There is a whole range of myths and false information in the bodybuilding world. Often, moderate approaches to workouts are praised as the panacea. What do you really need for your muscle building? Many online arguments have degenerated into petty wars that have been going on for decades.

Of the many discussions that have been circulating on the Internet and have led to intense conflicts, here are a few examples:

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  • What is better for building muscle: HIT with few or training with high weights?
  • What number of reps per set is best for building muscle?
  • Are complete workouts as good as a 3, 4 or 5 split?
  • What is the best training for beginners?
  • What offers the best conditions for progress? (Slow or negative phrases with pauses, drop sets, etc.)

If you pose one of these questions in a forum, chaos is inevitable. One will sneer at high-volume training, while the next one will talk in detail about how it worked for him. For another, the whole body workout is the only true, although a fourth would dismiss this as an old school joke. Such debates have been circulating in the forums for a hundred years, but they rarely pinpoint what really matters. These really important things are limited to a few facts that play a crucial role in building muscle. There are many reasons why your training has not achieved what you imagine.

Essentially, it is up to the following five points:

  • You are not consistent.
  • Your training contains too few progressive overloads.
  • You do not eat enough, so the optimal conditions for muscle growth are not there.
  • Your training plan is too one-sided and equipped with relatively ineffective exercises.
  • You do not use a serious and tested training approach.

Based on these points and focusing your training concept on the essentials, you can internalize the following five points. Hopefully you'll get some aha moments and relax a bit. Look forward to your future training, enjoy the success over a long time.

1 · Warum die Konsequenz beim Training so wichtig ist

Many athletes do not fail to perform the wrong or ineffective training. In fact, they fail because they are not consistent enough. If you really have a good one If you want to build muscle, you have to complete your training for years at an intensive level and without any major breaks or "sagging". In many cases, you can not do anything against illness and injury if you are already acute. Therefore, a consistent provision in conjunction with a technically sound training including all necessary stretching exercises, so you can minimize the dangers of a health-related compulsory break. Many athletes succeed despite intensive diet phases with the resulting training programs success in building muscle, because they pull through their workouts consistently. On the other hand, no one has yet managed to reach a muscular and well-trained figure if he or she had not been consistent.

It's fine if you stop exercising every two to three months a week. However, if you take more time off, you should ask yourself what actually keeps you from the sport. In contrast, many athletes overshadow because they want to achieve too much in too short a time. This inevitably leads to overtraining or a "sporty burn out". If this is the case with you, you must try to consistently pay attention to the quality of your training and less to the quantity. You do not have to complete 30 to 35 sets per unit, five days a week. You can very well achieve muscle building success with 12 to 16 sets three to four days a week.

2 · Es gibt keine „magischen“ Trainingsprogramme

In fact, magical training programs that are the salvation of all athletes do not exist. Most known workouts involve the same or similar exercises. If you focus on a healthy diet, progressive overload training, and consistent training, most of these training programs will work for you. Pick one that motivates you the most to go to the studio, and train afterwards. Keep in mind that there are many ways to get there. Some routes are a bit longer than the other. You will not find much more than five to ten percent difference. It does not matter which route you choose unless you take a radical or stupid route. Find your personal training program and enjoy the time with all the normal steps back and forth.

3 · Es gibt keinen Unterschied zwischen Muskelaufbau und Krafttraining in den ersten Jahren

Until you've built a solid foundation for your strength and your muscles, you should not make any difference. It would be optimal if your training is geared to both goals (strength and muscle building). You can not get massive muscle unless you have sufficient strength. On the other hand, you'll have difficulty building strength as you train your training for muscle growth. For the first two or three years of your workout, you'll need the right number of sets and reps to build strength and muscle. From head to toe, you should be as strong as you are strong, as it is only possible somehow. When you train for strength, you do not need sets of one, two or three reps. You need a lot of them because they are your means of building muscle and can help you improve your shape and strength. If you only train on mass, you should remember one thing: All top bodybuilders are strong and strong. None of them is weak. Even when they are not exercising, they always focus on the progressive overload, which maximizes muscle gain and promotes strength.

4 · Keine Plateau-Phase, wenn die Erfolge nachlassen

For the first year or two, successes usually come fast and hard. Quickly, you will experience an amazing exhilaration as you see the progress in your muscle growth and strength building. In the third year this will change slowly but surely. The successes are getting smaller. Many panic because they think of a plateau phase. Consequently, they want to restore their usual progress with drastic measures. There is nothing that is more unrealistic. If your progress slows down over time, this is completely normal. It does not automatically mean that you are doing something wrong. Rather, the opposite is the case. If most strength athletes studied their training protocols and measured measurements more closely, they would see that they continue to increase weights or increase the number of repetitions. This is completely normal and no cause for panic.

An average bodybuilder should work very precisely. The same goes for you. Instead of getting nervous because you can not put on 2-5 kilos a week, you should be careful to expose your muscles to progressive overload over a long period of time. Every month, check the size of your arms, chest and thighs.

If you have been training for 18 to 24 months, a half-inch advance on your upper arms and a 5-pound increase in bench press within a quarter of a year are very good. If you were to expect these results every month (instead of every three to four months), it will inevitably be like being in a plateau phase. A slower progress in building muscle, as you will probably experience in the third year, is not a plateau, because it means no progress whatsoever.

5 · Ein paar wesentliche Punkte

There are few essential bases for building muscle. Important are the consistency, the quality of the exercises, the right diet, a continuously progressive overload of your muscles and a serious training approach. You can deal with many people who would give you a variety of tips. Some of the suggested training programs are good and will move you forward. Maybe you'll hear some people praise slow negative training, high intensity training (HIT), supersets, longer breaks, or any recurrence numbers as the non-plus ultra. All of these advanced training methods can do something. However, they are not a prerequisite for successful training and not essential. Many people exercise differently. However, the listed essential foundations are everywhere.

How can you believe all this?

The information on this article results from corresponding training experiences, conversations with other experienced strength athletes and years of studies regarding hundreds of training systems of countless top bodybuilders. The only thing they all have in common is that they train differently for their muscle building. In summary, there are a few essential training points that you have met here. Building on that, you can personalize your training very well. If there are no bottlenecks because of the adaptation of new techniques, you will also understand that they are not necessary. Focus on these five points. They are the magic of training. You can try new things, but stay true to these five important points for building muscle.


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