The basis for achieving your goals is undoubtedly the daily diet, which in any case should be balanced and high in protein. However, to get the maximum out of your body, it is necessary to optimize the body's nutrient supply, based on hands-on experience. Since this process would take years, if you would go through it completely yourself, we have put together in this article 25 nutritional facts that will make it much easier for you to design your nutritional plan, so that you reach your goal faster.

Fact 1 - Breakfast is not a waste of time

Although many people claim that having breakfast is a waste of time, it still does not have to be realistic. On the contrary, a balanced breakfast is the best way to start your day as your body replenishes both its amino acid pool and glycogen stores.

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Fact 2 - A stable leucine level promotes protein synthesis

To optimize protein synthesis, you should make sure that your blood leucine levels remain stable throughout the day, which can be achieved by consuming a small amount of leucine at each meal of the day.

Fact 3 - Carbs are not equal to carbs

Depending on your body composition, you may want to use different forms of carbs as part of your post-workout diet. If your physique tends to be ectomorphic, you can safely resort to dextrose or high glycemic maltodextrin, whereas as an endomorphic type you should be more likely to use a low-glycemic maltodextrin.

Fact 4 - Nuts are the best weight gainer

Not least because of their valuable fats and proteins, all kinds of nuts are not only cheap, but above all very healthy weight gainers.

Fact 5 - BCAAs are often overdosed

There's no reason to consume huge amounts of BCAA unless you train well over 60 minutes. Below this threshold, 15 grams per workout are perfectly adequate.

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Fact 6 - Casein promotes protein synthesis

Consuming 40 grams of casein immediately before going to bed increases your body's protein synthesis by up to 26% during the night.


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Fact 7 - Sleep optimizes the hormone balance

If you really want to gain muscle or lose fat, you should make sure that you get around 8 hours of sleep every day, as this will help you, for example, to optimize the concentration of the fat burning hormone leptin.

Fact 8 - Pasta despite low carb diet

The way out for all noodle fans who are on a low carb diet is to use shiritaka noodles that are glucomannans and therefore have neither carbohydrates nor significant calorific value.

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Fact 9 - Vitamin D is essential

Especially in our not necessarily sun-drenched latitudes everyone should take extra vitamin D at least in the dark season to strengthen the immune system and to optimize the hormone balance. However, care should be taken that the product used is a vitamin D3.

Fact 10 - Conventional beef is not bad

Although the meat of cattle fed exclusively grass has a slightly higher omega 3 content, it is true that conventional beef is by no means inferior, so you can save extra money.

Fact 11 - Much helps a lot

If you want to gain ground, your first question should be whether you are currently eating enough food. You'll be amazed what wonders it can do in terms of building muscle, simply increasing your intake of food.

Fact 12 - Intensity is not always better than stamina

This fact is especially true in the context of low-calorie diets, in which it is better to maintain a moderate calorie deficit over a longer period of time than to practice an "intensive" crash diet.

Fact 13 - Blood sugar stabilization is easier than expected

If you want to stabilize your blood sugar levels in a simple way, you can use Resveratrol, Curcumin and green tea.

Fact 14 - If you want the maximum, you have to invest the maximum

Since it is undoubtedly your goal to develop your body as best as possible, you should also tune your diet to it and be aware that this is not always pleasant, but it is purposeful.

Fact 15 - Creatine is the most effective supplement

In the jungle of dietary supplements, creatine is one of the few products that actually has a measurable positive effect on your strength development and thus indirectly on muscle growth.

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Fact 16 - First reduce body fat, then build up

The advantage of this method is, among other things, that your insulin sensitivity in the build-up phase is significantly higher, if you previously had the lowest possible body fat percentage. In addition, persons with lower body fat content appear significantly more muscular.

Fact 17 - fruits are good for you

You should say goodbye to the fairy tale that fructose is bad for you, so you avoid fruits. On the contrary, fruit is definitely part of your diet as it is one of the most valuable sources of fiber and phytochemicals.

Fact 18 - It's not normal to be slim these days

Since being slim is not normal, you also have to do things that are not normal for many people. These include, among other things, the preparation of fresh food and the renunciation of unnecessary fast food.

Fact 19 - Fish oil does not affect blood sugar

Although fish oil undoubtedly has many beneficial properties for your organism, it does not affect blood sugar levels.

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Fact 20 - Variability is good, but overrated

Contrary to the assumption that slimming implies the greatest possible variability in food choices, studies have shown that most lean people tend not to allow large outliers as part of their diet.

Fact 21 - Low Carb Diets Do Not Lower Insulin Sensitivity Essentially

Many critics of low carb diets claim that they significantly lower insulin sensitivity, so carbohydrate intake is suboptimal. In reality, the reduction in insulin sensitivity is so marginal that it is negligible.

Fact 22 - Burning in the muscles is normal

Burning into muscle during exercise is a completely normal sensation in the context of muscle building. In addition, if you try to reduce it by using high doses of antioxidants, you will also make sure that your insulin sensitivity decreases.

Fact 23 - L-carnitine can reduce hyperacidity

The intake of L-carnitine can reduce the over-acidification of the muscles, which is already guaranteed by a dose of 2 grams per day.

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Fact 24 - Toxins inhibit a body

In any case, toxins that go into foods through manufacturing, packaging, or preparation have the potential to slow down the development of your body by interfering with your metabolism.

Fact 25 - Citrulline malate is underestimated

Although citrulin malate, which is not unjustifiably gaining ground in this country, already has an established circle of users, it is too often underestimated in terms of its effectiveness. Of particular interest is the fact that the supplement causes a significantly greater increase in the arginine level in the blood than the intake of pure arginine products or other NO products. The optimal dosage is 6 grams per day.

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