Although Rome was not built in one day, you can strengthen your body in a month. Are you ready? Almost every person wants to present a good physique. However, the focus is almost always placed on the form and not on the function. Below, we have put together ten tips that you in a month to a considerable muscle building can help.

1. Free weights and controlled movements

If you want to train yourself to build a steely and muscular physique, the rule is that you can get the most out of muscle building with the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Military Press, Rows, Power Cleans and other basics. You can achieve fast and intense muscle building with the help of these exercises. Exercising with free weights ensures great posture stability and requires concentration and control in each movement. Furthermore, several muscle groups are trained simultaneously.

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2. Learn the perfect technique

Learning the best technique for an exercise is the central point in a movement. Here, the motivation of young athletes often differs from that of an experienced athlete. Young athletes often want theirs fast muscle building reach and therefore place as heavy weights as possible on the dumbbells. The technique is secondary. In fact, the exact execution of the technique is the decisive factor for the training success, because the nervous system with correct execution of the movement process can act intensively on muscle growth and muscle building. Too heavy weights often prohibit correct execution of the exercise and then cause injuries to the muscular system.

3. Train in a low rep range

So you quickly one To gain muscle, the muscle apparatus should be heavily used just in the first movement. The strongest muscle impulses are therefore achieved in a repetition range of 1 to 5 repetitions. If you complete more than five repetitions, the muscle impulse also shifts to those muscle parts that should not be trained. In addition, training in a low repetition range prevents sustained fatigue of the muscle, which can produce a better overall outcome.

4. Less weight but proper technique

Even if the strongest power athletes start with the heaviest weights in the first set, that does not mean that you have to lift heavy weights in each set. It is important for you to know how to optimally integrate a warm-up into your exercise program. For example, if a strength athlete can achieve 150 kilograms as best in bench press, many athletes often start with 10 dials. à 60 Kg, 10 Wdhl. à 100 Kg, 3 Wdhl. à 125 Kg and 1 Wdhl. à 150 Kg. In this training process the athlete raises 2,125 kilograms distributed over 23 warm-up repetitions. The better warm-up, however, consists of fewer repetitions and weight. Our example would consist of 10 Wdhl à 30 Kg, 3 Wdhl à 60 Kg, 2 Wdhl à 110 Kg, 1 Wdhl à 130 Kg and 1 Wdhl à 150 Kg. Now the athlete has completed only 16 Wdhl and a total of 1,280 kg. The purpose of this training method, however, is a targeted training with a perfect technique, which causes the muscle impulses to act intensively on the muscle work, which eventually makes itself felt in the muscle again.

5. Increase weight every time you exercise

Your body must always get used to heavier weights to build muscle, so that the muscles for growth can receive new impetus. It is therefore important that in each new training session you try to increase the training weight during the individual exercises. This does not mean that you have to hang up 20 kilograms of dumbbell weights each time. It is sufficient if you use 1 kilogram more weight for the individual exercises. Therefore, always make a note of the current training weights so that you know how much weight has to be put on the next training session.

6. Intensively train your weak points

Each athlete can perform certain exercises better, so often the less popular exercises are omitted or neglected. But a quick success for building muscle is decided by a complete series of exercises and not by individual favorite exercises. Often physical training also means less training, as the athlete knows that his weak points are there. Now you should not hesitate to integrate help in the individual exercises. These aids can be other training partners that can correct and support you. Even technical aids can achieve considerable success, such as a rack pull for the correct movement of a deadlift.

7. Too much training will not work

More training or exercises are far from guaranteeing better results. In addition to the basic exercises already mentioned, you should still attach importance to speed and technique, but not to further strength exercises. It is important to you that you can reach your goal quickly and consistently. However, the success in building muscle is in technique and intensity and by no means in the quantity of exercises.

8. Train smartly

The strength training in our time has changed considerably. Scientific studies and results have been able to empirically prove that the variation of the individual exercises can have a significant influence on muscle growth. In addition to the monotonous movements of the basic exercises, you should therefore also include training with flexible exercise equipment such as sandbags or stretch bands, so that the muscles can receive new and effective muscle impulses. Important is the training of the core muscles, which is important for stability of the supporting apparatus and posture and can protect against injury.

9. nutrition

An intensive muscle building is also determined by an individual diet. If you want to build muscle, you have to train more and therefore eat more. A simple rule, as the body needs more energy during intense workouts. Which diet is best for you and your metabolism, you have to find out for yourself among the many diet offers

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10. The right supplements

Dietary supplements can significantly boost your muscle growth. But you should know exactly which supplements are important and which useless. Multivitamins, fish oil and proteins are the most widely used supplements of a strength athlete, as he has an increased need for protein and other minerals and nutrients. Also the regeneration of the musculature can be promoted with certain nutritional supplements. Creatine is especially recommended for muscle growth, as some studies have shown that creatine may be beneficial for muscle growth. The intake of beta-alanine can also increase carnosine levels to such an extent that it can increase performance. Integrate this supplement into your nutritional program and your body will become more and more like Hercules.

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