The fact that in a gym in reality a different wind blows, as it is made whitewash many beginners, they notice quickly and often show themselves in the wake of negative surprise. To help you with your first visit to Gym, we have compiled a list of the 8 things that nobody told you about gym training in the context of this article.

1 - It's not enough just to go to the gym

The basic assumption of most exercisers before entering a gym for the first time is that it is enough to sweat there for a few hours a week and to get the perfect results by magic. However, those recreational athletes end up back on the ground in no time when they find out that fitness training is about a whole Lifestyle which covers almost every area of ​​daily life. While it may not seem possible at first to get involved in the sometimes complex matter, there is usually not much time left until most beginners start planning their meals, counting calories and drastically reducing their alcohol intake.

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2 - You get to know lots of people pretty well, but not their names

It's in the nature of things that you're not alone in the gym and you need to share the devices with many other athletes. As you sooner or later come into contact with many people and eventually talk to them about the training, the diet and various other things in life, you sometimes get to know the other trainers very well. In the face of the fact that gym buddies often even address each other with intimate issues such as relationships, it is even more surprising that they usually do not even know each other's first name. If you do not believe us, just check it in your studio.

3 - The big boys will pour out their knowledge about you

The big boys in the gym are only too happy to assume that they have the ultimate knowledge, which, despite their impressive appearance, does not necessarily have to be right. Especially as a beginner you will find that again and again some of these specimens come to you and let you share their knowledge. Although some of the advice comes directly from the 1970s and is now partially outdated, you should always listen attentively to the big boys, even if you would not implement one or the other well-intentioned piece of advice in any case.  

4 - The sauna culture is truly fascinating

The fascination of saunas is the fact that customs vary considerably from country to country and sometimes even from city to city. So do not be surprised if somebody next to you suddenly starts talking on the phone or unpacking some rubber tubes to pump a little more. Remember one thing: there is nothing that does not exist - this also applies to the sauna.

5 - If you want to succeed, you have to stay cool

When you enter a gym, you are evidently in another world where everyone present looks obviously better than you and knows exactly what he is doing. For beginners, this fallacy often triggers a blockage that prevents them from exercising properly, which, of course, leaves no success. If you're new to the world of fitness, you should just stay cool and work out in the gym without paying attention to how others look at you or what they may like about them pushing you 30 kilos on the bench. Keep in mind that even the strongest edge started small once.

6 - Privacy and hygiene are not necessarily common

In every gym, there are those types who seem to have a sense of privacy, which is primarily evident in the fact that they prefer to show off in the locker room. Even if you prefer to wrap a towel around your waist after showering, that's still not the case for everyone. The same is true of candidates who, contrary to every rule, do not see putting a towel under their sweaty body while training. Do not worry and lead by example.

7 - The introduction is tailored to the gym, not you

If you enjoy an extensive gym tour including a trial, you can usually be sure that you will only be taught how to train machines with as little risk as possible - which the responsible staff can not blame for imaginable reasons. So before you start your training career, you should know what you want to accomplish and plan your training accordingly with the help of other trainers as well as in-depth research.

8 - No matter how many shirts you have, when you need them they are always in the wash

A phenomenon that even science has not been able to adequately trace is the strict lack of clean training shirts, even if you've bought extra new shirts. Whenever you need them most, everyone is in the wash, which means you're wearing the same shirt for almost an entire week.

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