There are some things in this world that should be avoided. In any case, not only spitting against the wind and pulling on the cape of Superman, but also the neglect of the training intensity. It is obvious that you would never do the first things mentioned. But what about training intensity? Do you always give everything for maximum success? Or are you one of those athletes who are subconsciously happy to indulge in satisfaction and let the intensity of the training grind from time to time? If you're in that category, and wondering too little about how you can build muscle, be sure to take action to keep your physical development going in the long term. Let's talk plain text. The human organism is an extremely energy-efficient machine, which true to the motto "a good horse jumps only as high as it has to" really only uses as many resources as the situation requires. In order to keep the adaptive processes running, it is absolutely necessary to set new growth stimuli again and again. It just is not enough if you just go into the studio and acknowledge your presence by flinging weights. On the contrary, as part of each individual training session, you have to push your limits to make your muscles grow. It's that simple. Well, for experienced athletes, it may not be, because the organism has already gotten used to the hard training. As a result, as part of your workouts you have to open up entirely new guns, of which we would like to introduce you to five in the following article.

1 - Moderate barbell exercises with chains or training bands

Sometimes it's just time to do things that seem unconventional in favor of long-term success and that are not unjustifiably a source of amazement to many a sports mate. One of these things is the use of heavy chains or training bands to make your dumbbell workout even more challenging. Especially at the beginning, it will undoubtedly cost you a lot of effort to deal with a clanking iron chain in the studio. However, once you get the hang of it, you will not want to miss this wonderful piece of muscle building training equipment. At this point, we would like to illustrate the application possibilities with a small example. For example, grabbing a barbell to do a bowed row will keep the resistance the same throughout the movement. However, if you now attach a heavy chain on both sides of the barbell, the training load to be moved will increase as you move, as the chain will eventually lift off the ground one at a time, so that you actually move the heaviest load at the apex. Not only does this not only create a completely unusual stimulus for your muscles, it also means that a higher number of muscle fibers are activated during the exercise. The dynamic performance gains achieved in this way will have a long-term impact on power and maximum power development, which will give you significant gains. If you do not have any chains on hand, you can also use correspondingly strong training bands, which, due to their elasticity, also generate increasing resistance.   

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2 - Expand your training with Mechnical Advantage Drop Sets

This initially out-of-focus approach basically says nothing more than executing different variants of a particular exercise in a single sentence. In practice, you start with the most challenging variant. This you carry out until you come close to the muscle failure. Afterwards, you choose a slightly simpler version of the exercise, for example, by varying the grip width. In this way, you complete three to four passes to tease the maximum out of your muscles. The big advantage of this method is that with a given workout weight you can multiply reach the area of ​​muscle failure by simply taking advantage of mechanical laws. Unsurprisingly, this technique is also referred to as a Mechanical Advantage Drop Set. An exercise in which Mechanical Advatage drop sets are particularly effective for building muscle, are pull-ups. Here you start with a very wide grip, and then let your hands then closer together, so that the exercise is easier from a mechanical point of view. In the exercise selection, however, there are hardly any limits to your creativity, because even with exercises such as biceps curls, squats, shoulders and bench presses, different variants can be combined as part of a Mechanical Advantage set.

3 - Take advantage of muscle-building drop sets

Another technique for complicating exercise and boosting muscle growth is classic drop sets that you've probably heard of before. As with the Mechanical Advatage Drop Set, it's all about extracting extra muscle power after you reach muscle failure. In principle, classic drop sets work like this: First, you pick a weight that will allow you to complete ten clean reps, but you can not do eleventh. Now that you've done the tenth rehearsal, drop the weight and reduce it by a few pounds before continuing without a pause. In practice, it is advisable to complete this process in the course of such a drop set three to four passes. So that the recovery phase between the individual phrases does not turn out to be lavish, it makes sense to build on the assistance of a training partner who is able to reduce the training weight within seconds. If you still train alone, you can ideally implement drop sets on machines, as the weight plates can usually be changed in a few simple steps.

4 - Increase the efficiency of your workout

If you are one of the athletes who like to postpone abdominal and calf training to the end of a training session, you will also have noticed that just these parts of the workouts like to fall benevolently under the table for lack of time or motivation become. The bottom line is that this simply means that your physical development does not bear the fruits you had hoped for. In order to circumvent this condition as possible, you should consider whether it might not make sense to integrate the training of smaller muscle groups, which also includes the forearms, in your sentence breaks. The downside is that you can do a lot more in an assumed 60-minute workout time instead of spending your sentence pauses, running up and down the studio, tapping on the smartphone, or staring at holes in the mirror. So what speaks against the fact that you insert a set of crunches or calf raises between two sets of bench presses? Right, nothing! In any case, make sure that you do not stress the primary target muscles during the sentence breaks. It is obvious that a combination of squats and calf raises would be a bad idea.

5 - Keep your hands off machines

As mentioned in the section on drop sets, under certain circumstances machines for muscle building have some undeniable advantages. However, in general, they can not compete with free weight training in terms of exercise and muscle fiber recruitment. This is above all because the movements are performed on machines, which in particular relieves the auxiliary muscles and accordingly hardly irritated, which of course has disadvantages for muscle growth and performance in training. When training with free weights just that auxiliary muscles stabilizing, which leads not only to increased calorie consumption, but also to increased performance. Every time you change from a machine to the dumbbell training, this equals an increase in training intensity, which in any case pays off in the long run.

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