Imagine stepping into the gym to lift a few weights and, while listening to the constant metallic clanking of the dumbbells, take a look at the cross section of the company that is in the studio with you. In addition to all the average types, you discover a special type of person who stands out from the rest of those present. He is significantly stronger than most others and his muscles seem not only plump, but also perfectly symmetrical. His focused gaze between sentences and his shoulder emphasized Gang, who is bursting with self-confidence, signaling willpower and attracting the attention of most exercisers. To recognize that bodybuilding is not fun, but a philosophy of life that requires hard and persevering work, in the face of such well-trained athletes, it needs no closer demand. And this aspect can be applied to many aspects of the life of a bodybuilder, which is why this type of man is the ideal type of dating for many women. Here are five reasons why a woman should necessarily be a strength athlete.

Reason 1 - Strength athletes love to move heavy things

Have you ever longed for someone to carry your countless shoes, books, and cosmetics into the new four walls, without even spilling a drop of sweat? Well, having a bodybuilder as a partner could bring you a little closer to this dream, because passionate strength athletes will be happy about the task, no matter how heavy your move boxes are. Even seemingly insoluble problems, such as transporting a newly acquired sofa set to the third floor of a cramped old building, are a thing of the past, thanks to the passion of power sports. In addition, a muscular life partner is extremely practical, even on holiday, because who else would voluntarily even carry your bags to the hotel room?

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Reason 2 - You pay attention to your body

Something of the utmost importance for a bodybuilder is undoubtedly his appearance, so it is not surprising that the optimization of his own body composition for the ambitious strength athletes comes first. So when you go out with a strength athlete, you can be sure to have someone by your side who works steadily on his physical appearance. Of course this does not mean that externals in a relationship should play the first fiddle. However, it can not be denied that this trait is transferred to the character of the man, which means in plain language that he always tries to bring out the best version of himself. Furthermore, you can assume that a strength athlete will not let go during a relationship, but will do everything to stay physically in top form, which of course also benefits you.

Reason 3 - Health is top priority for bodybuilders (mostly)

The aim of a strength athlete is to keep his body as healthy as possible, so that all physiological processes can optimally intermesh, so that the maximum performance is given. So you can be sure that you are dealing with a strong-willed person who avoids junk food (at least most of the time) and therefore goes for fast food chains. Conversely, this also means that the preparation of fresh food takes a high priority in the life of a bodybuilder, which again ensures that you can hope for energetic support in the kitchen - if the Lord of creation, the culinary scepter not completely in your own Hand takes. In addition, smoking or excessive consumption of alcohol is not among the vices of a bodybuilder.

Reason 4 - strength athletes are able to do things that they really do not want to do

While bodybuilders often tell you that they spend hours and hours lifting weights or choking down the most monotonous and bland food for the fourth straight day, this is just a facade, because in reality, bodybuilders have only internalized what sport is all about and therefore also arrives in life. Strength athletes develop their own ways and strategies to endure pain, to overplay monotony and to speak in spite of chronic disgust deeds. This approach not only leads to the goal in sports, but is also a central part of everyday life in a relationship, which is why a bodybuilder is the optimal life partner.

Reason 5 - strength athletes are dedicated and committed

When strength athletes torture themselves for hours for something they love, when they eat things they really do not like, just to achieve their goals, then you can be sure that this behavior has left its own mark of character to transfer to a relationship. Accordingly, having a bodybuilder as a partner increases the likelihood that your partner will invest the same dedication that he puts into their sport into a relationship, no matter what the obstacles reveal over months or years.  

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