Our body is a remarkable machine. Even if you have neglected your fitness training for a long time, with the help of 9 steps you can quickly and efficiently get rid of unnecessary pounds and finally achieve your long-awaited desired weight.

1 · Weg mit der Waage!

Just put the scale in the store room, as it will not do you any good in your fat burning workout. A well-toned body is more important than the weight displayed by the scale. Therefore, rely on your reflection and if you are satisfied with your physique. Sure, you can use the scale for review, but it's more important how you feel and how your clothes fit you. This will help you to identify your progress in training with greater reliability.

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2 · Langsame Kalorien-Reduzierung

By no means should you reduce your daily calorie intake too drastically. This creates a naggy feeling of hunger in your body that affects your metabolism. To achieve the best results in burning fat, it is recommended that only every two to three weeks to reduce calorie intake.

3 · Kalorienzufuhr variieren

By changing your calorie intake every few days, rather than achieving the same number of calories every day, you control hunger and continue to burn unwanted fat. In addition, your metabolism is not affected. Dr. Jim Stoppani explains the relationship between metabolism and fat burning: Although our society today has enough food available, our bodies are designed to store as much energy as possible for bad times. The body accomplishes this task by adjusting the metabolism of calorie intake. If you eat the same amount of calories every day, the body will react with a reduced metabolism to prevent too much fat burning. High leptin levels benefit from a fast metabolism. When the leptin level drops, so does the metabolism. In order to increase the leptin levels, it is better to alternate the calorie intake.

4 · strength training

Gezieltes Krafttraining ist eine der besten Methoden, Fett gezielt zu verbrennen. Studien haben bewiesen, dass das Training mit Hanteln im Gegensatz zu Aerobic die Kalorienverbrennung bis zu 39 Stunden nach den Übungen erhöht. Mehr Muskeln bedeuten automatisch eine gesteigerte tägliche Kalorienverbrennung. Auch wenn du nur an Fettverbrennung interessiert bist, solltest du deshalb das Krafttraining nicht vernachlässigen.

5 · Trainingseinheiten mit hoher Intensität (HIIT)

For the best results, intensive training sessions should alternate with short rest periods. A great exercise is jumping rope. After a short warm-up, you will jump as fast as possible for 10 to 20 seconds. Then you continue for 30 seconds more calmly. Before starting this workout, have a doctor check your heart.

6 · Mehr Fettsäuren im Diätplan integrieren

For fast fat burning and muscle building, you should include enough healthy fatty acids in your diet that will also improve your health and positively affect your heart. Polyunsaturated fatty acids such as omega-3 acids from fish or nuts and monounsaturated fatty acids such as peanut butter, olive oil must be part of your dietary intake.

7 · Kohlenhydrate reduzieren

In order to lose body fat, it is important to reduce carbohydrates such as sugar or high-starch foods. Mainly, you should consume carbohydrates derived from foods like oatmeal or vegetables. We recommend that you consume most of the carbohydrates in the morning or at the time of training sessions.

8 · Mehr Protein

In order to increase your metabolism and maintain your muscle mass, protein foods are absolutely necessary. Your body burns significantly more calories when you consume proteins. A study from the American Journal of Physiology proves that one group fed on a diet high in protein while the other group received only a low amount of protein. The subjects of the first test group benefited from rapid fat burning. Even without a strenuous workout, you can gain considerable muscle mass with the daily consumption of protein-containing supplements.

9 · 6 kleine Mahlzeiten pro Tag

You'd better eat six small meals throughout the day than two to three luscious dishes. So you provide your body with sufficient nutrients to build muscle and burn fat. An added bonus is that your metabolism is increased and you do not feel hungry.

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