Your diet gets you done. You are all and do not know why it could be. Here are five possible reasons that may help you. Do you feel starving when you are dieting? You may have already been careful to eat enough fiber and more protein. Maybe you drink the right amount of water every day. All these are strategies against hunger. But what happens if they do not work and you are still hungry? Then it's time to test your lifestyle and take a closer look at the following five points.

1· Umfangreiches Ausdauertraining mit geringerer Intensität

Cardio training is an effective way to fight hunger and suppress it. In particular, the appetite can be better controlled. However, if you train for hours on a low load on the cardio machines, it can even increase hunger. In one study, it was discovered how the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin increased significantly during a two-hour low-intensity cycle compared to heavy exercise. Another study found that high-intensity training is by no means appetizing. Maybe it's time for you to increase the intensity of your workout. Certainly not all endurance sports are the same. For swimmers, for example, the appetite rises in the hours after training. If this is the case with you, you should include another cardio workout in your exercise program.

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2· Schlafmangel

Lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for lack of training success. The recovery periods are at least as important as the training itself. In addition, sleep deprivation affects your diet. If you only sleep one night, your ghrelin level can rise dramatically. If you sleep so badly, this may be the cause of your hunger. The less you sleep, the less you can control yourself and your hunger.

3· Der Umgang mit den Reizen

Delicious food and pictures or other stimuli of delicious food whet the appetite. That's no secret. That's how the food industry works all over the world. Even a colleague's meal can make you hungry. Add to that the smell that sometimes irritates your own appetite. It is almost impossible to protect you from your hunger tips. Especially if you are starving you will want to give in to them. Studies have shown that many people who struggle with their weight are very vulnerable to the food-related stimuli in their environment. If you can find yourself here, you should build a wall around you. Avoid the paths and places with deliciously scented bakeries and other shops and stalls whose displays smell so seductive.

4· Die Tageszeiten

Many people are conditioned to get hungry during typical mealtimes. You get hungry in the morning after getting up, at lunchtime and in the early evening. Therefore, do not be surprised if you get hungry despite an intense eating schedule at these times. This "phantom hunger" is enhanced when people eat around you. If you are nostalgic and stick to these old mealtimes, it can lead to the failure of your diet. Therefore, you should be very flexible when it comes to your meals. Some of them you can put on these "old" three times of the day. Over time, your body will get used to the other meal times. But until that happens, your body can test you with a powerful desire for food at the traditional times.

5· Eiweiß-Shakes und Proteinmahlzeiten

Protein-based diets and low-carb diets have already proven their worth in controlling hunger. How can you make the protein still work when it comes to suppressing hunger? If your blender has replaced the fork and the knife, you should keep this in mind: Solid food protein meals have a much higher efficiency in suppressing hunger than protein drinks. You get the same nutritional benefits in both cases. Essentially, the difference is that you feel much more hungry after a shake than after a meal with protein-rich food. Protein shakes can really help you reach your fitness goals. However, never forget that these are dietary supplements that can not and should not replace the right foods.

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