You have decided to change your life. The fat should go away. Instead of fried meat, there is now fried. This is already a beginning. Your body does not want it the way you want it to. Somehow you do not see any change. Maybe you're doing something wrong, or you're missing valuable information. In the following we summarize the 45 most important rules for fat burning together, which divide into different areas.

First is yours nutrition, Fat loss and fat burning are not the same thing. You have to have a negative energy balance at the end of the day. More calories are consumed than consumed (fat loss / gain = calorie intake - fat burning). What do you eat the sweet day? Which drinks do you take to you? It's all about the right distribution of nutritional values. For example, protein is the fuel for the muscles that need to do the main work of burning fat. What about fruits and what tricks can you use? The hydration makes a very significant difference, because with drinks you can on the one hand very quickly take many calories. On the other hand, the right fluids help your body burn fat. Besides food, that is training an essential factor for successful and efficient fat loss. It is divided into endurance and weight training. Equally important for success is regeneration, as the muscles start to burn fat, especially during rest periods.

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With her the success of fat burning stands and falls: the diet

If you want to lose weight and then stay slim all the time, you need a solid nutritional plan. What you eat and drink has a decisive influence on your success. The first 25 rules for fat burning - just under half - relate to the diet.


1st high percentage
A diet with a high protein content of about 40% promotes muscle growth and accelerates fat burning and thus fat loss. In addition, the increase in protein intake leads to an increase in YY peptides, which are produced by intestinal cells and migrate to the brain, where they reduce hunger and increase satiety.

2. Slower is more
With carbohydrates, you should stick to those that can only be slowly digested. They have a low Glyx value and affect the blood sugar level much less. High levels of insulin ("spikes"), which stop fat burning and force storage in the fat pads, are less common.

3. Eat fat - but right
If you want to lose fat, you have to to take good fats. Especially polyunsaturated fatty acids - eg omega-3 - promote fat burning. Take about 30% of your nutritional value on these good fats. You can find them in walnuts, salmon, sardines, trout or in olive oil and peanut butter etc.

4. You need eggs
Eggs contain a lot of egg protein. If you eat three whole eggs daily, they will help you lose significantly more body fat.

5. The allowed fruit: grapefruit
Studies have shown that consuming half a grapefruit or 250 ml of grapefruit juice three times daily resulted in significantly higher fat burning. This is probably because grapefruit keeps insulin levels low.

6. The milk does it
Dairy products are rich in calcium and thus promote fat burning, which can lead to an increased decrease in abdominal fat. Calcium has an effect on the fat metabolism of your body and can ideally suppress fat production.

7. One apple a day
Apples are highly digestible and contain many positive antioxidants and compounds that can increase stamina and muscle growth and increase fat burning. The contained fruit sugar can not be converted into energy and ends up in the hips. Therefore, you should only eat one apple per day.

8. Eat sharp things
The chemical capsaicin, which is found in sharp foods, promotes fat burning at rest and during exercise. The simultaneous intake of caffeine enhances the effect.

9. Crack nuts
Nuts have a high content good fats. Their consumption can stimulate the burning of fat and, above all, favor the decrease of the abdominal fat.

10. Organic is expensive but valuable
Organic products have more omega-3 fatty acids, higher levels of CLA and more linoleic acid. The extra penny, which costs the increased price, is well laid out. 11. Soy proteins The vegetable soy proteins provide for a loss of belly fat. 

12. Avocados
Avocados have many monounsaturated fatty acids that are not stored in the fat store. They keep insulin at bay and improve calcium intake.


13. Drink a lot of water
The daily drinking of two liters of water temporarily increases the metabolic rate by about 30%. In addition, the degraded fat can be better removed by the liquid. Cold water also causes increased fat burning because your body needs energy to restore body temperature

14. Drink green
Green tea is a secret weapon that inhibits the EGCG enzymes. These disturb the neurohormone norepinephrine, which boosts the metabolism and thus the fat burning.

15. Drink black
In addition to the green, the black tea is good for burning fat. It reduces the cortisol content and thus reduces the fat deposits in the middle of the body.

16. Protein shakes
Whey protein shakes are not only ideal snacks and ideal for post-workout consumption. You can also curb the feeling of hunger.

Whey protein

17. Dick is full
If you're going to make a protein shake, make it as thick as possible. You are even less hungry then.  


Dietary supplements

18. Green tea extracts
Green tea extracts contain EGCG, which is absorbed much better than green tea itself.

Greentea + caffeine


19. CLA
CLA belong to the healthy fats and can promote the fat burning and thus the fat loss considerably.

20. Fish oils
Fish oils contain the good fatty acids from the healthy fish species. 1-2 grams of fish oil to the three main meals are recommended.

Omega 3

21. Astaxanthin
Astaxanthin protects your body's own system, which transports the fat into the mitochondria of the muscle cells, where it then comes to fat burning.

