Coregasm for abdominal muscle training in women


The sport is time of its existence characterized by inexplicable myths and strange phenomena for which only a logical explanation could be found. Whether it is the mysterious dominance of black African Sprinter, the performance-enhancing effect of sexual Techtelmechtel immediately before the competition or the mysterious emotional screams of women's tennis is - none of these phenomena could be cleared up so far by sports science. But at least the investigation file "women's tennis" seems to have to be rolled up again due to recent findings by scientists from the University of Indiana. Coregasm is the name of the phenomenon that, even if inconspicuous, appears in the gym.

Orgasm Vs. Coregasm

Long circulated in the circles of female practitioners the anecdote that it is possible to experience a kind of orgasm during abdominal training. But since this was far from true for all women, the Coregasm was long considered to be non-existent. A large-scale study conducted by sports scientists at the University of Indiana's Center for Sexual Health, Physical Education and Recreation proved the true existence of the phenomenon in 2012, which does not appear to be so mysterious. Unlike orgasm, which is caused by clitoral stimulation in the context of sexual activity, the coregasm occurs completely independently of what science has long presented an unsolvable puzzle. Due to the frequent occurrence in the course of strenuous abdominal training, which is referred to above all in Anglo-American space as a "core workout", this very special orgasm got his name. Although the trigger for the phenomenon could not be identified to one hundred percent, so it can be assumed that the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles during exercise pressure on the clitoris triggers and thus during exercise quite an orgasm can be triggered.

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Study comes to a clear conclusion

A total of 370 women aged between 18 and 63 participated in the representative study in 2012, 124 of whom reported having experienced an orgasm during exercise. At least 246 reported that they sometimes at least sexually pleasant feelings in the course of training perceived, without having cherished sexual train of thought. In particular, the evaluation of the sports in which the coregasme seemed to occur most frequently underpinned the thesis that the tense abdominal muscles is crucial for the stimulation. Therefore, it is not surprising that pelvic floor training is high on the list. But other sports that stress the abdominal muscles, such as yoga, strength training, cycling or tennis led in many participants of the study already to the Coregasm. However, only 51.4% of women experience orgasm during exercise, according to another study by American sports scientists, that stimulation of the clitoris can only be achieved by well-developed pelvic floor muscles. Furthermore, it is to be assumed that the release of the happiness hormone endorphin during the workout, is involved in the stimulation of the clitoris and thus promotes the occurrence of the coregasm.

Truly satisfying exercises

America would not be the land of opportunity if it were not for a resourceful person to profit from the new insights and pound a special orgamus workout for women. In fact, a US gym is currently offering a coregasque exercise program, which consists primarily of strenuous exercises for the abdomen as well as the hip area. As Europeans one may rub their eyes in amazement that such a program, especially in prudish America, has provoked no congressional debates, but may be practiced in public places which are gyms, after all. But even without a fitness coach, the ladies on this side of the Atlantic can make their own personal experiences. In addition to the classic crunches, the so-called "Captain's chair", an exercise in the course of which the coregasm, according to the results of the study, is especially frequent, is especially recommended. The exercise, which is also known in German-speaking countries as "knee lifting on the spar", can be carried out either free on the dipping stand or on a specially designed machine. In addition, squats and front squats are also suitable for getting closer to the coregasm, as these strain both the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. However, to experience a coregasm it is not enough to half-heartedly do a few crunches or squeeze out a handful of squats. On the contrary, as is often the case in life, perseverance is one of them, because, according to US scientist Debby Herbenick, between 15 and 30 repetitions are mandatory.

Coregasm workout

  • Front squats - 3 sets of 15-30 repetitions
  • Crunches - 3 sets of 15-30 repetitions
  • Knee lift on the spar - 3 sets of 15-30 repetitions

Curse or blessing?

The Coregasm is a phenomenon whose existence has long been puzzled, but especially women seem to be able to experience this particular orgasm actually in the gym. Many a man should probably turn pale with envy because of this fact and do a few repetitions at the next abdominal training. But as pleasant a phenomenon as the Coregasm may be, it can be so stressful in return to the training itself, because who can continue to train under such conditions already focused, without looking at the blush in the face around him? If you still do not want to miss out on having your own experience, you should take the intensification of the training of the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to heart. All others console themselves with the fact that at least the file "women's tennis" can be finally closed.