Who does not know that? We've finally decided to start a sensible diet, set up a great-looking nutritional plan, or simply feed ourselves well, healthy, and high-quality. As long as we are in our own four walls, our project works perfectly well. We decide for ourselves what we buy in the grocery store and prepare it from home. It makes sense to have informed us about the ingredients of packaged food on the spot and are informed about gram and calorie information. In our own kitchen, we can consciously decide for only one tablespoon in the pan or know if our planned protein intake has been achieved. We can choose whether to supplement our dishes with sugar, stevia or sweetener and know the fat content of the milk exactly. The big challenge to stick to a healthy diet comes when we are invited to dinner, dine in the company canteen or go out to dinner with friends.

So that you are not completely lost, 10 good tips will help you:

1. If you need or want to eat in a company canteen, try eating full of warm vegetables or vegetable soups. There are now excellent canteens or company kitchens, which are set up in buffet form. Some meat, fish or poultry for protein intake and a good portion of vegetables and / or salad. Already, you get a healthy meal here, which makes you full and satisfied. 2. If you have the opportunity to choose the location, it may not be a restaurant known for its home-style cooking. Nothing against home cooking, but nothing is easier than to torpedo a diet here. Maybe suggest a fish restaurant or a steak house as an alternative. The chances of a healthy diet are certainly higher here. 3. Do not go ragged. Your ability to criticize and planned restraint will surely be put to the test with a hole in your stomach. If you want to do it particularly well, a protein drink or some protein-rich food will help you not to attack the following menu like a hungry wolf. 4. Try to avoid fast food restaurants. Okay, sometimes it just has to be one (or more) greasy burgers with an extra serving of chips. But if you want to eat a healthy diet, fast food should not be the exception, not the rule. Sure, you can also eat healthy in a burger chain. Light drinks and a nice salad with fat-free dressing can be found in every store. But let's be honest: who orders such a thing in a fast food shop? 5. Do not forget to drink a lot. And this is supposed to be about water. A lot of wine and a lot of beer will not help you, not to be dehydrated and to sit up to a false hunger feeling. Drink before meals and between courses. This not only slows down your food intake, but also saves you calories. 6. If you want to act in an exemplary way and have decided on a nice salad, pay attention to the dressing. Because with that you can easily sabotage your plan. Maybe you will bring your dressing extra. However, the best solution is already common in most restaurants: ask for a carafe of olive oil and vinegar and make the salad yourself. This gives you control over the exact amount and olive oil - ideally cold pressed - gives you a plus for your diet. In addition, you can use a tablespoon to portion the oil. A shot of it is less well calculable. 7. Stay away from the bread basket! In some restaurants it is customary to provide bread and butter for the waiting guests. With the effect that one eats mindlessly and not only consumes unnecessary calories, but overreacts to the subsequent food. If you want to be smart, do not ignore this offer, but have the waiter's bread basket completely removed from the table. 8. Do not be afraid to change your menu. If very high calorie or high carbohydrate side dishes are provided, in most restaurants it is easy to reorder. Renounce z. For example, roast potatoes and just order a salad or vegetable plate instead. Most locations are prepared for this, also due to numerous food allergies. 9. Make clever decisions! If Italian, then it should not necessarily be spaghetti with Bolognese sauce. Also spaghetti napoli with a fruity tomato sauce can be delicious and you have saved a lot of calories in a simple way. You can also make a smart choice regarding the preparation. Grilled, not breaded. Cooked and steamed instead of braised. If you want to keep your calorie intake low, you should also pay attention. 10. Be curious about new things. What speaks against entering into new dishes and flavors? Just try a vegetarian restaurant or make friends with the Asian cuisine, which is available in many variants typical of the country. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised, expand your menu or get to know new, healthy ingredients and preparation methods.

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Even if you go out to eat, it does not have to be a disaster for your healthy lifestyle. As long as exceptions really remain exceptions, you will certainly achieve your goals even with small slip-ups. And if you are very consistent and take your healthy diet seriously, with a little imagination you can find healthy alternatives everywhere that will satisfy your taste buds.

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