22. L-carnitine
L-carnitine is an important component in fat burning. It ensures that the body fat can be transported to the mitochondria of the muscle cells. In combination with iodine and vitamin C, it forms a strong vehicle for transport.

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The right weight training for burning fat

23. Heavy weights
Your body always burns fat, but its main work takes place in the resting phases after training. If you train now with heavy weights, this increases your oxygen consumption after exercise. This increases the metabolic rate, which in turn can sometimes raise the level of fat burning at rest significantly.

24. Lightweights do it too
While high weights after exercise result in increased fat burning, light weights with many repetitions throughout the sessions are responsible for increased calorie consumption. You can combine both by taking heavy weights in one session and lighter weights in another. Alternatively, you can perform four sets per exercise on one day, with the first two with heavy weights and the last two with light loads.

25. Small breaks between repetitions
Make it short. Between repetitions, your breaks should be 30 seconds (always at least one minute). You increase fat burning by more than 50% compared to minutes of interruptions.

26. Force it
A high-intensity set of 6 to 10 reps is enough, forcing extra repetitions and holding the weight for a few seconds. This can boost the fat burning significantly. Get help from a partner.

27. Free exercises bring more
Exercise with free dumbbells if possible, as the additional stress of the stabilizers leads to higher energy consumption.

28. Fast repetitions for higher fat burning
By performing the repetition quickly, the stressed muscle fibers burn more energy than their slow motion counterparts. The exercises must be explosive and, as it were, done correctly. Therefore, take lighter weights (about 30% of maximum strength) and do 2 sets of 3 to 8 reps at the beginning of the exercise. Then you continue to work normally.

29. Be negative
The return phase of a movement is often neglected. It is more important than the first half of the exercise. Exercise especially these negative sentences by taking more weight. Let yourself be helped to complete the first phase of the movement. Then concentrate on the return. This will give you an extra boost for burning fat.

30. Listen to your favorite music
Music motivates. That is known. As you train your favorite music, you can do more repetitions and lift higher weights.

Endurance training: how to walk properly

The Cardio training is an essential component to getting slim.

31. Yours Cardio workout should be done after the power units. This will increase the fat burning significantly, as the weight training has already emptied the glucose storage and your body then immediately resorted to the fat reserves. Above all, use the first 15 minutes after pumping. Here the effect is highest.

32. Use HIIT
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the most effective way to burn fat. You change intervals with high and low load. An example would be the switch between sprints and slow walking.

33. Use breaks
It's been proven that three 10-minute runs with two 20-minute breaks can burn more fat than you could with a 30-minute jogging session. Especially in the resting phase after training, this difference has an effect.

34. Right time of day
The right time of the day can provide additional effects in terms of fat burning. In the evening between 17 and 19 h is an ideal time. However, you can also achieve more success in the morning on an empty stomach. Find out for yourself which time of day is best for you. Keep in mind that late workouts can disturb sleep.

35. Be economical
Even small workouts can make a big impact. For example, you can significantly reduce your blood sugar and insulin levels within two weeks by completing four to six 30-second sprints in a single run, each interrupted by a four-minute break.

36. Climbing
Climbing is a very special form of cardio training. Due to the enormous effort and the forced movements high rates of fat burning are possible.

37. Martial arts
Also very effective in terms of fat loss is martial arts. Here you can also learn a lot about yourself and your body.

38. Rinse your mouth
If you rinse your mouth with a sports drink every 10 minutes during an intensive endurance workout and then spit it out, you can burn extra calories.

Other rules

There are a few more tips that are not directly related to diet or exercise. Here are some of them.

39. Get up
Research has shown that the ability to burn fat is blocked when sitting. Therefore, stay in the office as often as possible.

40. Take a picture - write it down
Take your smartphone and take pictures of what you eat. At the same time, you should keep a nutrition book so you know what and how much you actually eat. There are now good apps for all smartphone types.

41. Eat in portions
Watch out for the portions you eat. Take smaller meals to you. Be sure to put more good sources of protein and fewer high-carbohydrate foods on your plate.

42. Laugh as much as you can
Laughter not only enhances the fun of life. It can also positively influence the blood sugar balance and the fat metabolism.

43. Sleep sufficiently
Insufficient sleep is poison for almost all areas of your body. This also applies to fat burning. When you sleep, important hormones are produced that lead to imbalances due to lack of sleep. This can make you hungrier and reduce your satiety. In addition, growth hormones form at night, which are among the strongest fat burners. With too little sleep you will also experience a shortage here. Optimal are 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

44. Kau neat
Chewing helps the satiety. You automatically eat less as you cook your food more intensely. A chewing gum reinforces the effect even more.

45. Move whenever possible
Exercise is an essential part of optimal fat burning. Take every opportunity to do so. Leave cars and elevators on the left. Take the stairs or the bike or walk.


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