10 ingenious features of strength training

muscle building

That it at the weight training The primary goal is to build muscle and crack new records in terms of maximum strength, is not necessarily new, but the strength training also has some ingenious features that can be found in this form in hardly any other sport. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the 10 most ingenious features of the power sport in this article.

1 - Strength training lets you overcome limits

Training with weights is an excellent way to blow up what you perceive as God-given perceived physical boundaries and shape your body to your liking. It does not matter if your father was a haggard circus artist or your mother was a Russian putter, because all that matters is your motivation. Even if you are naturally punished with narrow shoulders, an extremely flat chest, thin arms or stork legs, that does not necessarily mean that it stays that way for ever. While not every person has the genetic requirements for the transformation to Hercules, with enough hard work on the iron, you can always form a handsome body.

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2 - Iron forms the butt

In contrast to the widespread assumption among women that a perfect butt is the result of a genetically determined, particularly advantageous fat distribution, the shape and stability of the buttocks are primarily determined by the muscles located there in a similar manner as the statics of a half-timbered house through its beam construction. It's easier than you think to get a really decent apple peel because like any other muscle, the Gluteus Maximus grows only through hard strength training. Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and hyperextension can help you achieve a result that other women will surely envy. Moreover, you can not train the butt often enough, because the fact that it is one of the most enduring muscles in the human body makes overtraining relatively unlikely.

3 - Strength training changes your attitude to eating

Strength training has the mysterious quality of making people who did not even know in advance that foods involve anything other than calories get very involved with their own nutrition deal. In contrast to the average person, daily food intake for a strength athlete is not only a means to an end, to silence the growling stomach with all sorts of filler, but advances to a true science. Anyone who practices the sport seriously, will sooner or later deal with macro and micronutrients in order to optimally match them. Furthermore, the food develops into an emotionally charged ritual, which means that strength athletes also appreciate the value of the food or each food much more than most non-athletes do.

4 - strength training sells bad mood

No matter how positive your attitude towards life is, at some point events that put a lot of mental strain on you and have a significant impact on your mood will catch up with you. Strength training in this context is a perfect valve, with the help of which you can drive away bad thoughts and get the head free again. Although the sustainability of this method varies from person to person, the strength training is better than the displacement of problems or the decline in self-hatred and despair. One of the causes is the release of happiness hormones in the course of the stress, which contributes to brightening the mood.

5 - weight training keeps you healthy

Sports in general, and especially strength and muscle training, make a significant contribution to keeping your body healthy. You not only build muscle and get stronger, but also lose body fat, which in particular has a positive effect on your cardiovascular system, so that this is just as reliable as a Swiss clockwork. In any case, cancer and diabetes will also think twice about whether they will haunt you, because the healthy lifestyle that weight training brings with it can significantly reduce the likelihood of getting the illnesses mentioned. Needless to say, a strong body in intimate togetherness in quite different places also gives you a decisive advantage that makes life seem much more satisfying.

6 - weight training simplifies everyday life

Of course, most exercisers will never reach the power level of professional powerlifters, which does not mean they are not strong. Almost every strength athlete has the physical strength he is envied by most of the average citizen in moving or crafting. Even women who indulge in weight training have a much easier time in everyday combat, because, for example, the dislocation of the couch does not have to wait until one of the unloved beer-bellied neighbors takes pity on helping. Ultimately, the power gained through the sport can also save lives, because strong arms can decide in an emergency about the life and death of a trapped accident victim.

7 - Strength training slows down the aging process

A well-trained musculature can make you look decades older compared to your peers. Even if physical decline breaks down due to a decreasing ability to react and a gradual deterioration in hearing and sight, weight training has the potential to help you live an active life even in higher semesters.

8 - The lifting of weights gives you fulfillment

In the past, life was more fulfilling for people, even though every day was about ensuring survival for the entire tribe. Today we are dealing with many more problems that burden us and make us doubt our position in this world, so that only very few feel a real fulfillment in their lives. The strength training puts you back in a sense in a time in which the animal fighting instincts of man could still fully come to fruition. Consequently, any exhausting workout results in a profound and satisfying fulfillment of all-natural human needs that, despite the stresses and hustle and bustle of everyday life, contribute to the emergence of a well-balanced state of mind.

9 - Strength training transforms wallflowers into self-confident women

Women who practice weight training develop a special relationship with their bodies and love every square inch of it, instead of posing in dimmed light in front of the mirror in dimmed light to conceal unloved areas. Unlike many women hiding problem areas, female athletes resort to a much more pragmatic approach, focused solely on eliminating the vulnerability they have identified. The self-confidence based on inner satisfaction radiates unmistakably to the outside and is in no way limited to the purely physical appearance on the beach or in the swimming pool.

10 - Strength training makes fears disappear

In the old days, you also went through the dark streets of your hometown with your head down by night, or you changed sides of the street to avoid attracting your attention to the three characters who came to meet you. But as you've gained experience in training, you've realized that you've gotten stronger and less vulnerable. As a result, more and more fear disappeared and was replaced by the self-conscious. This mechanism is not as typical of a sport as strength training, although some bulls just like to misuse their physical appearance to cause fear.