Those who want to be successful in endurance sports or muscle building should pay particular attention to their diet. Unhealthy foods can block or even nullify the training success achieved. It is therefore necessary for the athlete to know exactly about his diet and to know how to optimize his nutritional plan. Here are some tips to help you identify unhealthy foods and share them with healthy ingredients.

Tip 1: Watch out for white, refined simple sugars 
Especially coffee drinkers should completely abstain from sugar. The addition of sugar to food and drinks increases the blood sugar level very quickly and promotes so-called cravings. Did you know that your body does not excrete sugar, but stores it in the body and converts it into fat at the end?

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Tip 2: Watch out for trans fat
Just fried foods like french fries, croquettes or chips contain tons of these bad and unhealthy fats. Transfats for food preparation in restaurants have long been banned in New York. Trans fats increase cholesterol levels and slow down your metabolism, which is particularly bad for muscle growth. You can recognize trans fats in the list of ingredients of the individual foods by the term "hydrogenated". Meanwhile, most products contain only five to ten percent trans fats, as the "fat industry" has now developed other methods of curing the vegetable oils. Olive, rapeseed, palm or coconut oils are the healthy alternatives you should consider when preparing food.

Tip 3: Watch out for sugary drinks
Give up completely on sugary drinks. Coke or iced tea from the supermarket are true calorie bombs as well as various varieties of so-called wellness drinks, as they contain too much sugar. Replace it with non-carbonated mineral water, so you can drink about 2 - 3 liters a day. The mineral water has no calories and you can also optionally mix with a sip of juice, which makes drinking the water is not so boring. As alternative for mineral water also different teas are suitable. 

Tip 4: Pay attention to pudding and yogurt 
Sweet puddings should be replaced with a natural yoghurt or quark. You can make a fruit yoghurt yourself with some fruit. Quark foods are particularly suitable for building muscle, since they contain a lot of protein and can also be mixed with supplements so that they can also be enjoyed in taste. 

Tip 5: Pay attention to sausage and cheese
In a healthy eating plan, you do not have to do without sausage or cheese altogether. But it is important that you do not take sausages that contain too much fat. Fatty sausages are for example salami, ham with fat margin or liver sausage. Replace these sausages with healthy turkey or chicken breasts. For cheese, you should replace fatty cheese with cottage cheese or reduced-fat cream cheese. Even processed cheese is taboo for a strength athlete.

Tip 6: Watch out for bread rolls and baked goods
Too many wheat flour products such as water bread, white bread or pizza rolls should be avoided, as these foods contain too few healthy balastics and therefore you can never really get full. Replace inferior wheat flour products with healthy, balasto-rich foods that are especially included in wholemeal bread or rye bread.

Tip 7: Watch out for canned vegetables
Canned vegetables are not part of a healthy eating plan, as canned vegetables contain almost no vitamins at all. Replace canned vegetables with fresh vegetables or frozen vegetables. In these vegetables variants are still all the important vitamins contained, which are necessary for muscle growth and fat burning.

Tip 8: Pay attention to canned fish
Basically, fish in all variations is very healthy for a strength athlete. This includes the canned fish. Make sure that you do not buy fish that is in vegetable oil. You should always buy fish canned fish in which the fish was put in water. The vegetable oil in canned fish is almost always inferior and also unhealthy. Meanwhile, however, some manufacturers already offer canned fish, in which the fish was preserved in high-quality olive oil.

Tip 9: Watch for chips and peanuts
Potato chips, flips or salted nectars taste delicious, but they also make you fat and therefore not suitable for the nutrition of an athlete. If you still do not want to give up these foods, then you can replace them with walnuts or hazelnuts, which are also very healthy.

Tip 10: Watch for fruit
Fruit is a basic product for a high-quality and healthy diet because it provides essential vitamins and minerals that can stimulate the metabolism and thus also accelerate the burning of fat. If the fruits are too big, then you should eat fruit as a fruit salad. Dried fruits can also be a recommended alternative. But be careful with the bananas. Allegedly bananas are a suitable energy supplier for the competition, but athletes should rather do without bananas. Bananas contain many fibers and can therefore be difficult to stomach. According to various nutrition experts, it takes about two hours to get the necessary energy from the banana in the body.


The diet has a significant impact on our metabolism, which is especially important for strength athletes for a sustainable muscle. Although supplements can speed up muscle growth, they are still supplements rather than substitutes for high quality foods that are mainly taken as food. Even small changes in the daily meals can have a big impact on the well-being, regeneration and balance of an athlete's performance. Especially for muscle growth and fat burning certain foods are taboo for an athlete and should be replaced by healthy food. Keep in mind that your body needs to get used to dietary changes and it often takes a lot of discipline to give up your beloved chips.

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