If you're working hard for your six-pack, forgoing many of the conveniences of everyday life and tormenting you with sweaty abdominal workouts, do you want to see results, right? Sometimes, however, it is the case that even the greatest commitment is of little use if the abdominal muscles do not want to come out despite a low body fat percentage. The cause is mostly subcutaneous water, which is stored in your cells and robs your muscles of a large part of their contours. In the following article we have put together 9 tips to help you get rid of excess water and thus bring out your six-pack optimally.

Tip 1 - Reduce your salt intake

One of the most common reasons why you use a relatively large amount of water in the cells of your body is an overly salty diet. The reason for this is mainly the alkali metal sodium contained in large quantities in the table salt, which provokes a concentration gradient in the organism, which forces it to absorb water in order to restore the osmotic balance. In practice, high salt consumption correlates with the amount of stored water. If you want to get rid of this stored water as quickly as possible, you should make sure that you do not take too much salt through the diet. In this context, however, it is imperative that you read the labels of food and strictly avoid particularly high-salt products such as ready meals, canned food and salty spice mixtures.

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Tip 2 - You should drink more water

Although it may sound a bit confusing at first, it still meets the reality that increasing fluid intake can help to get rid of unnecessarily stored water. This fact is easily explained by an important function that water has in the human organism. Strictly speaking, the body needs water to rinse its cells, thus freeing them of harmful substances, for example. On the other hand, if your body does not get enough water, it stores it until there is an adequate amount in your organism. In order to optimize the rinsing process, which among other things also removes excess salt from the cells, you should make sure that you drink enough.

Tip 3 - Just sweat out excess water

As you almost certainly know, sweat is nothing but water. One of the best ways to get rid of this water in the short term is to sweat out during a hard workout or sauna session. However, as the water returns as soon as you rehydrate, this approach is only useful if you are preparing for an imminent competition.

Tip 4 - Pay attention to which supplements you take

In the dietary supplements that recreational athletes consume, creatine is arguably the most widely used aid in gaining mass and strength. In addition to the improved ATP resynthesis, this effect is caused by increased protein synthesis due to the uptake of water into the muscle cells. Accordingly, your body will absorb large amounts of water as long as you supplement creatine. However, if you want to look more defined, you should eliminate the creatine altogether or resort to alternative products that result in significantly less water retention.  

Tip 5 - Keep your fingers away from alcohol

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, but that does not mean that it will help you achieve your goal or even have any positive effect. On the contrary, the dehydration caused by alcohol consumption not only has a negative effect on your health, but also causes your organism to store more water. So if you want your muscles to show off, you should stop using your alcohol altogether.

Tip 6 - Treat yourself to a helping of asparagus

Asparagus is commonly known as a natural dehydrating agent, so you should treat yourself occasionally if you want to naturally get rid of some of your excess water. But as well as being an excellent dehydrating agent, asparagus is also rich in essential micronutrients such as fiber and vitamins. When preparing, you should, however, do without salt or already salted butter.

Tip 7 - Try cranberry juice

Just like the asparagus, cranberry juice is one of the natural dehydrating agents. The great advantage of the juice is that it transports, in addition to superfluous water, large quantities of pollutants and, in the end, toxic metabolic end products out of the cells. However, make sure that you buy pure cranberry juice and avoid fruit concentrates because they contain extra sugar.

Tip 8 - Take multivitamin tablets

What few people know is that water retention can also be caused by the lack of essential micronutrients. Since this effect is primarily due to a low intake of vitamins, multi-vitamin products can help. Especially as the lack of vitamin B1 and vitamin B6 leads to the storage of water, you should pay particular attention to these values ​​when buying multi-vitamin products.

Tip 9 - Take advantage of the benefits of the dandelion

Already our grandmothers knew how to take advantage of plants like the dandelion. Strictly speaking, dandelion is an extremely versatile herb that stimulates the production of urine and thus has a dehydrating effect. Dandelion draining is the easiest way to get tea in a trusted drugstore.

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