Many young people sign up at the age of 16 in a gym. At the beginning still totally motivated, one trains two to three hours daily. As role models, we take known fitness athletes who have been practicing this sport for years. You focus mainly on the training. With the much more important part, the diet, one is either unfamiliar or the time would simply not be enough. Demotivation and despair are spreading. Too often I have heard that people can not go through their diet because they go to school or spend half the day at work. For me it sounds more like an excuse. There are lunch breaks both at school and at work. Currently I am a trainee in the 1st year of apprenticeship. I worked part-time all the last year. Of course, my free time was and is very limited, but never will I just give up on the idea of ​​giving up my sport and the associated nutrition. Here are some tips on how to improve muscle gain during work / school.

  1. Cook your dinner in the evening: At home you will surely find some time to cook something for you and then take it in a typical Tupperbox. Rice or pasta is best, in combination with beans and meat such as turkey, chicken or beef. Of course you can also take tuna. If you do not have the opportunity to prepare it all for the next day, you can use a weight gainer shake. I would recommend it in terms of price but not.
  2. Go to the nearest supermarket: In every supermarket you will find rice or corn waffles. These are ideal as a carbohydrate snack. To cover your daily protein needs, you can buy quark, granular cream cheese, ham or chicken breast strips. Half the chicken at the hot bar makes it too. If you do not have a supermarket nearby, you can buy the waffles the day before and just take them with you.
  3. Fast food: The term fast food is used by most people for fast food restaurants like McDonalds or BurgerKing. But fast food does not always have to be bad. The Chinese restaurant is also a fast food snack. Here you have the opportunity to fill your carbohydrate storage with healthy carbohydrates like rice and pasta. As a side dish and simultaneous protein source are ideal chicken, duck, beef or fish. An Asian snack can be found almost every corner. The advantage there is of course the relatively good price for a more than adequate portion. 

Once you realize that sports nutrition is much more important than training itself, you are on your way. 

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Of course, at the beginning, as a beginner, I also had difficulty in building muscle. As a failure, I never saw the results waiting for me.  Fitness magnet, other good websites or even books, provide plenty of tips for perfect muscle growth. These media helped me enormously back then. 

After all, it's up to you what you make of it and how you incorporate the tips into your lifestyle.

An article by Orod Bazzaz

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