As soon as the first rays of sunlight are shining through the relatively bare branches of the trees, it is already teeming with more or less ambitious recreational athletes in the city park as well as in the forest around the corner who want to get rid of the extra pounds accumulated over the winter. But even those who have gained less passive mass over the cold season should think about moving the training at least now and then to the front door, as this is not only a welcome change from the monotony of sweaty air of the gym, but beyond offers numerous benefits for the body and mind. Every living environment, no matter whether it is a city or a rural area, has unimagined possibilities of pushing one's own body to its limits and thus of providing optimal training without additional aids. We prove to you that effective outdoor sports are also possible at your doorstep.

Running - the classic of outdoor sports

The unmistakable classic among outdoor sports is undoubtedly jogging, which can be seen from the fact that it is teeming with runners all year round. But running should also be learned, because simply putting one step ahead of the other is not necessarily effective, but rather contraproductive, ignoring fundamental rules. Even if only a pair of sports shoes are required for running in the park or on forest trails, it should nevertheless be ensured that they have a reasonable cushioning, so that the actually health-promoting detour into the city park does not knock out the sensitive articular cartilage Knee leads. In addition, it is strongly recommended that you optimize your running technique before taking yourself to the open air with laced running shoes to prevent unnecessary strain on the passive musculoskeletal system. Make sure that you do not put your foot or heel dull while running, but roll the foot in a fluid motion to ensure the most natural movement possible, not only to save energy, but also tendons, ligaments and articular cartilage to protect. If you are bored with the rules and you need a bit more adrenaline to enjoy outdoor sports, cross country skiing is just the thing for you. The only thing you need is firm, the best ankle-high footwear and of course an area in which you can walk to your heart's content on stick and stone. Your creativity in the route planning is virtually limitless, whether you want to walk across meadows, through forests, uphill or downhill - everything is possible. The big advantage of this variant of outdoor sports is the training of the interaction of the stabilizing musculature of the lower body, which is often inadequately trained due to monotonous training in the gym and thus prone to injury. Cross-country skiing can therefore also help you to train more safely and successfully in the field of strength training.

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Muscular muscles thanks to urban fitness and trim-yourself path

The prejudice that only endurance sports can be carried out outside the fitness studio or on one's own four walls is still given to many people's beliefs. But since the concept of so-called urban fitness spilled over the Atlantic in recent years, this is changing constantly. Online video portals are full of videos that prove that building muscle mass is possible without the use of weights and exercise machines. Especially big and small cities offer countless possibilities to improve one's body and to adapt the classical exercises of the gym with a little imagination so that they can also be executed on construction elements such as railings, walls, branches or benches. Pull ups, dips and a variety of exercises for the abdominal muscles can thus be carried out almost anywhere and moreover combined with a running unit in order to utilize the entire body in a short time. In the meantime, Urban Fitness is enjoying such popularity in Germany that special outdoor fitness parks sprout up everywhere in the republic like mushrooms. Those who do not find such a park in their immediate surroundings, let their creativity run free and works without further ado the equipment of a playground as training equipment. Because of adults, children's playgrounds can not be fun while the little ones are playing in the sand. Admittedly, the concept behind Urban Fitness is not entirely new, because already at the beginning of the 20th century the so-called "trim-your-path" for the physical exercise of the population was established in Europe. Even if the term sounds a bit dusty, this form of training is still one of the most versatile of all, so that even ambitious athletes benefit from it. The concept is as simple as it is ingenious - a five to ten kilometer long endurance run is usually interrupted by several stations that perform both strength training and coordination. Specially designed parkours can be found in many urban and rural areas. But even if there is no trim-you-path in your immediate vicinity, you can benefit from this form of training, because all you need to build your own path is a running track and a little imagination in the exercise selection. Squats, chin-ups, stretch jumps, dips and push-ups are particularly suitable in this context.

Health aspects are not to be despised

Outdoor sports offers numerous advantages over the Training in the gym, because above all the functional cooperation of musculature, nervous system and passive musculoskeletal system is promoted. In contrast to training in the gym, which usually focuses on the stress of individual body parts or muscles, the outdoor training is characterized by the interlocking of numerous parts of the body, whereby this type of load is much closer to natural movements than the classic oriented Pumps in the gym. As a result, outdoor sports are especially useful as a supplement to strength training as it enhances the functional interaction of the body, which can also optimize performance in terms of hypertrophy, strength endurance and maximum strength management, through better power delivery and increased joint stability. In addition, British studies from 2008, 2010 and 2011 showed that outdoor training increased mental performance by up to 50 percent. In addition, especially in sunshine, you should take advantage of the opportunity to temporarily move your training outdoors, so that you do not suffer from a lack of essential vitamin D, which the human organism produces exclusively with the aid of UV radiation, both during the warm and the cold seasons can. Vitamin D deficiency favors the development of infectious diseases in our latitudes, especially in autumn and winter, which tie many athletes to the bed for weeks and consequently throw them back in training.

Outdoor sports keep you fit and healthy

Even if outdoor sports combine numerous advantages, this does not mean that you should turn your back on the gym, because especially the strength training makes the studio significantly more comfortable. Rather, you should see the workout in the fresh air as a supplement that is able to increase your functional fitness, which can help you to overcome power plateaus and train more safely. In addition, the health aspects should be incentive enough to lace up the athletic shoes and, either alone or in the best case, emulate their best performance together with like-minded people outside their own four walls.

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