Many fitness enthusiasts and strength athletes now have their own in their own home Home Gym The access to the nearest fitness center is simply too long and too time-consuming. That's why sophisticated fitness equipment outfitters are now offering all types of power machines, cardio machines and free weights for their home gym for this target group. But does the athlete actually need this park of modern machines for intensive and effective training? Often these machines provide training opportunities that are never really used. Furthermore, these universal devices often require a lot of space and also cost a lot of money. If then also the enthusiasm and the enthusiasm for sporting activity is gone, then the devices and machines are often unused for years in the self-equipped home gym. Today's smart athlete no longer needs all that because he can integrate the so-called functional training into his training program. This training form focuses on effective exercises for the entire body, which can often only be done with your own body weight and less with special training equipment. In the following, we want to introduce you to the three fundamental training options for your functional training, which do not require any special training equipment and with which you can comfortably train all the important muscle groups in your own home gym. What do you actually need on sports equipment in your home so you can complete effective and functional workouts?

1. Heavy objects to lift

In order for the athlete in his home gym to achieve the same effect as with the free weight training in the gym, he needs adequate items that he can transform into exercise equipment. There are no limits to inventiveness here. You can integrate both empty water bottles, sandbags, and buckets filled with water into your workout. The advantage of these individual devices is certainly that you can always adjust the exact weight to your current shape with the amount. Even old tires are great exercise equipment because they can train multiple muscles at the same time. Monotone movements like dumbbell training can be prevented with your own sports equipment, which means that you can always do the exercises in the movement. So you not only train your muscle mass, but also your heart rate, which then benefits you again in cardio-taining. The intelligent athlete today not only trains strength exercises with monotonous movements, but always tries to train the entire body with an exercise. This exercise variant you can excellently exercise perfectly from home with homemade equipment. Another advantage is the variety that can be trained on a training device. A dumbbell has limited training potential, which is much greater when training with a water bottle.

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2. Something to stand on

A sports device to stand on can either be a bench of any kind or a small pedestal that is slightly higher than the floor and can be used as a step. But it is important that this homemade sports equipment can withstand your own weight and an additional heavy sports equipment. Lungeing or climbing stairs you can train perfectly with this training device. Also push-ups with the feet on the small pedestal are suitable as an exercise. This in-house sports equipment is a perfect object for intense leg training, as you can train both thighs and calf muscles quickly and intensely. Various jump techniques are also possible, as you can either jump over or onto the podium. Bounce and muscle mass can thus be trained with perfection in this simple training device.

3. Something to hang on

Pull-ups are the most important basics for every strength athlete as they stand for the development of a broad back muscle. The wide cross still stands for an attractive body outfit and should therefore be trained with different pull-ups. Unfortunately, the manufacturers of Fitnesstürmen or other machines do not pay attention to this exercise variant, since many fitness studios or even home trainers lack the chin-up bar. If you are looking for an alternative to hanging at home as an alternative, then a room door is ideal for this exercise. Even the carpet bar in the backyard has already been alienated by many home athletes as a pull-up bar. The variety of a homemade pull-up bar knows no bounds. But it is important that you integrate pull-ups into your training program and train them intensively.

Do you need more?

The above home-made exercise equipment is designed to help you train all the major muscle groups in your home gym. Of course, these are only recommendations that you can expand, change or expand at any time. It is important for you that there are no more excuses now, why you can not train. Basically, you have all the possibilities in your own four walls to train your body intensively and effectively with individual sports equipment. Take a look at the web and you'll soon see more great sports equipment and exercises that can be comfortably trained in your own home gym. Training in your home gym will not only train your muscles, but also your creativity. What more do you want?

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