Healthy weight loss through low carbohydrate diet

The low-carbohydrate food is the future! The Low Carb Diet is based on the principle of eating balanced - more protein and less carbohydrates. That makes you feel full faster and longer.

Our body burns more fat as it gets less carbohydrates. More fat and protein and less carbohydrate keeps blood sugar low and results in decreased insulin production, which is why less fat is stored in the cells.

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The Low Carb Diet is designed for people who are struggling with obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, hypoglycaemia (hypoglycaemia) and type 2 diabetes. It is allowed to eat high-protein and high-fat foods, making sure that they are "good" fats. It is proven that fats from food are not necessarily converted directly into body fat, but rather are responsible for carbohydrates (insulin production).

A carbohydrate-rich meal causes the resulting elevated blood sugar levels to stimulate insulin production in the pancreas. The side effects of insulin are the accumulation of fat cells and the stimulation of starvation signals. This results in increased carbohydrate consumption and the cycle begins again.

Over time, the cells are becoming increasingly insulin-resistant, which is why the pancreas must work "overtime" and produce up to 4-5 times more insulin than intended.

Which Low Carb Diet?

There are many different "versions" of the low carb diet, but they all differ a bit. Below we have listed the best known and most successful ones. These are: The Atkins Diet, The Logi Diet, The Strunz Diet, The GLYX Diet, And The Anabolic Diet. They all have one thing in common: a strict reduction in carbohydrate consumption, but more intake of fat and protein. Although no low carb diet plan is similar to the other, they all recommend that you use about 60-70% of the daily calorie intake from fat and protein, and only about 20-40% from carbohydrates. This means less pasta / pasta, bread, rice and alcohol, but more meat, fish, dairy products and nuts.

The fattening people

These foods have it all: Sugar and starchy delights often also contain a lot of unhealthy fat. So they are anything but optimal for your health and your figure. Nevertheless: Unstillable cravings on chocolate, cake, white bread, ice cream, etc. can sometimes be given without a guilty conscience. If you eat balanced otherwise, a little sin does not hurt too much, too much of it makes you fat, of course.


Critics of the Low Carb diet consider these unhealthy because the focus is too much on protein and fat. The heavy fat loss through the use of fat reserves as the main source of energy initiates the production of the by-product ketone, which can lead to bad breath, slackness and loss of appetite.

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