Anyone who has ever trained in a gym, will meet different types of both sexes. Many of these people have taken the same roles in many different circles. Here is a list of eleven types of fitness that you can encounter in your daily training routine.

1. The former

You would not believe it when you see him. But this man actually thinks he is the strongest, slenderest and most muscular man in the world. Of course, he worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylveser Stallone and showed them how to train. You can recognize him by his collection of three ten-year-old T-shirts, which he regularly applies in the studio. At every opportunity he will tell young people - or who could not run away fast enough - about how great he used to be.

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2. The device occupier

Who does not know him? He occupies a device, makes his first sentence and then stays on the device for several minutes, plays around on his cell phone, comfortably observes the activity around him, chats with colleagues and then tackles the next sentence. He can easily occupy a single device for half an hour and can not get the idea that there are ten others who would like to train.

3. The make-up lady

This woman spends three hours in the bathroom dressing up and painting her face to look as good as possible in her 35-minute workout. She will not produce a single bead of sweat during the workout. Mostly she will be equipped with eyeliners, watches, necklaces and a strong make-up. She thinks she's too good to talk to you.

4. The fitness professor

This man is like a hawk rushing at anyone weak and willing enough to be instructed by him on training. He does not train much, but he knows everything you should do. Do not interrupt him during his performance because his self-confidence is very fragile. Therefore, he will also those who radiate experience and hunch, how to avoid the plague. You'll see him talking to the overweight girl or the lady with the big butt.

5. The reader

This type is multitasking capable. He is able to complete a set of 30 single-arm cable harnesses while reading chapters 15 through 17 of War and Peace. You can not. So do not embarrass him. You will not have trouble making it out on the surface.

6. Mr. 3% body fat

This is a guy whose home must be fun mirrors. If it were not so, he would not make such insane claims and believe others would buy it. Although he looks average trained, but will tell you that he only had 3% fat and would already be heading for the 2%. Admire and congratulate him and make you disappear. Do not waste any thoughts on him. You can not change it anyway.

7. The fitness prevention specialist

This man will not train today. If everything goes well for him, you will not be able to do it. When he comes to the studio, he has only one goal in mind: he wants to distract you from the training. The more primitive specialists of this sort will first draw your attention through simple conversations. Your more technically advanced colleagues will be happy to show you their latest achievements. He's like a pickpocket who steals your training time. You will hardly recognize him. Once you have made his acquaintance, however, you will hardly be able to forget him again.

8. The "should-not-wear" woman

There are many women in the studios who can wear tight sportswear. That looks sexy. It's not like that with her. She is at least 100 treadmill lessons or 100 Cheesburger away from wearing something like today.

9. The talent scout

He is a sub-type of fitness prevention specialist. He notices every woman in the studio and tells you how to find her. If you have problems with the "that-should-not-wear" woman or the make-up lady, this guy will, to make matters worse, give his opinion on the ladies as well. Shaking his head brings nothing more.

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10. The warrior

This guy could kill you if he wants. He makes super sets, between which he runs shadow boxing and maybe even a few kickboxing kicks. You'll easily recognize him, because he probably has some tattoos that intimidate you and show women how hard he is. He will be under 175 cm and be either overweight, look over-trained or combine both. He will pray in silence that no one will find out the truth. Unfortunately, he is not the world's best fighter.

11. The studio peacock

The peacock itself is a beautiful animal. This guy, however, takes about 3000 mg of testosterone per week, lifts as much weight as his joints can endure, and makes more noise than the musicians at a rock concert. He looks like a silverback gorilla. It does not matter if he can convince you that he is the strongest and the baddest guy in the whole studio. He sees himself like that.

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