In search of a seemingly magical way to maximize the muscle growth In the past decades, strength athletes have tried countless new forms of training and made use of a wide variety of nutritional supplements. Mostly, however, it turned out that most techniques and supplements did not produce the desired results. That it is also possible with significantly less effort to rekindle the muscle, the following five methods prove that you can stimulate your muscles.

Method 1 - Remaining pause sentences

When it comes to maximizing muscle growth, exercise volume is the deciding factor, as the training stimulus that acts on each muscle fiber is essential for hypertrophic processes. The so-called rest-break training represents an approach in training practice, which serves to economize the training volume, so that the training intensity is maximized with minimal expenditure of time. In principle, due to the intensity involved, this method is performed at the beginning of a training session in order to achieve maximum results and to minimize the risk of injury. In the practical implementation you select any basic exercise such as squats, deadlifts or bench presses. After the conscientious warm-up, you put on a weight that you can move clean three times, but at the most five times. Now you do an absolute repetition and then pause for 15-30 seconds. Then you take the weight again and repeat the process. The goal is to create ten passes. Once you make these ten passes with the weight you choose, you can increase your training weight during the following session.

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Method 2 - Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets

Our musculoskeletal system is a highly flexible entity made up of muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons. This combination allows us to perform a variety of movements and to change the tension acting on the muscles, for example, by the variation of grip positions. Why should not you take advantage of this opportunity to bring your muscles to their limits with the help of new stimuli? The principle of the so-called Mechanical Advantage Drop Sets is quite simple in itself. At the end of a training session, choose an exercise such as a chin-up as a finisher, with which you can once again tease everything out of the muscle group you want to train. Now do as many repetitions as you can in the wide grip. As soon as you can not do any more, grab some more and repeat the process. As soon as you can not repeat despite narrower range, you switch to the underhand grip and proceed in a similar manner. Of course, this procedure can also be applied to others such as bank or shoulder presses.

Method 3 - Practice Complexes

Most likely, as part of your current training program, you are already using supersets to push your muscles to their limits. The exercise complexes are a similar concept, which is composed not only of two, but three to four exercises for a muscle group, which are carried out immediately after each other. Using the example of an exemplary breast workout, we would like to familiarize you with the operation of this concept, which consists of four basic types of exercises that are completed one after the other.

1. speed exercises - 3-5 repetitions (example: Clapping push-up)
2nd strength exercise - 6-8 repetitions (example: bench press)
3rd isolation exercise - 8-12 repetitions
4th pumping exercise - As many repetitions as possible (example: Close Grip Push-Ups) The big advantage of this combination of exercises, which covers all relevant repetitive areas, is the activation of the largest possible number of muscle fibers. This not only optimizes muscle development, but also improves inter-and intramuscular coordination, which has a positive effect on your performance.

Method 4 - Negative Repeats

Every single repetition of a movement basically consists of a positive and a negative phase of movement. While the muscle contracts in the course of the positive movement phase, it contracts eccentrically in the negative movement phase, for example, when releasing the training weight. In the reality of training, most athletes understandably focus on the positive movement phase and tend to drop the weight afterwards rather than slowly lowering it. Since different muscle fibers are recruited in the context of both phases, those athletes give away a not insignificant growth potential. So if you want to maximize your muscles, you should also consciously perform the eccentric movement phase. The bottom line is to increase your training intensity, without having to do extra work. In practice, the negative movement phase should take a good 5-6 seconds. But especially at the beginning, make sure that you use the intensity technique only for one or two exercises, so as not to overtax your body.

Method 5 - Time Under Tension Training

Who will probably build more muscle mass? The athlete who unwinds 12 reps as fast as possible, then pauses for two minutes to check his Facebook feed or the athlete who is careful to make sure each set lasts at least 30-40 seconds. Of course it will be the latter, because the key to building muscle is not the pure repetition number, but the time in which the muscles are under tension. It makes perfect sense in terms of muscle growth, if you keep the muscle tension as long as possible. Make sure each repetition lasts at least 3-5 seconds and then pause for 60-90 seconds after each set.

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