What is the perfect diet for crossfit? Those who are intensively engaged in this fitness training will be puzzled over this question. But it's not that complicated. The principles of wholeness that apply to training can be applied to the nutritional plan. In this post, you will learn the importance of balanced diet and what a Stone Age person has to do with a Crossfitter.

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Crossfit and food - general considerations

Before going to dinner, you want to work out. Here are the most important facts about crossfit and the consequences for a reasonable eating plan. With training you train strength, endurance and agility, as well as speed and explosiveness. You become as enduring as a Tour de France pro, strong as a weightlifter and as agile as an ice princess. The training is intense and makes you sweat and you lose a lot of fat. You train three times a week programs of one hour each with alternating training programs. What does this mean for the diet? Very easily. For muscle growth, you need proteins, for the endurance of carbohydrates and - so that the intensity does not finish you - vital nutrients. This strengthens the immune system and promotes regeneration. Healthy fats You must not forget either.

The food plan in general

Overall, your diet or calorie intake is crossfit made up of 30% proteins, 40% carbohydrates and 30% healthy fats. The proteins should be as low in fat as possible and come from different sources of protein, both animal and vegetable. The amount of proteins depends on the body weight. In low-intensity training it is 1.4 grams per kilo of body weight, in high-intensity workouts it is 2 grams. This portion of protein results in a specific calorie count, from which you derive the amounts for carbohydrates and fat. For carbohydrates, you should pay attention to the lowest possible glycemic index. The fats should have a high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

Naturalness instead of artificiality

Pay attention to the freshness of your diet when you crossfit doing. Foods of high shelf life are taboo because artificially altered and denatured. Avoid going through the supermarket canned goods and everything that promises long storage times. Start to remember the basic principles of the diet of primitive peoples.

Nutrition tips from the Stone Age

The natural diet for that Crossfit training relies on freshness and natural foods and reflects on the origins of humanity. Research has found that humans are omnivores, and that their teeth are specifically geared to berry and plant seed consumption. In addition, the human of modern times has hardly changed compared to the man of the Stone Age. So it is quite interesting to remember the nutritional strategies of our ancestors. Many of the so-called diseases of civilization are due to today's civilization. If you do Crossfit, change your diet to untreated foods. Vegetables from the garden and a high proportion of raw food is the motto.

What should you avoid?

Not only the freshness of the food is crucial. In order not to burden your metabolism, put on the carbohydrates on low glycemic indexes. This will ensure that your insulin output is not too violent. On the one hand you prevent the cultivation of fat pads, on the other hand, it is healthier in the long term. You avoid high blood pressure, mood swings and diabetes. Pay attention to the amount of calories you supply to your body. Too much calories are just as harmful as bad fats or empty carbohydrates.


True Crossfitter not only pursue a certain training method. Combined with the right diet, they strive for a healthy lifestyle in general. Make sure your food is well-balanced with proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and nutrients. Set on freshness and naturalness and orient yourself to the way of life of primitive peoples and our ancestors from the early period of humanity.

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