You've probably heard just about everything about the many benefits of sex, which you will certainly benefit from in bed. Not all of these benefits make you a better strength athlete. Here you will learn how your workout in the studio - or wherever - positively influences your sex life and how it can enrich your workout routine.

1. blood flow

From the weight room to the bedroom: During your strength and endurance training, your arteries will be cleansed. Your blood is flowing regularly. This does not stop after training because the blood is constantly flowing through free arteries in all body parts. This has the great advantage that a man's penis can be quickly supplied with blood during sex. This makes it much easier in sometimes significantly shorter time. In addition, the erection and the orgasms can be intense.

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From the bedroom to the weight room: During sex, endorphins are released, causing the blood to rush through your body. You can use this in the weight room because proper blood circulation plays a crucial role in muscle regeneration. In the blood, the oxygen and all nutrients are transported into the cells. Your muscles recover faster thanks to the increased blood flow. You notice that especially after a strenuous leg workout. Research has shown that intense climaxes in lovemaking increase the circulation of the blood so that the regeneration capacity of the muscles can increase. So sex also offers added value in this direction.

2. Sex helps to avoid diseases

From the weight room to the bedroom: If you eat properly and train properly on the cardio machines and power units, it will have a positive effect on your immune system. Your body can better prepare itself to use antibodies and other "weapons" to tackle impending diseases. Fitness not only strengthens the lungs for a larger volume of breath. Other organs, including the three most important of your body (brain, heart and liver), also benefit from your sports units sustainably.

From the bedroom to the weight room: Many men already know that every sexual climax represents a stone in the defensive wall against prostate cancer. For women, intense orgasms help the body prevent inflammation such as urinary tract infections. It has been proven that the female body can trigger more intense orgasms in a budding infection. This also applies to masturbation, which rinses out harmful bacteria from the area threatened by inflammation. The body of a woman is already impressive enough. Almost sensational is the fact that a woman can strengthen her immune system with the help of a masturbation. This in turn helps her to perform better while training in the studio.

3. Feeling younger than you are

From the weight room to the bedroom: Surely it does not surprise you when physically fit people have more sex than their unhealthy contemporaries. When you're fit, you're not just looking more attractive. You are also able to have sex longer in many positions. Well-toned abdominals are sexy. That is known. But did you know that people between the ages of 60 and 70 who exercise frequently (4-5 times a week) can enjoy sex as much as 20 years younger people? If you stay fit and reach that age, you will also enjoy your sex life the way it is.

From the bedroom to the weight room: People with a regulated sex life are demonstrably less stressed and much more relaxed. They often want to keep the frequency of the file. In the bedroom, you can get the self-confidence that you need in everyday life and training. After a long night of love, you will experience a really good day of training. Is not it great to combine two of the most important things in your life?

4. Increased pain tolerance

From the weight room to the bedroom: Power athletes have a higher tolerance to pain, because they are used to a hard workout. Even with small increases in training, severe pain must be endured. Athletes know the different levels that the pain can reach. You have learned to judge them correctly. What makes non-exercising persons incapable of action is only a slight pain for a strength athlete. This increased pain tolerance runs through all areas of life, which is why, for example, hot wax in the bedroom can be sustained.

From the bedroom to the weight room: It has been proven that in a state of arousal, physical pain tolerance is also increased. Your body has to react that way because otherwise the sexual act would be painful. Therefore, it can be beaten, scratched, bitten or pulled. Your body is in a pain-free phase during sexual arousal. At the same time, your organism does not forget about why couples have to work harder and harder in such experiments. Since sex increases your pain tolerance and your brain does not forget anything, this effect will also be noticeable during strength training. Less discomfort in the squats to complete freedom from pain can be the result.

5. Water balance

From the weight room to the bedroom: Every strength athlete knows it. Only if you take enough water can you succeed. In addition, the water improves the blood flow sustainably and helps to better and more intense orgasms. Did not you notice this yet? Stronger muscles and stronger orgasms have something to do with each other. Of course, a good water balance also helps the entire body.

From the bedroom to the weight room: Most of the positive effects of sex life have already been mentioned. In short, these are:

  • An improved blood flow
  • A higher self-confidence
  • A higher pain tolerance
  • The feeling of being younger and having a "younger" sex life
  • The prevention and prevention of diseases

In all these areas there are positive interactions between sex and sport. If you are not convinced yet, you are beyond help.

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