Many people still consider weight lifting to be unhealthy and harmful to the bones, organs and musculoskeletal system of the body. This is certainly true for people who train wrongly or too much. Meanwhile, science has confirmed that moderate strength training with weights can have a significant positive impact on human health. Here are 10 reasons to show what positive effects weightlifting on the body and health can have.

1. Strength training increases the fat metabolism sustainably

Many athletes still believe that appealing cardio training is superior to strenuous strength training. This opinion does not correspond to reality. A fast interval training with weights can stimulate the fat metabolism in a short time, which is not so short-term possible through a continuous cardio-training. Only those who move sustainably fast and persistently, can increase its fat metabolism significantly, while weight lifting can be achieved by a short effort, the effect of increased fat burning.

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2. Strength training prevents diabetes

Many studies have now shown that intensive strength training can significantly improve blood glucose levels in both healthy people and diabetics. A positive influence on the blood sugar level could still be proven 12 to 24 hours after completion of the training. Increased insulin sensitivity is also beneficial to healthy people for their desired muscle growth.

3. Strength training strengthens the bones

As we get older, our bones are more susceptible to injury, which can eventually lead to osteoporosis. In the meantime, various studies have proven that sustainable strength training can generate and improve bone structure. This positive effect not only affects the skeleton of the body in older people, but it can also have a striking effect on bone growth in the younger generation.

4. Strength training promotes the muscle building

This finding is not new, because now it is known in all athletes, which effect the strength training on the balance of power and musculature can have. However, we would like to point out that muscle growth through weightlifting also occurs if there are not too many protein supplements ingested, which especially the nutritional industries want to persuade the consumer.

5. Strength training increases libido

Weightlifting makes you tired and impotent. For a long time this was the general opinion of the ignorant population. What do you want with a muscle man when he can not do anything in bed! Muscle building certainly ensures increased attractiveness, because now well-trained muscles are always for success and beauty. In addition, the growth of hormones, such as testosterone, is also formed by muscle building, which also plays an important role in potency. Schlapp is the strength athlete only if he trains too much or wrong, but not because he trains.

6. Strength training helps to build up strength in the long term

Weightlifting not only helps build muscle, it also makes you stronger in everyday life. You become more enduring and can perform certain movements better. Your well-trained muscles you already notice wearing a mineral water box or pushing a heavy cabinet. Weightlifting can therefore also be a valuable helper for everyday life and your lifestyle.

7. Strength training promotes hormone production

The most important components of human muscle growth are the hormones testosterone, insulin and other growth factors. Several studies have shown that new growth hormones are formed within half an hour after the end of strength training. This knowledge is mainly used by older people, because in this generation, the growth hormones naturally regress.

8. Strength training keeps you healthy

Weightlifting makes you sick and weakens the bone structure. Again, this opinion does not correspond to reality. Strength training not only has a positive effect on acute stress, but also significantly reduces the susceptibility to pain and stiffness of joints, as evidenced by studies in subjects with osteoporosis. Pain and injuries when weightlifting arises mainly due to heavy weights and the wrong exercise techniques. Here, the coaches in the individual power studios are required, who also take responsibility for the training of their members. In particular, the stability and the correct movements in the individual exercises should be better addressed, so especially the knee and tendon are not too heavily loaded.

9. Strength training and not aerobics improves your endurance

A number of studies have found that strength training can improve the cardiovascular system and certain blood cell profiles. These include a lowered LDL cholesterol value, an improved HDL value and an increased VO2 max value. For a long time, it was believed that aerobic exercise has a greater impact on the cardiovascular system than boring weightlifting. However, studies have shown that weightlifting has a significant impact on blood pressure, as the physical effort quickly raises blood pressure. This intense physical stress permanently strengthens the heart and ensures long-term for a better and healthy blood pressure.

10. Strength training helps against stress

There are many people who have dedicated themselves to sport as an outlet against their everyday stress. This also includes an intensive strength training, where you can really get rid of the excess energy. The physical exertion of lifting heavy weights makes everyday problems forget and creates a sense of contentment in the brain through the release of dopamine and epinephrine.


The reasons given above are information that can certainly be expanded individually. Science has also demonstrated empirically in many studies that sustained strength training can have a positive effect on health and lifestyle if done properly. But this is the responsibility of the individual coaches of the gyms and gyms. Proper weightlifting can be a positive experience in lifestyle and everyday life, but if it is done wrong from the start, injuries and depression will follow. But only then can weight lifting really be harmful to humans.

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