The 11 laws of triceps training

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In public perception, the biceps symbolizes the ideal of well-trained poor. However, if you want to call really thick arms your own, you should know that the mass of the biceps is only 1/3 of the upper arm circumference. Of the triceps beats on the other hand with 2/3 to book and accordingly should be trained accordingly logically. So that you reach your destination as fast as possible, we list below the 11 laws of triceps training.

Law 1 - Increase the training frequency

If your triceps lags behind the rest of your body in terms of development, there is hardly a simpler way to change that than to significantly increase exercise frequency. In daily training practice, you have numerous opportunities to put this project into action. For example, instead of performing a classic push unit, you can split your workout by training your chest with your shoulders in one day and your arms on a separate arm day. This procedure offers the advantage that you can use your muscles as best as possible on two days a week.

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Law 2 - Start your training with a basic exercise

What applies when training the large muscle groups, is also valid in the course of the triceps training, you start your leg training finally not with the leg extension. Therefore, at this point, you should also choose the exercise that will allow you to move the most weight, such as tight bench press or dips.

Law 3 - Explode your muscles with a single exercise

If you want to stay in a classic push workout, the muscle after the shoulder workout is already very tired, so you can save yourself doing one or the other exercise. But so that the muscle nevertheless reaches its limits and a corresponding growth stimulus can be set, however, a special procedure is necessary. In the best case, you choose the Trizepsdrücken on the cable to implement and outstretch the cable with a weight that you can move ten times clean. After each set, which always runs until the tenth repetition, you take a break of 20 seconds and then continue. If you can not manage to move the weight ten times clean, you reduce the weight and continue with the procedure. Overall, the exercise should take about 10 minutes.

Law 4 - Learn to hit the lateral head

Although it is not possible to train his three heads in isolation because of the way the muscle works, this does not mean that it would not be possible to focus a head with a specific exercise. For example, exercises that focus on the outer head are those performed with an SZ dumbbell.

Law 5 - Train the long head too

The tight bench press is just as well suited for the training of the long head, in which context, especially other exercises such as bench dips, kickbacks or skull crushers should come into play.

Law 6 - Do not forget the middle head

The medial head is the smallest of the three tricep heads and, in contrast to the other two, is primarily entrusted with stabilizing tasks. Therefore, even if the medial head can be insulated even worse, it can be put under tension by using a reverse grip during exercises such as triceps pressing on the cable pull. Since you can not use a lot of weight anyway, it makes sense to do such exercises at the end of your workout.

Law 7 - Pay attention to the stability of your elbows

No matter which exercise you perform in the end, the quality of the exercise increases and decreases with the stability of the elbow and the associated shape. In order to make the best possible use of the muscle fibers of all tricep heads, you should always make sure that your elbows are as close as possible to your upper body and that they stay that way during one set. The elbow should be prevented from drifting apart, since otherwise the work is more frequently performed on the chest and shoulder.

Law 8 - You should not be too tight

Of course, in the context of tight-grip exercises, it makes sense to grab tight and shift the workload to the triceps. But if you grip too tight, it will be much harder to balance the weight, which will cost you extra strength. In addition, the unfavorable load angle increases the pressure on your wrists, which can cause serious damage in the long run. The optimal distance between your hands is a good 20 centimeters.  

Law 9 - Take advantage of supersets

A superset is a combination of two exercises for the same muscle group, which are executed one after the other without a break before a pause is taken. An excellent superset consists of tight bench presses and skullcrushers. The superset guarantees you not only a much higher intensity of training, which has an increased growth stimulus also a considerable time savings.

Law 10 - Always pay attention to the shape of kickbacks

Kickbacks are among the most popular exercises for the triceps, not least because of many trainers, however, also executed incorrectly, so that the success is often limited. Make sure that your upper arm is firmly attached to your upper body, so that the movement comes exclusively from the elbow and not from the shoulder. This is the only way to ensure that the triceps work largely isolated.  

Law 11 - Dips should not work from your chest

Although Dips is a multi-joint exercise that uses multiple muscle groups, you can control the stress on each muscle group. Of course, since you want to address the triceps as part of the triceps workout, you should make sure that your upper body is as upright as possible in the course of performing dips in order to prevent the intervention of the chest muscles as far as possible.