That this training In the morning you have many benefits for you, you probably suspect yourself. But what keeps you from showing up in the gym highly motivated early in the morning is called life. The circumstances of life, which undoubtedly include job, education or social obligations, seem to exclude such a project per se. With a bit of discipline, however, it is quite possible to start the day with training, which also brings numerous benefits for muscle growth. In order to make the training in the morning a little bit tastier, we list in this article 8 advantages, which you should make full use of.

Advantage 1 - In the morning it is easier to unwind a high volume of training

If you've ever tried tri-sets or giant sets in a crowded gym, you'll find that this is usually an impossibility because someone is constantly dragging your dumbbells or asking you how long you have been still need. It is obvious that it is much easier to pull through such a program early in the morning, even before the mass of exercisers even think about going to the gym. So if you're having trouble completing your high-volume exercise program, be sure to check it out in the morning.

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Advantage 2 - Your hormone levels are optimal in the morning

A study by American scientists shows that the concentration of significant hormones that significantly affect your physical performance is optimal in the mornings. In detail, this also applies to the amount of testosterone in the organism, which is conducive to muscle growth. So, if you want to take advantage of the hormone optimum, there is no way around that you go to training in the morning. Conversely, this does not mean that training from a hormonal point of view would be completely ineffective at a later date - it's just not 100 percent optimal.

Advantage 3 - You will have plenty of time for other things later

Even if training plays a significant role in your life and you spend a lot of your time in the gym, you should refrain from focusing on your whole being because things like the job, friends, or family are even more important in terms of meaning above. So, if you actually take an hour to complete your workout in the morning, you will have more time left at the end of the day that you can effectively use for other things. Due to the fact that it is significantly emptier in the morning in the gym, you also save a lot of time, which would not be possible at peak times between 17 and 21 o'clock.

Advantage 4 - You are much more focused at work or at school

Most people have the problem, early in the day, that they do not feel properly awake and focused, which has a significant impact on work, school or university performance. In order to counteract this condition, it is advisable to transfer the training into the morning hours, because the effort causes your organism to be excited at the beginning of the day, which has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate and focus during follow-up activities.

Advantage 5 - It is less likely that you will lose your workout

If you manage to pack your training bag in the morning and go to the gym after enjoying a hot cup of coffee, the likelihood of you dropping out of training will drop to zero. Things are different when the training is scheduled for the afternoon or the evening, because the potential number of excuses increases almost exponentially during the day, whether it is fatigue, homework or a meeting with friends. However, if you have completed the training early in the day, you can look forward to the rest of the day with all its pleasant and unpleasant surprises.

Advantage 6 - There is nothing better to push your metabolism

Another great benefit of morning exercise is the significantly increased metabolic rate, which benefits you both mentally and physically. On the one hand you are much more energetic after a morning workout, which affects your ability to concentrate as already mentioned, on the other hand you also burn more calories during the day, as your metabolic rate is at a high level over a comparatively long period of time. The concomitant supply of essential nutrients to the cells also has a positive effect on muscle building.

Advantage 7 - You are not so distracted in the morning

Due to the fact that many amateur athletes train together with friends, it is often the case that training through active social interactions significantly ineffective, as if they train alone or with only one training partner. Of course, when you brace your friends with your friends, you should be aware that this has an effect on training efficiency and muscle building. As a result, it may be worthwhile for you to put your workout into the morning hours at least a couple of times, allowing you to focus completely on you and your workout. In addition, there are also other sources of distraction at this time, especially in the cardio area lurking - if you understand what we mean.

Advantage 8 - Your mood lifts right at the beginning of the day

You may have heard something about physical exertion that results in the release of endorphins. The concentration of these happiness hormones in the blood, as US researchers have shown, increases with the duration and intensity of a workout initially, until it comes to a certain saturation, which you will most likely not achieve in the context of a strength training. Nonetheless, these hormones have a positive effect on your mood, so you go through the day much more relaxed and motivated. And what would be better at this point than if this condition began in the morning?

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