You are an athlete, successful and live a committed life. Maybe you have a success story behind you, have developed from the smoker or the 150-pound couch potato to bodybuilder or fitness model. In the process, you have encountered many people along the way, including those whose success is a thorn in the side. People who can not do it and who hate you for it. How you deal with envy and resentment, how you can assess such negative emotions, shows you this post.

How does envy and resentment come about?

What people do not know, they fear and what they fear, annoys them. Until the anger turns into hate. Maybe it's people you know that have neither your talent, your ambition, nor your consistency. They hate you for your successes because you were once like them and you managed to develop yourself further, pulling yourself out of the swamp by your own bare hair. On the other hand, they are still sitting in the swamp of their mental toxic waste dump and spreading this mental poison in the form of lies. They make you bad and align you wherever you can. Think of your environment and identify the mentally retarded, the vicious little spirits and the filthy people. What is the best strategy to deal with such people?

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Think of your way and your goals

You have decided on the success and know that this way is difficult. You have to leave others on the side of the road, who only stop you. Therefore, stick to your friends, who support you in your actions and your big plans.

Judge your envious people correctly

Remember that your enemies in the Spirit do not know you. They do not know what it means to train hard and then enjoy the endorphin flow. They never learned to work disciplined and consistent towards a goal. If you think that, you've already banned the negative effects of these people.

Stay true to yourself

Your sport motivates you and has become an important part of your life. Keep in mind that these are just empty words that can be hurtful but that can not hurt you. Do you actually have people around you who want to pull you down, separate them from you. Even if they are friends of the past, from whom you have to part. Because remember, whoever thinks bad of you can not be your friend. Such people will not help you with crisis phases that you will always go through as athletes, nor are they of any use to you. They neither care about your well-being nor pay your bills or raise new sponsors.

Surround yourself with positive people

If you surround yourself with negative people, you can fall deeply. Love it, change it or leave it, this saying also applies to you as an athlete. You will never change people with a toxic waste dump in their brain and heart, so do not mess with them. Stick to people you love, who are loyal to you and whom you can count on. These are mentors, advocates, coaches who know you, with whom you can talk openly about your goals and about your problem. For good friends see problems as a chance to increase, and see difficulties as an opportunity to become stronger.

Success leads to attention

If you succeed as an athlete, you become a person of public interest. So even those who do not know you will speak about you. Maybe on your website or in other open online portals. Enjoy the positive reactions of your audience, but forget the trolls, both online and offline.

Conclusion - do not let yourself down

Great goals can only reach people who have big hearts and see the positive in everything. Be aware that not every person can have a big heart. If you meet a jealousy, leave him alone and ignore him. Think of the positive that is in you and the goals you want to achieve.

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