If you want to get the most out of your fitness training, then you should be next to the actual one Training in yourself, too nutrition note. So that you have it easier here, we have summarized the ten most important nutritional rules simple and understandable.

With 10 nutrition tips for optimal training success

If you are with yours Training only on the Build muscle strength, then you will notice success, but you will never get the optimum of your performance. Because this is the right one Nutrition is essential and if you consciously combine the diet with proper training, you will get everything out of your body. There is not just one book about proper nutrition, but hundreds of them, and they all contain important points for your training success. We have worked out the 10 most important rules and simply summarized them. You do not need to pay more attention to this, in order to bring your body into an optimal shape.

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1st Rule: Drink enough

The top priority! Drinking is important - which already plays a decisive role in your well-being during normal everyday life, which is even more important in the fitness area. Your cells need enough fluid to work optimally - including, of course, the cells in your muscles. Especially in sports, your body has a much higher fluid requirements, since a large part of it is lost by sweating. To prevent premature performance loss, keep your fluid balance at a good level before exercise and per day at least Drink 2 liters. During exercise, you should also treat yourself every 15 to 20 minutes for a short break in which you drink about 250ml.

2nd Rule: Watch for enough protein in your diet

How important the protein intake in an athlete's diet is, you can already see in the numerous protein shakes in the gym. If you pay attention to protein-containing ingredients in your daily meals, however, such preparations are unnecessary - in fish, meat, eggs and dairy products contains a lot of protein, which your body can absorb very well. While a normal person needs an average of 0.8g of protein per pound of body weight, you need to have one Building muscle not more than 1.2g of protein per kilogram of body weight - for example, if you weigh 80 kilograms, then 96g of protein per day is perfectly adequate in your diet.

3rd Rule: Carbohydrates - the amount makes the difference

With your diet, you should be sure to pay attention to a reasonable amount of carbohydrates, because these are very important for the performance of your muscles. The best here are the so-called complex carbohydrateswhich are, for example, in whole-grain products or oatmeal. With a high percentage of these in your diet, you will ensure a good energy intake and avoid fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. However, you should avoid "bad" carbohydrates like white bread, etc.

4th Rule: Regular meals

Assuming you actually manage to eat all the nutrients in the required amount in just one meal a day, you would still be blocking your muscle building. Your body relies on a regular supply of energy and the longer it has to starve, the more likely it is to attack your muscle mass and use its protein to produce energy. Pay attention to regular meals - ideally you eat every 2 to 3 hours. In this way, the diet can optimally support your muscle growth.

5. Rule: eat at bedtime

Even with a regular diet a day, your body is in for a long starvation at night. An average person sleeps about 8 hours a day, which can quickly lead to a decrease in muscle mass in this time. You can prevent this by eating a meal with a high-quality protein just before bedtime. Ideal for this is the milk protein, which is digested only slowly and thereby continuously provides energy during your sleep phase. You could be at your diet in the evening for example Lean quark or one Casein shake build in and support muscle growth.

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6th rule: eat before and after training

Your diet before and after training naturally plays a very special role, because with this you can continue to support the build-up of muscle. Before training, you should pay particular attention to the complex carbohydrates, because these serve as important energy suppliers. It's best to eat complex carbohydrates in combination with protein, such as a wholemeal bread with cheese or a cereal with milk, one hour before you start exercising. After training, the main purpose of the diet is to refill the emptied glycogen stores and, if possible, to eat a protein that can be used quickly to build muscle.

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7th rule: supplement your diet

You can not always use your diet alone to provide optimal nutrition with the key nutrients needed to build muscle. Depending on your personal case, supplementing your daily diet with supplements such as glutamine, creatine, and the BCAA amino acids may be useful. Talk to your doctor or trainer if this is useful and can support your muscle.

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8. Rule: Treat yourself to a cheat day

Regardless of your diet, you should also regularly a so-called Cheat Day Install. At this you can eat everything that comes straight to your mind and you should make sure that you eat well beyond your actual calorie needs. What it brings? First of all a lot of motivation, which can help you with your further training plan. And you also fill up all the glycogen stores in your muscles.

9th rule: eat fish regularly

If you eat mostly low-fat meat or fish with your diet, then you're not so wrong. In particular, the high-fat fish salmon, mackerel, herring and tuna fish provide your body with the valuable omega-3 fatty acids that drive your training success well. In addition, the protein from fish is excellent for building muscle and can be used by your body well.

10. Rule: Also incorporate red meat in the diet

Many are under the misconception that only low-fat poultry meat is good for building muscle. But the red meat of, for example, beef or lamb can be very low in fat and also brings you the advantage that it contains many B vitamins, creatine, iron and zinc. If you are mainly training on muscle building, then a sufficient supply of zinc is particularly important - because this supports the formation of the hormone testosterone.

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