Did you just start with a strength training program? Congratulations. You have decided to do what is probably the most effective fitness training you can do. You are one step ahead of women who are too timid to do weight training and therefore only do cardio fitness. But there are, of course, some mistakes to avoid in order not to jeopardize your success or even to suffer injuries. Many women make some serious mistakes in their fitness program, which results in slow or no progress. That leads to frustration. Let's take a look six most common mistakesthat should be avoided.

Fear of high weights

The first and biggest mistake that women make in their fitness training is that they are afraid to work out with heavy weights. They want to tone their bodies and are worried that they are building too much muscle. That's not the case. Do not forget that a woman does not have as high a testosterone level as it needs to build up big muscles. It also requires a high amount of daily calories, but since most women are on a chronic diet, they do not provide enough food for their body to make it possible. That's why this fear is unfounded. You can do your fitness training with heavy weights that will speed up your metabolism, burn fat and you will soon see progress. You are stronger than you think. Give yourself a jerk and you'll see the results soon.

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Basic exercises are important

Another misconception that many women have is that they have too many isolation exercises in their fitness program. You may want to work harder on a particular muscle group and think that you can improve it with isolation exercises. Crunches for the abdominal muscles, donkey kicks for the gluteus and dips for the triceps. This does not mean that you should eliminate these exercises from your exercise program, but they are far from the ideal movements you should do. Focus on basic exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlifts, lunges, shoulder presses, and so on. As a result, you will burn much more calories and gain strength. Basic exercises must be the foundation for your training and then you can add isolation exercises if you like.

Too long breaks between sets

The next crucial mistake women commit in their fitness training is that they make a coffee clunk out of their workout. Remember, you're in the gym to train and not to discuss the events of the past week with your girlfriend. If you gossip in sentence breaks with your partner or one of your acquaintances all the time, your training will not show the desired results. Postpone the time for post-workout social contacts, make shorter set breaks, and burn more fat and see results faster.

Train your whole body

Many women neglect the training of certain muscle groups, such as the chest muscles. They believe that as they train their breasts, they become smaller, which they absolutely do not want. Small breasts are not the result of breast training. The reason that the breasts are smaller in some women, because they reduce their body fat percentage. The breasts of the woman are made of fatty tissue and if they lose fat, that will first affect the size of the breast. If you eat properly and keep an adequate body fat percentage, that should not happen.

Cardio at the beginning of the workout

The fifth mistake that is made a little too often by women is that they start their workout with cardio. Remember that cardio should always be done at the end of the training, never before. If you do it at the beginning of the workout, you will consume a lot of valuable energy, which is then missing during your strength training. Cardio should be done at the end because muscle training will give you the results you want, and if you eat well then you will soon have the results you want.

The diet makes it

The last mistake you should not make is that you do not eat enough. Many women are constantly on a diet and therefore eat too little calories. But after a hard workout, your body is literally screaming for energy and nutrients, so it's imperative that you give it to him as well. Take a well-balanced meal after training and you will progress faster.


Make sure that you avoid these mistakes and you will soon come a great deal closer to your dream body.

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