We live in a time in which a lot of emphasis is placed on a healthy diet and fitness. Also in weight training, the mindset regarding training and nutrition have changed significantly. New techniques and a healthy diet determine the training success today. But many bodybuilders and strength athletes still have problems orienting themselves to these new processes. They train too much in their gym and do not use their kitchen too much. But just the right nutrition in sports brings the decisive difference. What is the difference between "high quality food" and a traditional diet? And does the athlete even have the time and muse to take care of a shopping list for healthy food in addition to his intensive training program? Below we have put together a (shopping) list to show you, which food belongs in your kitchen and which not. The intake of "healthy food" makes the decisive difference in their training success for many strength athletes, so you should put more emphasis on your diet in the future.

Important: high quality protein

  • eggs - Eggs are an important base in the diet of a strength athlete.
  • Liquid protein: Egg white without yolk brings pure protein into the body, but also costs a bit more.
  • Lean chicken breast fillet - lean meat, not expensive, contains high-quality protein, the basis of every diet.
  • Turkey - lean meat with high-quality protein, slightly more expensive than chicken breast.
  • Top Round Steak - Lean cut meat, has more fat than chicken, but is high quality meat. Can you also eat during a diet.
  • Filet Mignon - lean but very high quality meat, which is also very expensive.
  • flounder - lean fish, which is also very cheap.
  • cod - lean fish.
  • Pollack - lean fish.
  • Wild salmon - healthy but fatty fish meat with high-quality fatty acids, more expensive than other types of salmon.
  • Canned tuna - lean and healthy fish meat. Make sure that the fish is put in water and not in oil.
  • turkey ham - leaner than normal ham.
  • Lean beef - high quality protein source.
  • Lowfat quark: high quality & cheap protein source.
  • cottage cheese - Perfect as an addition between the main meals.
  • Sea bass - lean and high-quality fish meat, which provides a lot of protein, but expensive.
  • Wild swordfish - lean and high-quality fish meat, which provides a lot of protein, but expensive.
  • quinoa - Protein from the grain of the Incas.
  • tofu - Vegan protein source.

But nothing beats a lean beef steak that also has more essential fatty acids than a lean chicken breast fillet.

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You should do without this protein in your diet:

  • Chicken with skin - The skin contains fat that you should not eat.
  • Breaded chicken - The breading contains a lot of calories that are unnecessary.
  • bacon - Tastes delicious, but is too fat.
  • Bred fish - has fewer omega-3 fatty acids than wild fish, and several studies have shown that the meat of farmed fish is very unhealthy because of its fat content.
  • Greasy beef - straight beef in hamburgers and other fast food dishes contains too much fat.
  • Greasy red meat - Pay attention to the steaks, which have a fat rim on the outside and are pretty red and bloody inside. Just cut the fat off and enjoy the rest of the meat.

Good carbohydrates:

  • oatmeal - Perfect as oatmeal porridge for breakfast with some fruit as a side dish.
  • porridge - similar to oatmeal, are slowly digested.
  • fruit - All types of fruit are suitable, with special mention being blueberries and bananas.
  • vegetables - Vegetables are a healthy carbohydrate supplier that should not be missing in any meal. Especially recommended is broccoli and spinach.
  • sweet potatoes - are slowly digested and are suitable for every meal.
  • Brown rice - Carbohydrates that are digested slowly.

Most high protein diets consist of many small meals during the day. Make sure you do without white bread and as little pasta and greasy sauces as possible.

You should abstain from these carbohydrates in your diet:

  • grain products - The most Cereal products contain too much sugar. The better alternative is oatmeal with blueberries as an addition, which provide for the sweetness.
  • crisps - too much sugar and too bad fats
  • ice cream - too much sugar.
  • fruit juices - too much sugar.

Good fat:

  • olive oil - excellent source of fat, which is particularly suitable for salads and side dishes.
  • Rapeseed oil - healthy source of fat.
  • fish oil - healthy fat source.
  • linseed oil - good resource for the important omega-3 acid.
  • almond butter - healthy fat source.
  • almonds - healthy fat source with some protein.
  • pecans - healthy fat source with some protein.
  • walnuts - healthy fat source with some protein.
  • cashews - healthy fat source with some protein.
  • peanut butter - healthy fat source with some protein.
  • avocados - healthy fat source.
  • Coconut oil - healthy source of fat.

You should avoid these fats in your diet:

  • All frying fat - bad fat source that you should avoid.
  • Butter and margarine - not healthy, so you should not eat a spread with these fats.
  • bouillon cube - unhealthy and too much fat.


The published shopping list is a recommendation, but of course it does not have to be binding. You may also like to "sin" and eat your beloved pizza. But it is important for you as a strength athlete, that you get a feeling for what is healthy and also tastes good. In the long term, this realization will make you reach your athletic goals much faster in the future.

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