Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably one of the most dazzling characters in the bodybuilding scene, a status that the native Austrian has not only thanks to his muscles or his presence on the big screen. Quite the contrary, Arnie has presented the fitness world with numerous witty quotes, of which we would like to list the most important in the following. Maybe you take one or the other wisdom to heart.

Quotes on the subject of training and bodybuilding

1. "Training gives us an outlet to release energy accumulated by stress and turn it into physical performance."

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2. "The last three of four iterations are what make the muscle grow. The willingness to endure this pain distinguishes the champion from someone who will never be a champion. "

3. "Few people understand what Pump is. Everyone has to experience it themselves to understand it, because it is the most beautiful feeling there is. I always try to get the maximum pumping because not only does it feel fantastic, it also means that my muscles grow when I give it everything. "

4. "The things that challenge us initially seem insurmountable. But I've learned one thing from all these years of training. From all these sentences and countless repetitions: What I have learned is that we are always stronger than we think. "

5. "Both the resistance in training and the resistance in real life leads only to the formation of a strong character."

6. "Bodybuilding is fun, because every bodybuilder senses, as he makes progress, the feeling of deep satisfaction that is very hard to explain."

7. "The best activities for your health are bodybuilding and sex."

8. "A beginner completes eight repetitions with his maximum weight, but stops as soon as it hurts. I always go beyond that point, which means I make it clear to my head that my muscles only grow when I go over that very painful spot. "

9. "I use my muscles as part of my outward appearance, like someone walking down 42nd Street in a leopard dress."

10. "There are no shortcuts to success. There are only repetitions, repetitions and repetitions. "

11. »I am dependent on the training. That's why I have something to do every day. "

12. »I am still doing the same exercises that I used 50 years ago. And they still work. I also eat the same things as 50 years ago. And what should I say? They still work. "

13. "What I do is what I do. I do not care what other people think about it. Even if everyone says I should not waste my time, I still remain a bodybuilder. "

14. "When I was 15 years old, I took off my clothes and stood in front of the mirror. When I saw myself like this, I realized I needed 50's upper arms for a perfectly proportioned body. "

15. "In real life as well as in bodybuilding, failure is one of the necessary experiences in which we test our limits and ultimately grow."

16. "On stage I'm proud when I get recognition, but not at the beach. Why? Well, why should I be proud of the admiration of someone who does not really know what matters and what he needs to look out for? "

17. "The better and more experienced you become, the less you will walk around in public boasting like a muscular peacock."

18. "The only way to become a champion is to torture yourself through the pain of forced repetitions. Many people think that this is masochistic. But they are wrong, because I like the pain for a reason. I like the pain it takes to be a champion. "

19. "What I do is what I want to do. Even if I were to live again or be completely reborn, I would do it the same way. "

20. "Most bodybuilders have a faint idea of ​​what they want to look like. I've found that anyone who does not train for a clear goal is just wasting their time. "

21. "My definition of sport is that it is a physical activity characterized by competition."

22. "The unique thing about bodybuilding is that my body is the only thing that matters on stage. No ball, no skis, no other aids. It's only me. "

23. "I think the public calls me a narcissist because I keep looking in the mirror. What they do not understand, though, is that it's the only way I can truly review my progress. "

24. "You look at your muscles in a very special way. You see it as something that can be shaped, so that a sculpture emerges as a kind of Gesamtkunstwerk. «

25. "Before each competition I try to find out which poses the judges particularly like. That's why I do not have a special posing choreography. "

26. "While I pose, many thoughts go through my head. Whenever I find myself in a particularly good pose, I then think: Here you see the best body. Cheer on, for you have the honor to see him. "

27. "I'm always different on stage than away from the stage. Offstage I'm always very friendly, but on stage I'll pull out all the stops to beat even my best friends in the competition. "

Arnie's Motivational Quotes

28. »Strength does not come from winning. Your setbacks will help you develop your strength. Only those who do not give up on difficulties will gain true strength. "

29. »Giving up is not an option. Everyone has to be successful. «

30. »The head is the limit. As long as the head is convinced that you can do something, so long can you achieve it 100 percent. "

31. "For me, the purpose of life is to stay hungry all the time and not merely exist. My purpose in life is to conquer something, to achieve something. "

32. "As a kid I always idealized winners. But it is one thing to adore heroes, but to imagine a totally different self to be in that position. I've always said that I can do it myself. "

33. "I am an eternal optimist."

34. "We all have an amazing inner power. Self-confidence is an insanely important force needed to win. You have to be able to imagine your victory, to win at all. "

35. "My instincts have made me want to eliminate anyone who competes against me in every competition."

36. "If you go through hard times but do not give up, that's a sign of true strength."

37. "Stop crying!"

38. "Stay hungry, stay healthy, be a gentleman, believe in your inner strength and go beyond your own limits."

39. "Good things do not happen by accident, but by hard work and taking risks."

Arnie's best life wisdom

40. "Money alone does not make you happy. Now I have 50 million dollars, but I'm just as happy as 48 million dollars. "

41. »Help others and give them something back. I guarantee you that the gratitude you experience is the greatest thing you can achieve. "

42. "The worst thing that can happen to you is having to do the same things every day. I hate it, anyway. "

43. "Milk is something for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer. "

44. »Recently I saw a woman who saw a shirt with the saying - Guess what's going on. I just answered: thyroid problems? "

45. "I listen to all your ideas. But do not you dare to come up with little ideas. I'm only interested in the big ideas. «

46. ​​"Plan big, stretch your limits and never look back."

47. "It's easy. If it wobbles, it's fat. "

48. "I can hide my feelings under my muscles. I can do it as long as I want. But if they break out, I'll let them. "

49. "Modesty is not a word that applies to me as well. And I hope that will never happen. "

50. »Learned helplessness is a reaction to continual abandonment.«

51. »I am the most helpful person in the world and always have an open ear. I want to share that with other people. "

52. "I'll be back has somehow always sounded like royalty."

53. »I know many athletes and models who feel reduced to their bodies. I never felt that way. "

54. "If my wife were a movie, no one would believe it true."

55. "You can not tell a child that it's time for training. This converts the zero-buck switch. You gotta say, let's go to the park and have fun. "

56. "Remember, pity is yours, envy must be earned."

57. "What is the meaning of life when you are just like everyone else?"

58. "Do not just look at yourself, but also take care of the people around you."

59. "You have more of being a peacemaker than a warrior."

60. "If you want to be a champion, you can not let negative things come from outside."

61. "I have always dreamed of powerful people. People we remember even centuries later. "

62. "When I was ten years old, I wanted to be the best of something. I've tried many things and suffered many defeats until I finally found something that made me the best. "

63. "I admire America for being such a wonderful country with open-hearted people, extraordinary freedom and a strong economic system. However, when I was ten years old, I did not even begin to understand that. "

64. »The same laws apply in bodybuilding, in sports, and in general in life. To be successful, you must always be 100 percent focused. "

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