Why is creatine still one of the most popular supplements? For many years now, creatine has proven itself as an efficient supplement in bodybuilding and weight training. Creatine is a natural substance that the body produces in the kidney, liver and pancreas itself and can also be absorbed by foods such as meat or fish. As a supplement, creatine can be obtained as a powder as well as capsules, tablets or in liquid form from specialist retailers. Creatine bars are also popular snacks that are recommended for travel and as a creatine supplement during the day. In the following, let's take a closer look at this popular dietary supplement and introduce five important information about creation, which is especially interesting for weightlifters.

Info 1: Drink a lot
A study by Quinnipiac University has shown that creatine can cause significant muscle and weight gain within a week. This is mainly due to the accumulation of water in the muscles. Water retention can lead to a short-term increase in weight of up to two kilograms. It is therefore important to drink a lot, so that the body enough liquid can be supplied.

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Info 2: Intake with fruit juices
In order for creatine to be quickly circulated in the bloodstream, this supplement should be taken with fruit juices. A lukewarm grape juice is recommended by the creatine powder can be stirred. Fruit juices have the advantage. that the insulin level rises quickly and thus the creatine can be quickly distributed in the body.

Info 3: Ingestion on an empty stomach
Creatine should be taken in the morning sober. Why? The body first has to absorb, split and distribute the creatine into the muscle cells. This process is accelerated if no other substances or nutrients are taken simultaneously with the supplement.

Info 4: The daily dose
The daily dose should be between 3 to 5 grams of creatine. The effect of creatine varies and depends on how much protein the body can produce by itself. An overdose can cause flatulence, stomach problems or even muscle cramps.


Info 5: Improvement of protein synthesis
Creatine enhances protein synthesis in the body, which can lead to rapid muscle growth, better recovery and increased strength. These qualities you should use for your training, so that you can achieve lasting better results. The supplement alone does not bring any increase in performance.

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