It is an open secret that repeating the same workouts with the same routines will not give you any noticeable increase in muscle mass over time. However, this does not mean that you have to get all your habits over the top, mostly it's the little things that cause a noticeable change. In this article, we've put together 11 easy-to-use tips to help you rekindle your muscle growth.

Trick 1 - Complete your Monday workout on Sunday

Yes, Sunday is the day when the human is supposed to rest, indulge in football, sit comfortably with friends or go to a theme park with the family, but this is the day you should use to go to the gym. In particular, even if you are one of the people who start the week with an extensive breast training, you will soon appreciate this tip very much, because the notoriously crowded Fitnesstempel on Sunday looks like a secluded place, of which only a few Persons are aware. This fact not only reduces your general well-being, but also benefits the development of your muscles due to low waiting time between exercises.

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Trick 2 - Hold cardio training between sets

Of course, the temptation is tipping around between sentences on the smartphone in the 60 to 90 seconds to answer messages, post selfies, or order the next monthly charge of protein powder, but the waiting time can be made far more meaningful. How about a bit of cardio training, for example? Yes, that's right, instead of sitting on the bench flatten your buttocks, it's best to keep your heart rate up by jumping rope or boxing jump for a variety of reasons. For example, these short cardio units will reduce the time you spend in the gym, as there is no need for a lengthy endurance workout after strength training. Furthermore, you benefit from active regeneration through the constant high blood flow in your muscles.

Trick 3 - Use even small weight plates

Training with a partner undoubtedly offers numerous benefits, but hardly anything is more disturbing in this context than the constant loading and unloading of 20 kilogram slices between sets. This not only annoys in the long term, but also wastes valuable time, which can be used more effectively in any case. Consequently, you should also use small discs, so that the adjustment of weight is quick and easy from the hand. By the way, the tactics also benefit you personally, as you save a lot of time, especially in the context of Dropsets.

Trick 4 - Overcome the mental lock by having to do ten repetitions

Most trainers, especially those who have barely made any significant progress so far, can be observed in the studio again and again, as they seem to automatically after the completion of ten repetitions, the dumbbell drop, make a break and again pass exactly another ten repetitions. However, since your body has already adjusted to the chosen weight, it is no wonder that the potential growth in this context is limited. To stimulate your body to regrow, you should turn away from the 10-repetition scheme and choose challenging weights that you can only move 6 to 8 times. As soon as you can do ten clean reps with these weights, it's time to put one or two more discs on the pole to ensure a steady progression.

Trick 5 - The 10-minute arm workout for the pump of your life

Getting the pump of your life is easier than you think, because in itself, there are only minor changes to your training plan. The workouts are based on a classic back or chest workout, in which you integrate as many composite exercises as possible, so that your arms are already properly tanned. After that, do just one single isolation exercise such as tricep press on the cable for ten minutes to burst your arms. In practice, you choose a weight that you can move 10-12 times, and execute a set followed by a 20-second pause. Now you continue to do this phrase in that rhythm until you can not do eight reps with the current weight. When this point is reached, you reduce the weight to repeat more repetitions. This game is repeated until the ten minutes have passed.

Trick 6 - Add pullers to tease out a few repetitions

When you train your back, it is not uncommon for your forearms to give up before the target muscles even reach their limits. In order to still be able to train your back with a few repetitions, you should get for a few euros a pair of pullers, with the help of which you can put the problem of lack of grip at the end of the workout. However, you should only use the useful equipment targeted, so as not to block the development of your forearms.

Trick 7 - Go in, power up and disappear again!

Much does not always help a lot! The knowledge applies to hardly any area of ​​life as much as to the training. If you're not wearing a big "S" on your shirt and bracing whole buildings, your workout time should not override 60 minutes, as long, moderate-intensity workouts may not be optimal for developing your muscles. Accordingly, you should make a point of making your training as short and intensive as possible. So watch out for time guzzlers like long breaks or unnecessary texting during workouts. In addition, you should optimize the overall volume in favor of the intensity of the individual sentences.

Trick 8 - Pay attention to a stable back

Hardly anything else is as important in the context of training as the stability of the back, as it not only allows optimal exercise, but also protects against passive musculoskeletal injuries. Especially during exercises such as deadlifts or squats, where you use heavy weights, you should make sure that your lower back always has a slight hollow back so that it is always under tension and optimally protects your spine. To check your shape, you should use a mirror especially at the beginning.

Trick 9 - Avoid too many exercises with a nearly identical procedure

If you want to train a large group of muscles optimally, you should always endeavor to burden them with different movements, so that as large a proportion of existing fibers is addressed. Accordingly, you should avoid exercises that are very similar to each other. This applies, for example, to the combination of dumbbell flyers and butterflys on the machine. Instead, a large variation is expedient, as is the case for example with the combination of bench press, negative bench press and flyers.

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Trick 10 - Finish your workout with forearms and lower back exercises

In order to ensure optimal development of your muscles, you should not forget your weak points, which are mostly found in the forearms and lower back. Targeted training of these vulnerabilities will help protect you from injury and increase your performance on various heavy exercises, culminating in increased muscle growth overall.

Trick 11 - Do not look for the easy way

"Everyone wants to have thicker muscles, but nobody wants to lift heavy weights." A quote from eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, which hits the nail exactly on the head and reflects the mentality of most exercisers. But to be successful, you should say goodbye to trying to find the easy way to success, which in plain language means using dirty techniques and unnecessary faking should be a thing of the past. Remember that a steel-hard body can only be achieved with sweat and meticulous work.

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