It's such a thing with food. Diet is the most important thing for your fitness. You can still work out so much in the gym. The movement only accounts for 25% when it comes to losing weight. Another 25% relate to the regeneration phase. The diet, however, occupies the entire other half. Unfortunately, many think that implementing the recipes, including purchasing and preparation, is far too costly. It is much easier to eat in the canteen or to buy something "to go" somewhere.

Just these charms - it smells so delicious from the bakery at the station - seduce many people to the wrong diet. Another aspect is advertising, which makes people want to consume the products with subliminal messages. It often becomes difficult to clear one's head and to focus on the right diet. So that you are not at the mercy of this vicious circle, the meals you want to make yourself must be quick and easy to make. This is one of the main reasons why people stop dieting or even become fat. Preparing a meal is a fine art if it is to meet your needs.

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In the following, you will learn how you can solve this problem. Find your way to a healthy diet that's quick and easy to implement.

1. Which foods you should buy

Two things are buzzing through your head: It should go fast and you want variety. You're not alone with that. That's the way most people in the Western world are. It is all the more important for you to learn how to discover the fast and easy cooking for you. Go to the supermarket and pay attention to the labels. There are clear differences in the nutritional information. Meat is not the same meat. Watch for lean meat from the turkey. Start with calorie counting and be careful. Good helpers are smartphone apps in whose databases you can enter your daily calorie consumption. You do not believe how you can fool yourself. Only when you have written it down will you actually know how many calories it actually is. There are supposedly 2000 calories fast times 3500 or even 4000.

So that this article is not too extensive, we limit ourselves to the essentials in the food.

The basis for a balanced and figure-hugging diet is an adequate supply of proteins. First-rate suppliers are chicken, lean turkey, turkey, eggs, almonds and lean beef. In addition, there are many types of fish such as salmon, tilapia or mahi mahi. Many dairy products are also very good sources of protein. For example, lean quark, lean yoghurt, fresh cream cheese, and lean mozzarella may be mentioned here. For vegetarians, soy products (including tofu) are optimal sources of protein.

You should be careful with the carbohydrates. For one, a low carbohydrate diet is advisable. On the other hand, there are very different types here. The faster the carbohydrates get into the blood, the greater their influence on the pancreas and the insulin secretion, which in turn determines the blood sugar level. Therefore, you should most likely rely on foods that contain slow carbohydrates and thus have a low glyx index. As a result, insulin secretions - especially the tips - remain stable and blood sugar levels stable. Best suited are sweet potatoes, oatmeal, pumpkin, peppers, broccoli, spinach, quinoa and asparagus. As a little extra you should consider plastic cans for storage, high-quality spices, flaxseed and linseed oil as well as avocados, walnuts and rice cakes.

2. Cooking

Cook for five days in advance. Ideally, you do this on Sundays to be able to take the food packaged to work. Make a plan for how many meals you want to eat each day. You may not have all the ingredients in the house for the entire five days. Then you can improvise. Crucial is the ratio of proteins to carbohydrates and fats. This should stay as constant as possible. Such a cooking session can take 2, 3 or more hours. Over time, you will become faster and not exceed the 2 hours. To save time you can cook twice. Roast one half of the meat and grill the other. Take your time for very special specialties. It does not have to be that long. How about a turkey cake with quinoa and eggs

You can use frozen vegetables that can be thawed with a simple trick. Put it in a saucepan and pour hot tap water over it. Then you pour everything into a sieve and pour back the now "laukalte" vegetables. Now pour boiling water from the kettle over the vegetables and let it stand for a few minutes. Then you pour this water off again. Now the vegetables have the optimal temperature for consumption.

Cooking is easy. Here is an example called "Ham and Cups": You take a muffin container and lay it out with two slices of turkey breast. Then you hit an egg and let the contents flow into the container. Add some onion and pepper strips and sauté it with salt and pepper. Finally, push the muffin mold into the oven and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

3. Planning and packing

Very important is the packing of the food. You should have enough storage boxes to pack all your food separately for the five days. Plan your meals intelligently, because you will not get tired of a certain food - such as turkey meat. A second reason for good planning is the different shelf life of the individual foods. If you process fish while cooking, the resulting food should be eaten as soon as possible at the beginning of the five days. You can leave some vegetables in the fridge for a few days. Third, it makes sense to sort the individual ingredients into separate, possibly smaller doses if, for example, sauces, dressings or goods that can or should not give off their taste to other components of the food are part of the "batch".

Do not let this cooking day take you. Do not date yourself. You should prepare your food at the same time every week. Once you have finished all the meals, all you need to do is open the refrigerator and bring out the container during the five days. One tip you should still take to heart. Stick labels on the lids of the containers and write on it, what is inside each and which nutritional values ​​- calories and fat, carbohydrate and protein - they contain.

Mark the cans according to the days of the week and place them in the fridge so that you can remove the food from the front.

4. Important tips at the end

Count your calories and divide them into your meals. In this way, you can learn how often you can or must eat. Make a small sketch, what are in which quantities in the individual portions. So you always know the size of each food and know how much meat, sauce, etc. are included. All meals should contain the right amount of protein and carbohydrates. It all sounds very expensive, but you can get to your destination much faster. This can even go more than three times as fast. So valuable is the planning of your food preparation. Prepare for your success. It is worth it .. Without a plan, you will never know what you eat the sweet day. Without a plan you will be at the mercy of the seductions of everyday life.

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