Let's be honest, every athletic man dreams secretly of a true fitness girl to daten, the sport lives as actively as he himself. That such a constellation, unfortunately, only rarely comes, but is obvious. However, if you should be allowed to score such a hit, you should be prepared for a few things. To make your life a little easier, in the context of this article, we list 17 things that you need to know beforehand.

Fact 1 - If a training session is scheduled for the next day, you should not be surprised if your lady-in-waiting quits an evening early, whether you're at home watching TV, with friends or in a bar. Neither should you be surprised that she rolls over you without apologizing at five in the morning to get on the most comfortable way to the wardrobe with the training clothes.

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Fact 2 - When she eats, she eats a lot. Often even more than you at your best times.

Fact 3 - You should refrain from making any ambiguous comments or stupid jokes about your eating habits. That could be very expensive for you under certain circumstances.

Fact 4 - If you notice that your lady-heart is starting to get tons of burgers, which of course have a suspiciously high salad content, this is a sure sign of an upcoming training session that will push her to the limit.

Fact 5 - Blow it out of your head, keep it fit for you. Dream on, she does it for herself and her well-being. Make yourself happy that you benefit from it, and practice humility.

Fact 6 - You should always avoid smearing a fitness girl on bread, that you do not care so much for above-average muscular women. If you want something different, look for something else.

Fact 7 - In particular, if you happen to go to the gym with your loved one, it's not exactly good to brag about packing more weight on the pole and doing a lot more repetitions. Even if this is true, it does not mean that she is less athletic than you.

Fact 8 - Just because she walks around more often than other women in sweatshirts and cozy sports pants, you should not fall for the fallacy that she can not spend hours in the bathroom to adequately prepare for the nightlife.

Fact 9 - Although it may not seem like it at first, her workout is usually no less harsh than yours. Even yoga is much more exhausting than you think. If you do not believe us, let your heart lady show you. However, we assume no liability for the soreness, which will then stick you for days in the bone.

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Fact 10 - First and foremost, the innumerable high-tech fibers used in modern sportswear absorb sweat, but they also have the effect of emphasizing the well-formed curves of an athletic body. What you should know, though, is the fact that she knows about this fact and is aware that her eyes are on her body. She knows. And always!

Fact 11 - It's usually the case that her friends from the gym, as well as her possibly existing team members are among her closest confidants. If you do not like them, you are truly in serious trouble. So be sure to always show yourself from your best side.

Fact 12 - The chances of a fitness girl wearing a sports bra at any time of the day are quite high. The parts are very practical and much easier to handle, even if that does not necessarily make sense to you.

Fact 13 - When she gets frustrated from work or terribly upset about something, you should not put her in her path, but let her go to the gym. This is especially true if you are the cause of their apparent disgust.

Fact 14th - Always, as she tries to slip into a pair of jeans, this is always associated with a more or less noticeable dance for obvious reasons. Even if sometimes more or less collateral damage is recorded in this context, you should always be careful not to give yourself an unqualified comment in such a situation.

Fact 15 - As self-evident as it is for you that you do not want to be disturbed while watching a sports transmission, you should get used to it for your own safety, not to disturb them as well. This simple rule, which is sometimes difficult to implement in everyday life, is of immense importance, above all, if TV is a sport that it runs itself.

Fact 16 - Although her sneaker collection is quite impressive and occupies a large part of her shoe cupboard, this does not mean that she is not synonymous with high heels. Never stand between a woman and her shoes - especially if it is a true athlete.

Fact 17 - If you are able to do a proper massage, you will always have a stone in the board with her, which will knock open so many doors for her. In any case, you should be sure that your hands are actually magical, because a bad massage will detect fitness girls immediately.

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