Undoubtedly, breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, not least due to the fact that the body has been deprived of food for eight to ten hours. However, many trainers find it difficult to prepare their breakfast or even give up their healthy start to the day. To show you new possibilities, we present you in the context of this article 23 healthy breakfast variants, with which you bring variety on your breakfast table under guarantee and still eat healthy.

Power breakfast with oatmeal

1 - Cold oatmeal
Even though it may seem strange at first, cold oatmeal tastes better than it may sound at first. All you need is oatmeal, which you put in some almond milk or water overnight and place in the fridge. The next morning, all you need to do is add a banana and some vanilla protein powder and garnish with a few dry oatmeal and a pinch of cinnamon.

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2 - Oatmeal with peanut butter
If you like it sweet in the morning, you'll love the mix of oatmeal and peanut butter. To serve you this glorious breakfast, in addition to a large teaspoon of peanut butter, stir just a spoonful of chocolate-flavored protein powder under your oatmeal.

3 - chocolate oatmeal
If you do not necessarily like peanut butter, you can just make it easy for yourself and just leave it out. Instead, soak your oatmeal in milk or water and then mix a spoonful of chocolate flavored protein powder.

4 - Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana
To make this melodious breakfast, add a teaspoon of peanut butter and a spoonful of chocolate protein powder to your soaked oatmeal, then cut a banana into small pieces and garnish with cinnamon.

5 - oatmeal with grapefruit
In addition to oatmeal and about 30 grams of whey protein, this exotic combination includes a little almond milk, but you can also replace these with classic low-fat cow's milk. Then you crush half a grapefruit and stir it under, which guarantees a vital start to the day.

6 - Oatmeal with berries
Berries are an excellent option to top off a breakfast consisting primarily of oatmeal, as they contain, in addition to energy in the form of fructose, numerous vitamins and phytochemicals that allow your body to maintain essential metabolic processes. So add about 150 grams of berries to your soaked oatmeal. For which berries you decide exactly, your taste is left.

7 - Oatmeal with yogurt
As part of the preparation, add 2 cups of oatmeal along with 2 cups of milk, a small apple and a tablespoon of chia seeds in a jar overnight in the refrigerator. Immediately before breakfast, complete your meal by adding a sugar-free natural yoghurt. Optionally you can of course add other ingredients such as nuts or berries.

Dishes with egg

8 - Scrambled eggs with turkey bacon and oatmeal
The main protein supplier of this power breakfast is a scrambled egg consisting of 3 eggs and 2 strips of turkey bacon. The source of carbohydrates is still oatmeal, which you eat with a little milk and a handful of berries.

9 - asparagus mushroom frittata
In addition to eggs, this treat contains fresh asparagus and mushrooms, which you can of course choose according to your own taste. You can also extend the basic recipe with ingredients such as spinach, onions or ham.

10 - scrambled eggs with spinach
The peculiarity of this scrambled egg is that it works entirely without egg yolk and therefore consists only of protein. In addition to raw spinach, which you should shred beforehand, you can continue to add scrambled eggs, peas or beans to the scrambled eggs.

11 - avocado and egg sandwich
The basis for the avocado and egg sandwich is a scrambled egg consisting of one yolk and three egg whites. Place this scrambled egg in a sliced ​​wholemeal baguette and then garnish the sandwich with a quarter of an avocado.

12 - eggs with turkey sausages
To make this very English-style breakfast, you first prepare a scrambled egg, which consists of a whole egg and a cup of egg white. Afterwards, fry two turkey sausages without adding fat in a pan and enjoy your meal shortly afterwards.

13 - Breakfast - "Grand Slam"
The morning "Grand Slam" consists of two slices of ezekiel bread with peanut butter, half a cup of oatmeal, five fried egg whites and a large cup of coffee.

protein pancakes

14 - oatmeal pancakes
The dough for the oatmeal pancake consists only of a 3/4 cup of egg white, 1/4 cup oatmeal and a whole egg together. Once the pancake is ready, you can enjoy it with a little honey, unsweetened maple syrup and fruits of your choice.

15 - egg white pancakes
The protein pancake is based on a 3/4 cup oatmeal which is mixed with half a spoonful of protein powder and one and a half cups of egg white to form a dough. Just before the dough hardens in the pan, you can also sprinkle some protein powder in any flavor over it.

16 - Blueberry Protein Pancakes
All you need for the basic dough of blueberry protein pancakes are 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg and half a cup of oatmeal. Once added to the pan, add some blueberries to this dough so that your breakfast contains a healthy dose of vitamins.


17 - "Lean Body" smoothie
When it really needs to go fast in the morning, smoothies are the first choice. The "Lean Body" smoothie, which consists of just a cup of almond milk, a spoonful of vanilla protein powder and a handful of dried berries, has a correspondingly simple structure.

18 - Joe Cross Mean Green Juice
Since your breakfast should contain important micronutrients in addition to important energy sources such as oatmeal or eggs, offers the Joe Cross Mean Green Juice, which you can easily produce on your own. All you need is two green apples, four celery stalks, a lemon, a cucumber, a few leaves of kale and a pinch of ginger.

19 - Spinach and chocolate smoothie
To make this exceptional smoothie, you'll need a cup of almond milk, a banana, two scoops of chocolate-flavored protein powder, a bit of spinach, and ice cubes. After chopping everything in the blender, you can enjoy the smoothie.

20 - Liquid meal replacement
If you're in a hurry in the morning and do not want to miss out on a boost of energy, we recommend the following smoothie, which consists largely of supplements: Fill your blender with a serving of a meal substitute of your choice, a spoonful of BCAA powder, a banana and a little ice before adding water to the mixture and mixing well.

21 - Vegan Smoothie
This all vegan smoothie consists of a spoon of vegan protein of choice, half a cup of almond milk, a little spinach, a teaspoon of flaxseed, ice cubes and a pinch of stevia for the round taste.


22 - Proteinis in style
All you have to do for this exceptional breakfast is to dissolve a spoonful of protein powder in 200 milliliters of water and allow the mixture to cure in a suitable mold.

23 - Peanut Butter Muffin
First stir a dough consisting of one-third cup of oatmeal, four egg whites, one teaspoon of vanilla extract, and half a teaspoon of baking soda. After filling the dough into a muffin tin, place it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 180 ° C. Once the muffin is done, you hollow out the top of the muffin with a teaspoon without damaging the lid. Now you can fill some peanut butter in the still warm muffin and put the lid back on.

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