crossfit is the new trend from the USA, which finds more and more supporters in Germany. To be really good at it, you need the fitness of a superhero. Exactly this is the case incumbent Crossfit Champ Rich Froning the case. With a "steel" body, tremendous flexibility and coordination, Rich Froning is considered the "fittest man in the world". Crossfit is an extremely hard workout training, based on the training of American elite soldiers. Probably the most strenuous workout in the world combines weightlifting, sprints and gymnastics. The individual training sessions are always varied and therefore called "Workout of the day" (short: WOD). Froning is such a training machine that he completes several WODs per day. Only then can he deliver these services. The Champ is endowed with extraordinary genes, but he does not rest on that fact. With the prize money of his victory at the Crossfit Games 2011, Rich Froning bought a house together with his wife Hilary, where he set up his own home gym. Coupled with his own diet, his day is determined by training.

Rich Froning: The exercise machine

Froning trains differently. His physical conditions are unique and, as he sees it, blessed by God. In a world of over-trained athletes, most experts recommend the famous "less is more". Froning does the exact opposite. There can not be enough training for him. So he completes three (!) WODs a day. But even with the theoretical background knows Froning. He is a graduate sports scientist and works as a strength and conditioning coach at the Technical University of Tennessee. Although the problems do not occur with him, he can give a well-founded report on overtraining, glycogen storage and block periodization. Most world-class athletes train according to a rigorous schedule that meticulously sets all units for several weeks in advance. Froning prefers to train with dedicated partners and has only the most necessary points in mind, what the workout for the upcoming day should look like.

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The Genetic and Familial Requirements of Rich Froning

Froning explains himself his success as well as his training achievements by a combination of his genetic conditions and his education. His family has always put a lot of effort into hard work. His father prefers to work for Rich Froning and his siblings rather than let them do anything. He has 29 cousins ​​and cousins ​​on his mother's side. His 21-year-old cousin Darren Hunsucker - also a crossfit athlete - is the only one who is able to keep up with Froning. Another key factor in his success is his ability to objectively evaluate himself and his achievements. He brutally deals with his own weaknesses. So he wrote about himself after climbing a rope during the Crossfit Games 2010, which had cost him the win, as follows: He can only be beaten if he makes such a mistake again. To prevent this from happening, he trained even harder, oriented himself to training partners who were stronger than himself, and found a way back to success.

The home studio of Rich Froning

Froning's training studio on their own property can compete with any gym. Covering an area of ​​600 square meters, he has created the very best conditions for his Crossfit workouts. Pull-up bars for about six athletes, more than 500 kg of weights, truck tires, knee-high stands and rowing and cycling equipment are just a few of the many furnishings. His training partners can train there for free and pay him back by constantly spurring him to peak performance.

A day in the life of Rich Froning

Rich Froning starts his day at 7:30 am reading the Bible. From 08:15 clock it goes to warm up on the bicycle ergometer. Then the first WOD starts. From 9:00 onwards, he trains a group of motorcross riders and occasionally participates in their training. At 11:45 am, a member of the Tennessee Technical University American Football Coaching Team arrives to train at Froning's studio. Then they both perform a WOD together. At 15:00, it will be the turn of Olympic lifts, followed by a third WOD. In the evening, Froning does another interval training on his rowing machine.

The diet of Rich Froning

Rich Froning eats as he trains. He has no nutritional plan and does not like dieting. However, peanut butter and whole milk as well as protein shakes are always part of it. Froning eats in the evening because he does not want to eat so much during the training day. On the other hand, he gives the right advice to his students and training partners. They should rather eat vegetables and clean meat. Froning is a model athlete that you can orient yourself to. His training and the nature of his diet should not be a role model for you. This can only be successfully practiced with its prerequisites. For you is actually "less more".

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