The people living in the tropical part of Africa know the only there growing Yohimbe tree for centuries. Already a long time ago they discovered that bark contains indo alkaloids. The best known is yohimbine, which in about 80 percent of men has a sexually stimulating effect. As a result, it has been used from the beginning to manufacture an aphrodisiac, which is still used today to treat male erectile dysfunction. Can you Yohimbe buy, or what is the name of the product exactly? There are many names that are used around this topic. Often the terms are confused. Therefore, you can read them here again in a catch phrase: - Yohimbe: Name of the tree from whose bark yohimbine is obtained - Yohimbine (or English: Yohimbine): the actual active ingredient - Yohimbine HCL: Active ingredient combination of yohimbine and the salt hydrochloride (see below) Yohimbine as a vasodilator and antioxidant with botanical roots in the tropical part of Africa The reddish shrubby Yohimbe tree is found mainly in Cameroon, southwestern Nigeria, Gabon and the Congo 27 to 30 meters and a crown circumference of up to 12 meters. Yohimbine is also found in numerous Rauwolfia -Schlangenwurzelarten and is therefore referred to as Rauwolfia alkaloid. In addition to its aphrodisiac and hallucinogenic effects, Yohimbe was also known for its antioxidant potential. According to research, Yohimbine is vasodilating, which is why it can help the body with the dilation of the blood vessels - especially in the extremities and their appendages. This can be treated in man a possible impotence and the libido (sexual desire) are improved in both sexes.

Yohimbe fat burner and MAO inhibitor

Yohimbine is a MAO inhibitor. This has multiple effects on your body that are not just positive for your physical fitness. It slows down the work of an enzyme called "monoamine oxidase" (MAO for short), which breaks down and breaks down monoamine. Among them are the important neurotransmitters norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin (the "happiness hormone"). Through its MAO-inhibiting effect, yohimbine increases the amount of these substances in your brain. This leads to a better mood. On the other hand, dopamine and noradrenaline occupy the function of the postman in the exchange of information between the brain cells, which is why a longer availability of these hormones leads to increased concentration. A similar effect has z. For example nicotine. Maybe you know one or two smokers who can work better after a cigarette. Another example would be drugs such as Ritalin, which are used to treat ADHD patients whose two messengers are not working properly. In addition to the neurotransmitters, the most powerful Yohimbe fat burner known to human nature is protected from degradation by the MAO enzyme. The stress hormone epinephrine can thus substantially longer implement its fat-burning properties and, among other things, stimulate the beta receptors for longer.

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The Strengths of Yohimbine Fat Burning

The active substance has several positive properties. For the sake of clarity, the most important points are listed here: - Increasing endurance - Improving general well-being - Effective support in reducing fat - Blocking the Alpha-2 receptors in the problem areas of the middle of the body

Blocking of alpha-2 receptors

There are quite a few types of receptors in your body. For you, two of these are mainly important. The beta-receptors are stimulated by hormones like adrenaline and norepinephrine, whose activity you can significantly increase through exercise. In order to break down fat, the fatty acids must be released from the cells. This procedure is called lipolysis and is stimulated by the beta receptors. For this reason alone, Yohimbine already has a positive effect on your fat metabolism. The second relevant type are the alpha 2 receptors. Here it gets really interesting. The alphas act like bouncers, blocking access to the fat cells. Nature has classified them to protect valuable emergency reserves from access by lipid metabolism. Unfortunately, most alpha-2 receptors are located in the problem areas on the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen. These fat cells do not participate in the metabolism. They actually have a different color physically than the fresh fat. How does Yohimbin work here? It hangs like a heavy backpack to the alpha-receptors and hinders their work. The beta-stimulated lipolysis can now also use the previously inaccessible fat cells for energy and slowly but surely break down the unsightly fat pads.

Yohimbine side effects and precautions when taking

All medications that access the central nervous system have similar side effects. As long as you stick to the dosages, you are usually on the safe side. It is advisable to consult a doctor in advance so that you can rule out any hidden risks. That sounds more dramatic than it is. In more than 90% of cases, the doctors give the go-ahead. Only if, for example, you have problems with high blood pressure or are taking other medicines, you should take caution when taking yohimbine. Most of the time you only have to pay attention to a few criteria (eg not at the same time as Ritalin) and you can still take it. Because of its anti-MAO properties, you should not take yohimbine at the same time as foods that have relatively high levels of the amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine. In addition, you should abstain from tyramine-containing foods or take them at another time of day. That would be z. Cheese, meat (aged), beer, nuts and chocolate. Otherwise, your blood pressure may increase because your body's ability to remove tyramine from its nutrients is insufficient. Concomitant use of anti-depressants, amphetamines, tranquilizers, antihistamines or caffeine may result in side effects such as headache, sweating, palpitations, increased urinary urgency and excessive irritability from a certain Yohimbe dosage and depending on the size of the other drugs. Follow the recommendations for Yohimbe dosage and take the soup element in isolation to you. Then you are usually on the safe side.   

You do not need to overstate the importance of yohimbine side effects. This is true even if you want to buy a supplement like Yohimbe. Unless you have a pre-existing condition that affects the CNS and your cardiovascular system, you will most likely have no problems and be able to use Yohimbine fat burning.

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Fat Shred + yohimbe (5mg yohimbe per capsule)

Fat Shred Liquid (15mg Yohimbe per 25ml)

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