Many bodybuilders swear by the ketogenic dietthat also under the name anabolic diet is known. Maybe you have already heard about it, but the complete renunciation of any carbohydrates has deterred you. But if you look more closely at the nutritional plan, it is not so bad to stick to this diet. The big advantage is that you can lose weight without losing your hard-earned muscle mass. Have you become curious? Then you should read on and learn important details about the ketogenic diet.

Ketogenic diet - explained briefly

At first glance, the ketogenic diet seems quite radical in terms of nutritional restrictions. By completely eliminating carbohydrates, various dishes are eliminated that otherwise provide a valuable basis for your nutritional plan. But it is necessary that with this diet the carbohydrates are reduced to 0. This ensures a constantly low insulin level. In this way, less fat is stored and the growth hormones can increase particularly. But what new main energy source does your body receive?

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Fat instead of carbohydrates

In order for the body to switch to ketogenic energy production, the nutritional plan must receive significantly more fat. Due to ketosis, the body is able to meet its energy needs with fat instead of carbohydrates. But it is very important that the right fat is selected. Therefore, it is often a bit complicated to put together a varied and good diet plan. Since the ketogenic diet but guarantees great success in losing weight, it is certainly worth the effort to consistently follow this diet plan.

Healthy diet without carbohydrates

The ketogenic diet presents a nutritional plan that deviates significantly from today's standard diet and the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society. However, that does not mean that the ketogenic diet is detrimental to your health. The diet must consist of 60-70 percent fat and 30-40 percent protein. Carbohydrates must be less than 30 grams. Maybe the high fat content has a deterrent effect on you. This is not a problem as long as you use healthy sources of fat. Various common foods are great for this diet.

Ketogenic diet and groceries from the supermarket

You can easily integrate sausage into the diet plan, but you should pay attention to the nutritional values ​​and better avoid salted sausages. Cheese is also excellent for the ketogenic diet. But you have to make sure that this food has 1 gram of carbohydrates per 100 grams. Even eggs are allowed in the anabolic diet. Nuts contain enough protein and fat. Here you have to be careful, as they also provide carbohydrates. Therefore, the crowd plays a crucial role.

Refeed day for more nutrients

If you are in ketosis for a long time, it makes sense to insert a Refeed Tag. During the anabolic diet, ketogenic energy production and calorie deficiency are depleting body forces. Therefore, it makes sense to provide the glycogen storage again in three-week intervals with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. On Refeed Day the basic principle of the anabolic diet is reversed. Now 60 percent of carbohydrates should be on the menu. Above all, you must consume multi-chain carbohydrates such as potatoes or whole grain rice. In addition, it is recommended to incorporate 10 percent fat and 30 percent protein.

Considerations for a sample nutrition plan

With an average calorie intake of 2500 Kcal, the calories are divided into 60-70 percent fat, 30-40 percent protein and 0-5 percent carbohydrates. You are allowed to eat 3 to 5 meals a day. What foods can you incorporate into your diet plan? Mainly the foods must contain protein and fat, small amounts of carbohydrates are allowed in exceptional cases. Here are some ideas: chicken, steak, fish, ham, sausage, bacon, fat cheese, olive oil, linseed oil, nuts, low-carbohydrate protein powder, diet drinks.

Example of a nutritional plan for the ketogenic diet:

  • For your breakfast you only have to find alternatives to various types of bread. Scrambled egg with bacon is an excellent solution as you can prepare it quickly and vary it every day with spices or fresh herbs.
  • For the ketogenic diet you can eat a tasty steak with salad for lunch. To get enough fat, it is possible to add a walnut oil dressing to the salad. You just have to do without potatoes or pasta.
  • The ketogenic diet allows you to have a fish dish in the evening. Salmon is an excellent choice as it is not heavy in the stomach and provides valuable fats. So that the menu is varied, you can eat a salad as a side dish.
  • Of course, the ketogenic diet also includes snacks. But you should make sure that the calorie limit is not exceeded. Especially suitable are nuts such as walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts as well as protein shakes. With nuts, it is necessary that you pay attention to the amount. For a ketogenic diet, they contain a considerable amount of carbohydrates. You also have to be careful with cheese.
  • The ketogenic diet restricts your diet, and you should be aware of that as soon as you choose this diet plan. But your stamina will surely be rewarded.
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