The unstoppable spreading fitness wave has the consequence that Abnehmtipps of different characteristics spread like wildfire in the fitness community. However, since not nearly every piece of advice leads to the desired success, the confusion is as great as the number of weight loss tips. Consequently, we would like to put a little light on the dark and, in the context of this article, give you 9 advice that will work for sure.

Tip 1 - Start the day with a shake

If you want to put your body in fat burning mode early in the morning, you should provide your metabolism with a healthy dose of essential nutrients right after you get up, which, among other things, helps initiate regenerative processes. In order for these nutrients to enter the bloodstream as quickly as possible, you may want to take them in the form of a shake made from whey protein and a readily available carbohydrate source such as maltodextrin. If you like coffee, it's worth combining the useful with the pleasurable and pouring the shake with hot coffee instead of water. The caffeine contained in it not only gives you a mental kickstart, but also ensures that the nutrients get into the cells faster, so your organism gets up to speed without detours.

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Tip 2 - Reduce your sugar intake

Hardly anything in the context of a diet is worse than a strongly fluctuating blood sugar level, as it provokes, among other things, food cravings that can torpedo your success with ease. To avoid unnecessary fluctuations, you should avoid sugar where you can and replace it with natural sweeteners such as stevia, if possible, or completely abstain from the sweetness.

Tip 3 - Give your life a little more sharpness

Studies in recent years show a clear link between spicy food and an increase in metabolic rate, which also increases fat burning at rest. Capsaicin, which is found in various spices such as cayenne pepper or chilli, has been shown to boost metabolism and increase the metabolism of brown adipose cells. In addition, it is worth noting that capsaicin is able to lower blood sugar levels, which further supports your dieting efforts. Next time you cook, you should think twice about using the pepper shaker a little more generously.

Tip 4 - Avoid potentially problematic foods

One of the reasons why many people have problems with weight loss is an undisclosed intolerance to gluten or lactose. So, if, despite all the care you take in your diet, you can barely make any progress, it's best to banish lactose or gluten-containing foods for at least a few weeks from your diet. Thus, you can find out if it is such foods that are responsible for the lack of weight loss. If this is the case, you should avoid gluten- or lactose-containing foods in the future as much as possible.

Tip 5 - Use juices

Admittedly, eating enough fruit and vegetables is not always easy, so many exercisers are looking for a simpler method to cover their micronutrient use. The simplest method in this respect is the production of juices, which can be put together according to one's own preferences. A very tasty and healthy recipe is the following: - kale - spinach - celery - cucumber - lemon - ginger - ½ apple

Tip 6 - High Intensity Interval Training makes fat pads melt

When it comes to burning extra calories, High Intensity Interval Training has proven to be by far the most effective method of melting unloved fat. Due to the frequent intensity changes in combination with the extreme intensity peaks, the HIIT consumes a very high calorie consumption in a relatively short time. In addition, the training method, which should be carried out if possible outdoors, characterized by an afterburning effect, as a result, the metabolic rate lingers for several hours at a slightly elevated level.

Tip 7 - Cleverly use protein powder

Anyone who is exposed to the physical and emotional stress of a diet has earned a reward. And what would be better in such a situation than a delicious ice cream? However, this ice cream should not come from the supermarket shelf, but be made by yourself with the help of protein powder. All you need for a serving is 50 milliliters of milk and 40 grams of a whey protein with a taste of your choice. For the sweetness you can also add a little stevia. After mixing all the ingredients into a creamy mass and placing them in the freezer for about 20 minutes, you can taste your protein.

Tip 8 - Reduce your sentence breaks

The easiest way to burn some extra calories during training is to shorten the breaks between sets, which means your heart rate does not drop too much and the metabolic rate remains high. To achieve this, your sentence pauses should not last longer than 30 seconds.

Tip 9 - Eat as much salad as you can

The biggest enemy in losing weight is undoubtedly the hunger that can drive you to ill-advised short-circuit diets. Accordingly, you should always make sure that it does not even get that far. An easy way to fight hunger is to consume foods that are relatively low in energy at a high volume. It is obvious that salads of various kinds are the means of choice for this purpose. You may and should eat your fill of salads now and then to your heart's content, although you should largely refrain from high-calorie toppings and dressings.

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