At the present time, fitness has become a new lifestyle for many people, who have become a constant in everyday life alongside fashion and nutrition. But fitness is not all about fitness and the beginner should be careful to pay close attention to specific details at the beginning of his new fitness program. If you learn the wrong technique in the first lesson, or if you do not practice the exercise with sufficient concentration, then you will not be able to achieve any noticeable and noticeable success with your fitness course in the long run. It is especially important for the beginner that he learns the correct movement and the right mental attitude at the beginning of the new training session. Here are 10 tips for beginners to help you reach your desired fitness goal quickly and healthily.

1. Make fitness your habit

If you go to the gym, that's certainly the first step in your personal goal of doing something good to the body. But for a sporting success and a sustained visual change in physique and musculature this is not enough. You have to live your fitness sport and it must become your habit of eating and sleeping. Try to train at the beginning of your new sport about three to four times a week. Then you will achieve sustainable success with the new sporting activity. Many scientists suspect that after 21 days, the body has become accustomed to a daily "habit". This means that you should train for about three weeks continuously, until your body has integrated the new habit into everyday life.

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2. Control the weight in your weight training

Weightlifting beginners often learn a new technique or exercise when watching other athletes practice. This method is certainly not bad, but copying an exercise without technical guidance alone can lead to injuries and a permanent misapplication of the technique. Especially for the beginner the correct movement of the exercise is important, therefore you should always use only light weight for your training when learning a new exercise. You can always adjust the weight to the current shape if you can do the exercise correctly.

3. Train basics

Many beginners in the fitness scene often practice exercises that they have taken over from specialist magazines or the Internet. If you go to a gym and start training and moving individual muscles, you will not be able to sustainably build muscle. Especially for the beginner, it is important that he trains the so-called basics. Basics are exercises that train not only individual muscles but entire muscle groups at the same time. Basic exercises For example, squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, deadlifts or lunges.

4. The correct posture

If you perform several sets with many repetitions, then your body has to endure a very heavy weight load. These constant movements with the heavy dumbbells strain bones, tendons and also the joints. It is therefore particularly important that you always practice each exercise correctly so that you can prevent emerging injuries. For this reason, especially during bench press, shoulder press or other exercises, make sure that the back stays straight and is not bent. A crooked back is the biggest cause of injury during an exercise. Also important is the leg position, which guarantees a stable movement during the exercise.

5. Pay attention to your diet

If you visit a gym, it does not mean that you can now safely eat hamburgers and pizza. An intensive training is only a small piece of the puzzle for your sporting success. What are you doing in the remaining 23 hours if you are not training? In addition to your athletic training program, nutrition is the most important component in sustaining success in sports activities. A healthy diet is considered the key to physical and mental well-being. The definition diet refers not only to the diet alone, but refers to a lifestyle in which the diet is an ingredient. Therefore, look for healthy food, adequate protein and do not neglect the other nutrients carbohydrates and fat in the individual meals.

6. Concentration

Successful weightlifting depends on the intensity and correct technique of each exercise. If you want to train with higher weights over time, it is especially important that you focus on maximum intensity in your movement. Explode the weight explosively and intensively in the air and you will quickly notice that with this method, the flow of your exercises can be significantly improved. Put yourself in your muscle, pump it up and feel it start to burn.

7. Learn from your mistakes

Nobody starts in sports as an expert. If you start a new sport as a beginner, then at the beginning you make some mistakes in the technique and in the movement sequence before you actually master the exercise. But it is important that you recognize and stand by your mistakes. Learn from these mistakes and change your technique so that you can improve. Admitting mistakes and not ignoring them is an important step in your training plan. Write down your training successes and daily meals regularly in a suitable app and use this information for your personal success.

8. Finish every exercise

Many beginners put too much emphasis on the weight and therefore push the barbell bars up in the first repeats with full intensity. The result is then a muscle failure or weakness for the remaining repetitions. But one set consists of 10 to 12 repetitions and not just half. It is therefore important that you always choose the weights for each exercise so that you can complete the complete set correctly.

9. Questions, ask, ask!

As a beginner in a new sport or in weight training, it is important that you always get immediate information about the correct technique or execution of each exercise. This will help you to be able to perform the individual exercises cleanly and you will be able to decide for yourself which exercise is best for you. Do not be afraid to ask the trainer in your gym, whose job is mainly to look after the individual athletes.

10. Think of your muscles

This thesis sounds a bit crazy, but is for the sporting success and the muscle building very important. When you are training a sentence, it is not the number of repetitions that is important for the correct practice of the individual exercises, but the intensity of the individual movements. Focus your concentration on the muscles, feel them and feel them grow during the exercise. Focusing on muscle growth mentally focuses on the correct movement and also promotes success for your desired athletic goal. Successful athletes confirm in many reports that the concentrated focus on muscles and movement during the training phase and in the race at the end of the sport success.

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