Now bend your arms and lower the buttocks until it is short of the ground. From this position you lift the body back up by stretching your arms again. Make sure you position your heels shoulder-width on the floor. As you lower your body, you breathe in as you exhale as you raise and stretch your arms.

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2. Triceps Curls

All curls can be done with different dumbbells and in different positions. Triceps curls can be done with one arm as well as two arms. You can use barbells, dumbbells or a SZ bar for this exercise. You can even use fitness bands for this exercise. As an example we have selected curls standing up with a dumbbell. You start in the starting position by stretching the arm by holding the dumbbell. Make sure the arm is slightly bent. For the stabilization of the body weight you grip with the hand of the opposite arm under the armpit. Now you start to lower the arm and go back to the starting position. The starting position can be carried out with both an extended and a bent arm.

3. Push downs on the cable

Tricep presses on the cable pull are done with a short bar that is pushed down with your hands. The shape of the pole determines which muscle is specifically trained for the triceps brachii muscle. In this exercise, you stand upright and surround the pole with both hands left and right. You breathe in and push the bar down. The final position is then held for about 1 to 2 seconds. It is important that the upper arms are tight against the body and are not changed in this position. Only the lower arms are moved, which are moved fluently with the breathing.

4. French Press on an incline bench

French Press is an exercise that is predominantly lying on a bench. The training effect can be significantly increased if the bench is positioned at a 45 degree angle. The exercise becomes even more effective with a SZ bar, which is gripped in the middle with stretched arms. Let's take this exercise as an example. You lie down on the incline bench at the beginning of the exercise and stretch your arms. In the hand you can hold either two dumbbells, a barbell or a SZ bar. The positioning of the hands on the bar is important, as the grip position determines which power version the arms need for the movement. In the extended arm position, you slowly bend your forearms and try to hold the bar over your head. Then push the rod back to the extended position. It is also important in this exercise that the arms are not fully stretched, but slightly bent, so that the elbows are not too heavily loaded.

5. Arms over head (dumbbell)

When performing the exercise arm over head you should either sit on a bench or a chair with backrest so that no hollow cross in the movement of the exercise can arise. In the starting position, the arms are stretched and the dumbbell held with both hands. You start breathing in and slowly bend your forearms to the back. From this position, the arms are stretched again as you exhale slowly. The long head of the triceps brachii muscle and the knobby muscle are trained intensively during this exercise.

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