Our legs are the pillars of our lives, enabling us to fulfill our tasks every day anew. Strong legs should therefore be the ideal of every healthy person. However, it is all the more surprising in the face of this fact that just a lot of strength athletes seem to have developed a true allergy to leg training. If you are one of those people, you should read the following article very carefully, because it gives you 5 good reasons why you should not miss the Leg-Day.

Grund 1 · Du willst deinen massiven Körper doch nicht auf Zahnstochern präsentieren

With almost certain probability, it is also your goal to build a shapely, aesthetic body that is also presentable on the beach. However, if you've avoided leg training so far, you might want to think about whether it's really such a good idea to put on shorts on the beach, because a massive upper body works in combination with spindly legs, thighs into the shoes rich, but quite strange. You should avoid this effect at all costs by burning your legs at least once a week.

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Grund 2 · Du verschenkst die Ausschüttung von großen Mengen an Wachstumshormonen

As a result of scientific studies, it has been proven that the stress on the body during exercise greatly influences the secretion of growth hormone. In this regard, the law applies that the dose of secreted growth hormone increases in proportion to the amount of muscle mass under tension. Since the thigh and pomaculature, which is of course burdened in the course of leg training, represents the largest muscle group in the body in terms of volume, it is obvious that the hormone release in the course of leg training, for example, compared to breast training is extremely high. Due to the fact that the growth hormones affect the entire organism, you waste a considerable growth potential if you avoid the leg training.

Grund 3 · Wenn du deine Beine trainierst, musst du den Bauch nicht so oft trainieren

You dream of a tough six-pack? Well, then you should train your legs! What may sound unimpressive at first, on closer inspection, however, makes sense, because the leg workout loads your abdominal muscles much stronger than you might think. In particular, free basic exercises such as squats and front squats stress your abdominal muscles in their natural function as stabilizers. In addition, a scientific study suggests that wearing a belt on squats improves the maximum contractile ability of the abdominal muscles. Overall, this passive training of the abdominal muscles means that you have to invest significantly less time in a separate abdominal training and you thus saves a lot of time.

Grund 4 · Du wirst niemals als richtiger Bodybuilder angesehen werden

Of course, it is not set in stone that every recreational athlete has the goal of being a bodybuilder. However, what is certain in any case is that you can never become a true bodybuilder if you do not mind exercising your legs. Not only that, your competitors would look at you wrong, before the jury you would fail because of your lack of thigh development namely mercilessly, because benefits to the widest breast nothing.

Grund 5 · Respekt

Leg training is the epitome of hard work and resilience in the field of weight training, so it's not surprising that the level of respect you get in the gym goes up and down as you perform leg training. Anyone who trains his legs will look at you in a different light as he, too, knows what it means to make your thighs squash.

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