If there is such a thing as an ultimate miracle cure in weight training, which in any case has a positive impact on the performance of each athlete, then it is undoubtedly a dependable one training partnerwho in doubt can move more than the best supplement. However, finding the perfect training partner is not easy, as this person should have some key features that not every human being can combine. For the purposes of this article, we will introduce you to 6 features your chosen companion should possess. So what makes a good training partner?

1 - Flexibility

In the context of weight training you should put emphasis on adherence to plans and appointments, but this does not mean that they are immaculately carved in stone. Rather, it is often necessary to spontaneously postpone a training session in order not to miss out on it despite deadline pressure and various obligations. In particular, athletes who attach great importance to flexibility should accordingly look for a reliable partner who is equally flexible in terms of time. Needless to say, this concept requires a high degree of communication and willingness to compromise, which, of course, pays off in retrospect.

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2 - reliability

The reliability of a training partner is the key ability par excellence, which also has a special complexity, since in this context not only the minute minute appearances in the gym plays a major role. Far more important than punctuality is the reliability of a training partner in his responsible role as a spotter as you perform your exercises. As a result, it is important that the person has some practical experience, and thus knows how to support and secure you as you go to your limits. As a result, you can always feel safe and perform well.

3 - honesty

Like any good relationship, the level of honesty between two athletes training together is based on the day-to-day honesty. What good is it for you if your training partner always attests to a good technique, but in reality you make curls like a pendulum or an obvious hunchback when deadlifting? Right - nothing! In particular, due to this fact, the honesty is a crucial characteristic that every training partner should bring with them, as this is the only way to expose weak points and the associated improvement of technology and performance. In addition, the sincere criticism of a knowledgeable training partner can help to significantly reduce your personal injury risk as a result of improperly performing exercises.

4 - passion

You should choose a training partner who will show as much enthusiasm for the sport as you do, even if that does not mean that he has to pursue exactly the same goals. It also does not matter if your future training partner is a bodybuilder, powerlifter or more a Men's Physiques athlete, because what counts is the passion for hard and intense training, which has already been proven by numerous examples from the field of professional sports. The differences also make it possible for you to get to know new techniques and perspectives from which you can maximize your body's potential.

5 - driving force

The driving force is in many cases the tip of the scale, which decides whether you exhaust your potential or not. An optimal training partner should not only burn for sports, but should also be able to ignite you with your own driving force. On the one hand, this happens on the one hand because training partners build each other, but on the other hand, they do not shy away from getting back to the bottom of the facts, despite good performances, from time to time in order to guarantee the seriousness of the training on an ongoing basis. In practice, it has also emerged that the potentially existing driving force through the empirically proven group dynamics increases with the number of training partners, as the individual athletes incite each other in a competitive training. It kan

6 - What about periodization?

You wonder with certainty, what has the topic of periodization in an article about the perfect training partner to do? At first glance, certainly not much. But if you take a closer look at the subject, you'll find that once you've been able to decide either to train alone or to submit to the system of your training partner, even if it did not really fit your training schedule , Other than you might expect, it is still possible to combine both systems, so you never have to give up the inestimable benefit of having a training partner. The only requirement for the smooth implementation of the project is an open communication between the two parties, which serves the practical planning and implementation of the training sessions. So it makes sense to train with two or more training partners.

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