A muscular body is the dream of many men and women - the muscle is not as complicated as many assume. In addition to proper training, it is nutrition that can help your body build muscle. With our tricks and tips, you can optimally support your body and skilfully promote muscle growth.

The right training intensity

Of course, to build up your muscles, you can not get around the right workout. Muscles only begin to grow where they are actually needed - but over-training may be more of a hindrance than a conducive one. When you over-train your muscles, the muscle fibers are depleted and further muscle building is prevented. Of course, you should not train them too little, because otherwise there is no need for further development of your body. The appropriate muscle training lasts at least 30 minutes and should be stopped before you get a sore muscles. In addition, you should not train the individual muscle groups too often because they need a short period of training after training. Leave the respective muscle groups about 3 days break - during this time the muscle fibers can regenerate optimally and then devote to the actual structure. If you go to the gym every day if possible, then you should choose a specific day for each muscle group. Always remember: too much training actually hampers muscle growth!

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Regular training of all muscle groups

When building your muscles, be sure to pay attention to all muscle groups. Look at your body as a whole - for example, if you only train the abdominal muscles and completely disregard the back muscles, you will eventually experience an imbalance in the load and severe back pain would result.

Smaller muscles such as the biceps or triceps are over-trained by many - because they have significantly fewer muscle fibers, they tire faster than larger muscles. These often show a good muscle, if you only the larger muscle groups in your training observe, since they are then also trained.

Eat enough and several times

To build up a healthy muscle, not only the training must be right, but above all, your diet. It is primarily the total amount of calories that are crucial for muscle growth - if you take too few calories to you, then you will have even with a particularly intense training no success in building muscle. Some bodybuilders have a calorie requirement of 10,000 calories a day - three times as much as a normal person. So that your body always has enough energy available, you should spread your food to more than three meals in one day. Ideally, you eat a smaller amount every three hours during the day - which in addition to the improved muscle build-up also has the nice side effect that you do not have big ones

Müsigkeitserscheinungen get by too large portions. Also, the breakfast should be firmly integrated into your daily schedule, because after all, your body has had to give up eating in the hours of sleep. If you are hungry for too long, then your body will eventually use the muscles to gain energy and in this course also break down - exactly what you want when building muscle but just not.

Eat the right thing

In addition to the amount and frequency of each meal, of course, the right food plays an important role. In most gyms you will find a variety of different protein products that are designed to promote muscle growth - but in fact these are only needed in very few cases. Most people eat even more protein than is recommended in the context of a healthy diet - an additional intake is therefore unnecessary. Muscle building is subject to certain limits and more protein does not lead to the limits being exceeded. Instead, the excess protein is then transported out of the body with the urine through the kidneys, which puts a heavy burden on your kidneys.

Instead, make sure that you also absorb enough carbohydrates. These are, for example, in cereals, rice, potatoes and fruit and transport the protein necessary for muscle growth to the muscles.

Of course these are not all important points for successful muscle building. A good and compact overview can be found in the article 32 tips for building muscle, In the further we have a page with the name muscle building created, which contains all articles on the topic again. 

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