Our organism is a true miracle of evolution and capable of adapting to the greatest challenges - a quality that benefits us, especially in sports. However, we forget all too easily that our body is actually a very fragile structure, which is about 75 percent water. It is obvious that a lack of water has a significant impact on our health and performance. However, it is astonishing that it is not even necessary to lose large amounts of liquid in order to feel significant restrictions, because even a water loss of just 2 percent drops our performance rapidly. Despite this, many people, and especially women, often drink far too little. Doctors and health scientists recommend a daily water intake of at least two and a half liters to ensure the proper functioning of the organism. That sounds like a lot of visits to the bathroom, so you're sure to wonder if it's really worth it. This question should, however, be superfluous with regard to the following health aspects.

1 - Those who do not drink enough tend to develop kidney problems

The way to the toilet, which is inseparable from water intake, you should not only accept in the future, but consider much more positive, because in fact it is simply a mechanism that helps your body, toxins to rinse out of the body. You may even have noticed that your urine turns dark when you drink relatively little. The dark color is a hallmark of a highly concentrated urine containing a high concentration of toxins and metabolic end products. You should avoid this concentration of urine urgently, because your kidneys, which are in the figurative sense something like the treatment plant of your body, are not sufficiently flushed with fresh liquid, the danger for the development of painful kidney stones increases. In addition, it can also lead to the development of colon cancer or an increased likelihood of heart attacks.

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2 - Low fluid intake slows down your metabolism

In his book The Water Secret, the scientist Howard Murad found out from numerous independent studies that the degree of hydrogenation of the human organism has an extremely large influence on the metabolic rate. The bottom line is that this conclusion is no longer logical, because the stuff that keeps our organism running is our blood, which is responsible for both the transport of oxygen and the distribution of essential nutrients. The lower the fluid intake of a person is, the more likely the blood tends to become viscous, which of course drastically worsens its flow properties. As a result, both oxygen and nutrients get significantly worse and slower in the cells, so that the organism can not work as usual. In addition, this also affects the thermoregulation of our organism, so that it reduces its efficiency in order to avoid overheating. A striking example is a fluid deficit of only two to three percent, which already results in a performance drop of just over a quarter.

3 - Your lack of water also suffers your cognitive performance

What applies to physical performance, also remains valid in terms of cognitive performance, because even your brain is even 85 percent water. That even a slight dehydration has a significant impact on the memory and especially on the problem solving ability, as evidenced by an investigation of the psychiatric institute of Kings College in London. In an experiment, the scientists found in an experiment with adolescent volunteers that their brain already decreased in volume as a result of a slight dehydration. As a result, in a computer game where problem-solving abilities were concerned, they had to think much longer than the comparison group, which could have a normal hydrogenation state. After receiving a corresponding amount of water, however, their brains quickly reached both their initial volume and normal performance.

4 - You tend to eat more

Did you know that taking fluid can easily help you eat less without being exposed to your growling stomach, which can be particularly important in a diet? A study by the Institute for Public Health on Water Research found this effect in a study of 45 adults who consumed half a liter of water just before each meal. After a period of three months, a clear result was established. Subjects consumed between 75 and 90 calories less per meal, more than two and a half kilograms more than another test group that did not consume any additional fluids. So what would be easier than optimizing your diet with this simple trick?

5 - If you drink too little, your skin will become wrinkled

Like our muscles, our blood, and our brains, most human skin is made up of water. Not for nothing the beauty industry sells countless creams and lotions to provide our skin with extra moisture to prevent the formation of ugly wrinkles. However, all these superficial attempts at repair promise minimal success if you are not careful to drink enough. In principle, wrinkling is another protective mechanism of your body, because once dehydration threatens, it tends to draw fluid into the internal organs to maintain metabolic activity as well as possible. The result is the wrinkles we fear women, which make us look old and tired. So, before you think about investing money again in a new wonder cream, maybe you should ask yourself if you should just take a few more glasses of water with you.

6 - You tend to be in a bad mood if you drink too little

A study by Tufts University in Massachusetts shows that a direct correlation between a bad mood and too little drinking can be established. In the course of this investigation, two test groups completed a 60-minute cardio workout. While one group was sufficiently hydrogenated, the members of the other training group sweated without sufficient hydrogenation. At the end of the workout, a disproportionate number of low-fluid participants tended to have mood swings, aggression, and even depressive tendencies, which quickly evaporated as soon as adequate fluid intake was achieved.


Although it may not always be easy, always make sure you have enough fluid, you should give it a try and at least try it because of the importance that water has for our body. Optimal is a daily hydration of about one liter per 20 kilograms of body weight.

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